Elizabeth and Maggie Help Find Ricky

Our cat, Ricky went missing on Thursday night/Friday morning. We searched everywhere. We researched on the Missing Pet Partnership as to techniques and we ultimately called Elizabeth White and Maggie to help us narrow down our search, as we felt overwhelmed. Elizabeth was fantastic in coming immediately so we were able to do the search on 2nd day of missing and keeping us appraised on her trip , as it was a bit of a distance. In the beginning, Maggie “appeared” to have some difficulty getting a good scent….she did find several spots where Ricky most likely had been….and that alone allowed us to focus. However, one of the spots that Maggie kept drawing us to was near a sewer grate. We went out again around midnight to search again and decided to pay particular attention to the sections Maggie had been interested in. Inside the sewer grate, we found Ricky! No wonder there was no scent above ground……he was underground…and she found the entry point! Ricky is now safely home. We had planned to do some of the other activities recommended by Elizabeth, but thankfully didn’t need to…..I recommend Elizabeth and Maggie and this whole process to all. What a relief!

Barb Wesolowski
Centreville, Va

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