Wall of Hope

Welcome to Missing Pet Partnership’s WALL OF HOPE. This page is dedicated to the millions of companion animals who were lost but so far have not been found. We lift these families and these animals up in our prayers as we maintain hope for a miraculous reunion. This WALL OF HOPE is a fundraiser for Missing Pet Partnership. The money donated enables MPP to keep our doors open and help more families recover their missing pets. To see your missing pet posted on MPP’s Wall of Hope, first please make a $25.00 (or larger!) donation through the PayPal link below. Then, e-mail a good quality photograph of your missing pet along with the pet’s name, the date he/she was last seen, and the location (city/state) where the pet was lost. Please title your e-mail subject “WALL OF HOPE” and email it to question@pethunters.com.

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