Liz Oliver

R0G 0X0

Liz Oliver is a certified MAR Technician and specializes in the tracking of lost pets with her scent-specific trained tracking dog, a black labrador retriever. Always with safety in mind so as not to disturb any lost pets in hiding, Liz and her dog work to locate the direction of travel. She currently works with lost cats (and some dogs) in southern Manitoba. Liz also can loan out surveillance cameras and humane cat traps in her area and is available to help set them up. She takes a special interest in the recovery of skittish and scared cats and regularly studies not only their behavior but techniques related to their detection and capture. She works on a volunteer basis from March through October.
Dog, Cat
On-Site Services, Search Dog, Poster or Flyer Design, Poster Placement or Flyer Distribution, Trap Rental, Wildlife Camera Rental, Assistance Trapping
Tracking or Trailing Dog
Southern Manitoba
Part-time, from March through October
Travel less than 100 miles
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course

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