Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook

Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook

Trained by K9 Pet Trackers/Missing Pet Partnership, I volunteer search tips and assistance to people who have lost their pets locally and consult on cases at a distance. Included are tips for flyer and poster creation, tips and techniques for searching based on nature and location of loss and pet temperament, networking, notification of law enforcement, equipment suggestions and coaching for searchers. No one should feel desperate and alone when their furkids go missing. There is work to be done and people need to “search smart.”

Dog, Cat
Consultations, On-Site Services, Poster or Flyer Design, Poster Placement or Flyer Distribution, Assistance Trapping
New Jersey
As needed
Local assistance only
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course
Completed Missing Animal Response (MAR) Technician Course

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