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Pure Gold Pet Trackers
United States

Pure Gold Pet Trackers provides tracking with scent-specific pet only (no human SAR) tracking dogs, lost pet consultations, poster design, lost pet profiling, humane trap and trail camera rentals, and specialty trapping for hard to catch animals.

Phone first because it is immediate even if I’m away from home, then text, then email and
Facebook message last because I don’t check as often.
Consultations, On-Site Services, Search Dog, Poster or Flyer Design, Trap Rental, Wildlife Camera Rental, Assistance Trapping, Specialized Capture of Hard-to-Trap Animals
Full time 24/7
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course
The Feline Finders
Little Rock
United States

LITTLE ROCK, AR: The Feline Finders – Lisa Willems, (501) 993-1999, www.thefelinefinders.com, e-mail: lisa@thefelinefinders.com. Lisa is a certified MAR Technician who specializes in finding lost cats. Lisa offers phone consultations, on-site searches with her search dogs, and is willing to fly or drive to work searches throughout the USA.

Consultations, On-Site Services, Search Dog, Trap Rental, Assistance Trapping
Located in Arkansas but will travel the United States.
Available on request and on most weekends.
Completed Missing Animal Response Technician course

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