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Susan Long
United States

Susan Long uses her investigative knowledge and police background to help find lost pets. She is tenacious when it comes to finding lost furry family members, and has an extreme attention to detail. She works a team of two dogs that include a husky named Sailor and a dachshund mix named Tracker, who is the perfect size for tight spots. Susan primarily covers areas in Texas and the Southern Region of the United States, but is available to travel further to help find lost pets. Susan worked in law enforcement for over 20 years and worked her first lost pet case in 2008 with Pet Search and Rescue before taking time off to focus on family. She has been a Private Investigator in the State of California for over 10 years. She is back on the case to help people find their lost pets and completed the Missing Animal Response Technician Training. Services available (with travel) in many states in the US.

800-925-2410 / 850-737-1348
Phone, Text or E-Mail (longsusan580@gmail.com)
On-Site Services, Search Dog, Poster or Flyer Design, Poster Placement or Flyer Distribution, Assistance Trapping
Primary service area is Texas. Available in Southern States including: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, New Mexico and Arizona.
The Feline Finders
Little Rock
United States

LITTLE ROCK, AR: The Feline Finders – Lisa Willems, (501) 993-1999, www.thefelinefinders.com, e-mail: lisa@thefelinefinders.com. Lisa is a certified MAR Technician who specializes in finding lost cats. Lisa offers phone consultations, on-site searches with her search dogs, and is willing to fly or drive to work searches throughout the USA.

Consultations, On-Site Services, Search Dog, Trap Rental, Assistance Trapping
Located in Arkansas but will travel the United States.
Available on request and on most weekends.
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course
Lost Pet Specialist
United States

Lost Pet Specialist, Bonnie Hale, provides lost pet services in Texas and most adjacent states. Services include initial consultation (free), onsite searches with trained search dogs, and in-depth phone consultations.

Consultations, On-Site Services, Search Dog, Poster or Flyer Design, Trap Rental, Wildlife Camera Rental, Assistance Trapping, High-tech Equipment (e.g. night vision – sewer camera – thermal imaging camera or UAV/drone)
Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas
Full time and available to travel where an overnight stay is required.
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course

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