“Now is the time to get in on this idea and put it to use in your community.”
Renee Waskiewicz — Las Cruces, NM

“This course is very well organized and worth every cent!”
Jane Gardner — Quebec, Canada

Are you interested in learning more about lost pet behavior and recovery?

Missing Pet Partnership is busy working on a new, module-based training that will teach the basics of lost pet recovery in a self-paced, home study format. This training will differ from the past Missing Animal Response (MAR) course in that each module may be purchased on its own. The course design is meant to be flexible and cater to people with different types of pet recovery needs:

  • Individuals with missing pets, who do not need to learn about becoming a business owner
  • Shelter and rescue workers, who may find themselves with pets that go missing during transport, after being adopted into a new home, or while in a temporary foster home
  • Community volunteer pet recovery teams, such as trap-neuter-release (TNR) teams, who may need to recover cats only
  • Small business owners, who want to learn the ins-and-outs of becoming a paid pet detective

Note that while you may design your own curriculum to fit your needs, we will still offer a Missing Animal Response (MAR) certificate of completion for those individuals who complete a full set of predetermined courses. We expect to have this training available in mid-2015.

Are you interested in becoming a PET DETECTIVE?

If you’re interested in being trained as a for-profit pet detective, Missing Pet Partnership founder Kat Albrecht offers a 10-week training course through her business K-9 Pet Trackers that is designed specifically to train professional pet detectives. For information on Kat’s pet detective classes, visit Kat’s training page.

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