“Now is the time to get in on this idea and put it to use in your community.”
Renee Waskiewicz — Las Cruces, NM

“This course is very well organized and worth every cent!”
Jane Gardner — Quebec, Canada

Are you interested in learning more about lost pet behavior and recovery?

Missing Pet Partnership is busy working on developing a new membership program that will include opportunities for advanced lost pet recovery training. Our volunteer education team is hard at work developing training modules specific to administrators of lost and found Facebook pages, lost pet recovery training for animal disaster responders, and lost pet recovery training for drone operators. In addition, Missing Pet Partnership will host regional lost pet recovery training events, both for ground searchers and K9 teams.

Basic Missing Animal Response (MAR) Training

While Missing Pet Partnership offers advanced lost pet recovery training, our basic “MAR” (Missing Animal Response) training course has been outsourced and is currently offered by MPP Founder Kat Albrecht. There are training options for both shelter workers or volunteer pet rescuers (8-week MAR course) and for professional pet detectives who plan to train a dog to find lost pets (10-week MAR course). For information on Kat’s training classes, visit Kat’s training page.

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