Donna Watson

Donna Watson
United States

I am willing to answer requests for help as quickly as possible. I can advise on strategy development; poster creation and lost/found pet campaigns. I am willing to assist in a variety of activities, fliers, posters, locally.
I will assist in an advisory capacity for those cases that are a distance from my home base.

My own lost dog Rudy, dragged me into the lost pet world. I wanted every piece of information that I could obtain in order to help to bring him home. I found that the more I advocated for him, the more people surfaced requesting information and resources that have not been available in our state.

I am Rudy’s voice; he and I advocate for the rights and efforts necessary to recover all lost pets. As a participant in the Delaware Animal Welfare Task Force. I submitted a written proposal as well as a personal presentation to establish a statewide lost and found pet registry. I have collaborated in the development of that registry. While the registry is still in the infancy stage, it did go live in January 2016. It is my hope that other states will follow. Then all states can connect the dots and form one nationwide lost and found pet registry!

Part-time availability.
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course
Missing Animal Response Technician W21AM-03
Experienced in poster creation and coordination of lost pet campaigns.
Advisory capabilities for lost dogs and cats.
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