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Seattle Lost Pet Help

Sadly, a drop in volunteers has resulted in a limitation on what services Missing Pet Partnership can offer at this time. If you're looking to hire a pet detective with or without a trained search dog in the Seattle area (or abroad), please visit our National Directory page for listings of qualified resources. Although MPP is no longer able to offer lost pet search services or the rental of equipment, we occasionally offer lost pet phone consultations with trained volunteers (as they are available). The recommended donation to help cover our consultation services is $50.00 which we ask you to pay after your consultation. Because our volunteer dispatcher hours vary, we encourage you to call our office (253) 529-3999 and listen to our phone message. Our message will provide information on whether or not we have a volunteer available to return your phone call. Also, if you hire one of the pet detectives listed on our web site, please consider making some type of donation to Missing Pet Partnership as well. The pet detective resources listed on our web site exist because Missing Pet Partnership trained them. We don't receive compensation from these pet detectives thus we need your donations to keep our organization, our referral system, and our web site alive!

Please also visit our Recovery Tips web page for valuable information and follow our suggestions.

If you would like a phone consultation, please call Missing Pet Partnership at (253) 529-3999. Please be patient - we have no staff, but we will do our best to call you back as soon as possible. The consultation fee that you pay will support our efforts to develop lost pet services here in Seattle and across the USA. PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO DONATE TO SUPPORT OUR ORGANIZATION!!


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