Kim Freeman Finds Pita

Kim Freeman is a Missing Pet Partnership Missing Animal Response Technician. It was her training and experience that helped to reunite this family. Pita Reunited!This picture was taken a few hours after we found our cat Pita.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Kim Freeman for helping us find her. When your indoor cat runs out the front door during a cold front, panic and helplessness set in quickly. After Pita had been gone for about 12 hours, we began an Internet search of the best ways to find a lost cat. We were initially skeptical of all the pet finder services.

When we saw her online book “How to Find a Lost Cat” we got the download and saw Kim is truly a cat detective specialist. She has expertise and training that’s far from common knowledge. She helped guide us in the right things to do, and lead us away from the typical mistakes that people make when searching for their lost cat. The woman knows how to think like a cat and take charge when you might be operating on a purely emotional level (whichwe were).

In sub-freezing weather, Kim came out to search. While checking a neighbors shed, she paused to point out some nearby bird chatter. We followed that lead and there was our calico cat stuck in the fork of a tree! Would the average person know how to listen and interpret bird language to find their missing cat? We would never have thought of that. She then helped us extract our 13 lb Pita out of the tree in a way that prevented her from escaping and disappearing again. Thanks to Kim, we had Our Pita back in less than 48 hours.

We are so very grateful for Kim’s help and give her the highest recommendation. Hiring her and getting Pita home safe was money well spent.

Steve & Melissa McGrath,
Austin, TX

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