Hound Hunters of NEPA

Hound Hunters of NEPA
Volunteer, Non-Profit (may charge for services)
United States

As an individual certified in Missing Animal Response, I, along with my team of volunteers, will apply all available resources and knowledge to reunite owners with their lost beloved pets. I am also a Certified Veterinary Assistant, which enables me to give proper emergency medical care, if needed, when any animal is found. Hound Hunters believes that lost pet owners are suffering enough with the loss of their pet, therefore there is absolutely NO charge for our services. As the founder, I dedicate ALL of my time to bring your dog home where he/she belongs! There is NO other service comparable to Hound Hunters in the region. Most other groups who search for lost dogs, either charge an exorbitant rate, or do so in their “free time”, and NONE of the volunteer groups has anyone with any of my appropriate, invaluable training in lost dog search and recovery.

Consultations, On-Site Services, Poster or Flyer Design, Poster Placement or Flyer Distribution, Assistance Trapping, Specialized Capture of Hard-to-Trap Animals, High-tech Equipment (e.g. night vision – sewer camera – thermal imaging camera or UAV/drone)
Lehigh Valley and Surrounding Area
Full Time 24/7
Travel less than 100 miles
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course

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