Terrier Power Tracking

Terrier Power Tracking
Business, Volunteer
Silver Spring
United States

Please go to http://www.greatnoses.info and click on the “Contact Us” page to send me information about your lost pet. Because there are a lot of details to exchange at this point, email is the best way for us to communicate, and I WILL respond to your message promptly.
So that you know what to expect:
• finding a lost pet can take a lot of physical and emotional work—on your part and mine
• it’s rare to actually find the lost pet on either a dog-supported or humans-only search—either kind of search is just one part of a variety of search & rescue strategies
• the search will help focus your follow-up work; with my email/phone support you will need to make & post flyers and/or posters, maintain feeding stations, borrow/buy a game camera to monitor feeding stations and traps, visit shelters, and maybe more
• your follow-up work is the MOST important part of getting your pet home again

301 801 5627
Dog, Cat
Consultations, On-Site Services, Poster or Flyer Design, Wildlife Camera Rental, High-tech Equipment (e.g. night vision – sewer camera – thermal imaging camera or UAV/drone)
central MD esp Montgomery County; DC; northern VA
I am generally available for dog searches one or two days during the week, and Saturdays (unless I already have a search scheduled). I take Sundays off from doing searches. No overnights. I usually check emails and respond nightly. I almost always respond via emails rather than via phone, as there is often a great deal of info to transmit.
Travel less than 50 miles
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course
I have been consulting on and doing cat searches since March, 2013, when I completed the MAR course. I can consult with other pet detectives across the nation who have many years of experience. I am helping to form the National Association for Missing Animal Response which will train and certify search dogs and their handlers.

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