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You might wonder what our qualifications are for developing a training and certification program for pet detectives and MAR search dogs. Since 1989, MPP founder Kat Albrecht has been training search dogs and following a diverse career in law enforcement. Below are a select number of training certificates, awards, articles, and letters of commendation that illustrate the training, knowledge, and success experienced by Kat in law enforcement search work with scent trailing and cadaver detection dogs. This investigative training and successful search work laid the foundation for Kat’s transition to tracking lost pets in 1997.

The following awards and certificates are in .JPG format

Letters of Commendation For K9 Finds

Articles Confirming K9 Finds

April 1994 Santa Cruz Sentinel Bloodhound Finds Elderly Missing Man Kat’s Bloodhound A.J. found a missing Alzheimer’s patient
April 1995 Santa Cruz Sentinel Devoted Bloodhound Wins National Award by a Nose Kat and her Bloodhound A.J. received a national lifesaving award for tracking and finding a man shot in the woods
May 1995 National Police Bloodhound Association “Nose News” Newsletter Kat’s lifesaving find was published in the NPBA newsletter
July 1996 Santa Cruz Sentinel SV Police Arrest Man in Burglary String Kat’s Bloodhound A.J. tracked down and captured a felony burglary suspect

National Lifesaving Award

Training Courses

October 1990 SAR CITY: Search-and-Rescue seminar
October 1992 San Bernardino Sheriffs Office: Basic Investigative Tracking Seminar
June 1994 Background Investigations Certification
August 1995 Office Emergency Services: Search-and-Rescue Management Course
October 1996 Field Training Officer Certification
January 2000 American Seminar Leader’s Association: Certified Seminar Leader

Police K9 Training

April 1991 San Diego, CA Southern California Search Dog Seminar
May 1992 Tulare, CA Man Trailing Bloodhound Handler Theory & Techniques Seminar
November 1993 Los Gatos, CA Reading Your Bloodhound Seminar
April 1995 Grantsville, MD National Police Bloodhound Association ManTrailing Training Seminar
Oct 1996 Las Cruces, MD Dona Ana County Bloodhound Seminar
April 1999 Alameda, CA Alameda Police Basic Urban Man Trailing Seminar

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