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Here are links to more lost pet related Websites:

We’ve put together ‘The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Pets’ and you can see it here – https://upgradedpoints.com/traveling-with-pets/

www.findtoto.com is service that can place thousands of telephone calls in one hour to notify your neighbors of your lost pet. Please follow the banner link below, place an order, and FindToto will donate $5 to Missing Pet Partnership.

www.TheCenterForLostPets.com is a great site to post a profile and photo of a lost or found dog or cat.

www.helpinglostpets.com is a National Registry for Lost and Found Pets. You can post a FREE picture profile of your lost pet plus links to other pet services.

www.petfbi.org (lost PETs Found By Internet) is  a national lost and found pet database.

www.animalshelter.org/shelters/states.asp a state by state listing of most all animal shelters.

www.lostdogsearch.com Tips on how to search for a missing dog.

www.petfinder.com Use the “Search for a Pet” box if you’ve lost your dog. You will look at adoptable dogs because you might just find that your missing dog has actually been put up for adoption on this site!

www.petdetectivetraining.com Missing Pet Partnership has teamed up with HomeAgain to offer pet owners on-line training to sharpen your lot pet finding skills. See if you have what it takes to become a pet detective!

www.lostpetcards.com A fee-based postcard distribution service that mails postcards of your missing pet to residents in your area.

www.lostinsnocounty.com A regional site where Snohomish County (Washington) residents can post lost and found pet Ads for free.

www.dogdetective.com A national site where lost dogs can be posted

www.craigslist.org A free classified ad site where lost or found pets can be posted.

BrevardLostPets.com A regional site where Brevard County (Florida) residents can post lost and found pet Ads for free.

CheckTheChip.com A very useful site for identifying which microchip registry a chip belongs to, as well as providing contact information for that registry.

Tru-Catch Traps A great site that carries fantastic, humane dog and humane cat traps that can help you recover a panicked, hard-to-catch dog and/or panicked, displaced (lost) cat.

Havahart – a great resource that provides people with help & advice, access to experts, and a variety of caring control solutions that people may need to solve their animal control problem.  Their traps can also be used to help recover a lost cat.

LostAndFound.US A place to post a lost or found pets.

OliverAlert.com Created to help reunite lost & found pets with their families. A collection of advice and a guide to the websites.

Lost Cat Recovery Guide – Pet detectives Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron have published the e-book Lost Cat Recovery Guide designed to help cat owners recover a lost cat.

Cat in a Tree Rescue is a service that maintains an international listing of tree climbers who offer rescue services for cats trapped in a tree. If you find your lost cat stuck up a tree and need help, use this site!

CANOPY CAT RESCUE – They rescue cats stuck in trees all over Western Washington.

Book - How to Find Your Lost CatNorthwest Exotic Bird Society

Lost Pet Research blog contains articles on cat and dog behavior, GPS & radio-tracking devices, trapping & surveillance techniques, and predator behavior.

How to Find Your Lost Cat – Pet Detective Kim Freeman from Lost Cat Finders offers both an eBook and an instructional video on how to search for and recover a missing cat.

K9 Pet Trackers – MPP founder Kat Albrecht offers webinar training and in-person seminars for pet detectives, shelters, pet sitters, and anyone wanting to improve their skills in recovering a lost pet.

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