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The Retrievers
Volunteer, Non-Profit (may charge for services)

The Retrievers is a Minnesota-based all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing lost dog support services for rescues and individual dog owners. Services include:

1. Search Strategy and Consultation
2. Awareness Generation Assistance
3. Humane Capture of Skittish Dogs
4. Lost Dog Prevention Education

The Retrievers created the Missy Trap and the Raytripper electronic gate triggering system, two innovations that have proven highly successful at capturing skittish dogs, even those that will not enter a conventional trap. Our designs are shared freely with the public, and we have helped owners nationwide build and successfully use their own Missy Trap and Raytripper. Tutorials and schematics can be found in the Resources area of our website.

More on the Retrievers here: <a href=”http://www.startribune.com/minnesota-group-goes-high-tech-to-help-owners-find-missing-dogs/394841141/”Minnesota Group Goes High Tech to Help Owners Find Missing Dogs

Consultations, On-Site Services, Assistance Trapping, Specialized Capture of Hard-to-Trap Animals, High-tech Equipment (e.g. night vision – sewer camera – thermal imaging camera or UAV/drone)
Most of Minnesota.
Part-time as volunteers are available.
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course

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