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Here’s what pet owners who have used our website are saying:
Thank you for the information you provided on your website, which gave me hope after my indoor cat Sweetie went missing for 3 days.

Monkey-came-homeWhen we moved this past weekend, my outdoor access cat, Monkey, slinked off into the woods. Shortly afterward, I heard a cat fight and my handsome boy was not heard from for 3 days. My heart was broken. He had never gone missing for so long and, in 12 years, never went a night without eventually answering me.
My husband found your site and shared many articles with me. As you suggested, I papered the neighborhood with flyers, poked in all the neighbors’ yards, hiked the woods for days, and placed my dirty laundry around the property so he could find my scent. Most importantly, I refused to give and, thanks to your site, I was able to DO things instead of just feeling helpless. Finally, the third night, I set out a “kitty buffet” with all of his favorite things: treats, catnip, chicken, tuna, gravy-lovers cat food. Go figure it would be the promise of tuna and fried chicken that would bring him out of hiding! I set it at the back of the property with a trail cam on it and a big dish of water. I had already set my alarms to wake up in an hour to call him again and went out to talk to/call for him like I had a hundred times in the last 3 days. As I chatted with him, like he was there with tears running down my face, I heard his call. I thought I was hallucinating it, like i had every time in the last few days, but then I heard it again. And again. My heart climbed into my throat and I walked toward the kitty buffet, barefoot, over acorns and rocks, and kept talking to him and he kept answering. Then I saw his silhouette in the dark, with his feet up on the rock where I had placed the buffet. My heart sang and tears ran down my face! It was him!!! I scooped him in my arms and walked him into the house as fast as I could.

He has an injured back leg and he was pretty dehydrated so he probably got injured in the fight and holed up for a few days as was suggested for a xenophobic cat. Our constant searching and the promise of his favorite food finally brought him home to me. He has a vet appointment tomorrow and hopefully all will be right with the world again. He hasn’t stopped purring since he’s been home!
Thank you so much for all your advice, resources, and most importantly, support and hope. The information on this site has been spot on and your volunteer consultant provided excellent information and encouragement. I really can’t thank you enough. Donation made!

– Tami Opila
Etters, PA

Joanne Brough Testimonial
You were right, she was found frightened and hungry just a few streets away in someones front garden. After much persuasion I managed to coax her out of her hiding place and she is now safely back at home with the family and all the windows and doors are now firmly shut.

Thanks again for your fantastic advice which helped reunite us.

– Joanne Brough
Cheshire, England

Our neighbor’s cat Nala had gone missing. We felt so bad, having just lost one of our kitties to FIP so understanding the sense of loss. Nala is 15 years old – so the thought of her out there in the neighborhood alone was scary. She was an indoor/outdoor but only on the porch and in her own yard. We looked all day for her – but not a sign. Looking under every shed we could find and calling for her. After reading some of the testimonials I realized we could not give up – and as I was reading I felt compelled to get up and go outside and look for her. We found her in the bushes across from her house. Nala is the sweetest cat – super friendly. A teary group carried Nala home and was so happy to see her reunited with her owners. Never doubt that together you can do anything – even save a life!

– Joellen Evernham
Greenbelt, MD

Chili TestimonialOur 6 yr old indoor siamese cat got out by opening the patio screen door and vanished on Saturday morning. We immediately started to explore the neighborhood calling his name, with no success. He had gotten out once before and returned within a couple hours, but this time, nothing.

Over the next few days, we posted signs in the area, and hand delivered flyers about him, with his photo and description, to all the houses within 2 blocks in each direction, asking people for permission to check their garages and shrubbery. Still nothing. No one had seen him. We left out food for him, his litter box and a favorite blanket, still nothing. We were starting to despair. we put a message on our phone telling people to leave details if they were calling about the cat, and giving them our cell number to try as well.

We kept reviewing the info on your website especially about the psychology of a lost cat, likely behavior of a timid cat, etc. and followed your advice, taking encouragement that he could still be alive and found. What especially rang true was the idea of silence factor and threshold factor – if he was still alive, he would need to resurface soon. And on Day 10, we got a call just after dark that someone had just seen him in their yard – farther away than we expected since it was across a busy road, although still only about 12 houses away as the crow flies. With the help of friends and neighbors, we were able to corner him in an open garage and offer him his favorite wet food – he came right to it.

We were on the verge of giving up – we’re so thankful for the info on your site, and the encouragement to keep on looking.

– Lorraine Rooney
Ottawa, Ontario

Romy TestimonialTHANK YOU very much for your information, it was fundamental for the recovery of our 6 years old gentle and beautiful female cat Romy. We live in Olivos-Buenos Aires Argentina, On Saturday Aug 22nd Romy went to our backyard for her usual morning walk. But this time she didn’t return at home some hours later. My husband and me were very anxious and sad because she was missing. Reading the information of MPP, I understood the differences between Indoor and Outdoor Access cats behavior. As Romy is an Outdoor Access cat I realized that “…the mystery to solve is: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CAT?”, Also, as in Recovery Tips – Probability Categories says that when an outdoor-access cat vanishes, the first thing that could have happened to him/her is 1.YOUR CAT IS TRAPPED, I realized that I have to act quickly. In the site is mentioned that most cats are hiding or trapped within a 5 house radius of home, that’s why I started giving flyers and talk with my neighbors around home. I did it when I return at home after work during Monday and Thursday and fortunately it was enough to recover Romy! On Thursday night we received a phone call from one neighbor (5 house radius of home!) saying that thanks to my flyer she discovered Romy trapped in her garden tool room. She remain there, almost “silent” meowing very softly for three days. Thanks a lot for your help to an Argentine cat and her now relieved owners!!!!

– Marili Navarro
Olivos – Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA

Pumpkin TestimonialWe moved out of state into a rental home in a suburban neighborhood. Our 2 cats were becoming acclimated to having indoor/outdoor privileges . The garage door was always open partially for them. Our 17 year old cat preferred to eliminate outdoors only. One morning he wasn’t around. We became hopeless when he continued to be missing even a week later. We physically searched neighbors yards, rode our bikes within a several mile radius, and called him constantly. We informed the farmer owner of our development . He owns the wooded land behind the development as well. After 2 months our cat returned home this morning. Praise God for answered prayers!! It had been a particularly difficult time since we also had to euthanize our 15 year old dog 3 weeks ago due to his poor health. This seems like a miracle. Our cat , Pumpkin returned in October and other than being very thin seems happy and without evidence of any physical trauma. Please keep praying and hoping for return of your missing pet. God knows when a sparrow falls and He knows the number of hairs in your head according to the bible. So, he loves your missing pet also.

– Gail Bamford
Hartly , DE

Our beloved cat went missing in the early morning hours during a wind storm which blew our back door open. We searched the Internet for tips on how to find a lost cat and this website was a big help. We searched continuously for the two days he was missing. When it had been almost 48 hours, I went outside around 1130pm, with the help a friend, and we searched everywhere (people’s yards, the woods, etc). Finally around 2am we were about 750m to 1 km away from our home and we happened to notice glowing eyes in the woods where we shined our flashlights. It turned out to be him, he was very skittish. We called his name gently trying to encourage him to come to us but he retreated further into the woods. After staying in one spot for about an hour, calling his name and shaking a can with treats he tried to come closer, but appeared to still be nervous and stuck. Eventually I slowly made my way towards him, stopping every few feet and talking to him gently. I then made it a few feet in front of him and put out my hand at which point he finally meowed and he let me pick him up.

It was gut wrenching and we were very fortunate to have found him within the two days. For anyone else who has a lost cat, or any, pet don’t give up searching for them. It seems dauntless but like all the things I read said, they didn’t just vanish and they are waiting for you. Good luck to all with any lost or missing pets!

– Katie
Borden, Ontario, Canada

Buddy TestimonialThis helpful website gave me some of the best tips for finding my lost cat, Buddy. Buddy went missing 1/1/16 around 10pm. We figured he must have snuck out when my boyfriend briefly opened the front door. Buddy is a 17 year old domestic long hair who enjoys sun bathing and exorbitant amounts of food. Buddy survived being outside overnight in 7 degree weather and lots of snow. It took 22 hours to find Buddy. We talked to every single neighbor on our street and handed out fliers with Buddy’s information. We placed adds on all the mailboxes in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, Buddy does not have a collar, he is microchipped, but that is only a blessing if the animal is taken in. Needless to say, I was so worried about him. This website gave me comfort sharing insight on cat’s behavior. We searched nonstop for Buddy and we ended up finding him 2 doors down on the porch of our neighbor’s house. He finally meowed and I recommend going out at night because the flashlight shown in his eyes helped us considerably. Buddy smelled like tree sap which leads me to believe he sought warmth in a tree and was probably nearby all day as we searched for him, just as this website said. Please don’t give up looking for your animal. I personally know how heart wrenching it can be, but I truly give this website credit for finding Buddy. God Bless!

– Kristina
Reno, NV

Arthur TestimonialOn December 30th 2015 my 2 year old outdoor access cat, Arthur was left outside by one of my family members all night. The next morning he didn’t come, which is very unlike him so we all started looking for him. We looked all around our house, then in neighbors yards with no luck.We then gave fliers to all of our neighbors and one,only a few houses down said she saw him.We rented a trap and put it in an empty lot near our house.We got up at 5 the next morning to see if we had caught anything and before going to check it I saw him in our yard! We went and got the trap and reset it in our yard where we had seen him before and got him within 15 minutes on January 12th 2016! he was scared and wild at first but calmed down very soon. It’s very important to use a trap and look between 1 and 5 a.m. We looked for weeks with no luck but when use both of these methods, we found him within a day!

– Mary Fitzpatrick
Nashville, TN

On Oct 3, 2015 our 6 yr old totally indoor cat, Riley, accidentally got out of the house when a guest didn’t shut a door tightly. We live on 3 acres in a wooded area. Our friend spotted him & tried to go after him, but he bolted to the woods in fear. That night, we were searching with a flashlight & spotted him in a brush pile not too far from the house. We surrounded the pile to try to nab him, but he bolted and ran into the woods further. The next day, I googled for help & found your site & realized we had done exactly the wrong thing, scaring him out of his hiding spot. We then followed every advice you gave on finding a missing totally indoor cat – searching at midnight, 2am & setting traps every night – [we borrowed from anyone we could & had a total of 7 traps.] As time went on with no sightings, we re-read testimonials & kept trying to not give up hope. Finally, in late Nov. we stopped trapping – sure there was no way he was still alive. We knew he wouldn’t have gone with anyone, he was shy around people on a good day, but live in an area with known coyotes, bear & bobcat. Plus, he was declawed [before I understood reasons not to declaw!]. I was having a very hard time moving on, the grief was so bad that the weekend before Xmas, I actually bought a memorial stone for him. In the back of my head though, I kept remembering some of the testimonials I read & the statement that the biggest mistake is giving up too soon. Dec 22 our neighbor spotted a similar colored cat by his wood pile out by the woods & let us know that maybe it was our cat. So we got the trap back out & set it where he had seen the cat. The next morning we had our Christmas miracle! After 12 weeks, we had our Riley back!! After trapping 7 cats, 3 skunks, 2 huge raccoon & 2 possums, I never dreamed it would happen! He was weak & had gone from 11#5oz down to 5#5oz but otherwise ok. His collar & tags were missing, but we verified with his microchip, although we had no doubt it was him. Because of his condition, the vet felt he had hidden & stayed there the entire time, until he was starving so badly, he ventured out. Exactly what your site had said! Everything you said in your site was spot on! We only wish we had looked for help immediately & would have handled that first night differently. As you said, he was terrified of us at first, like he didn’t know us at all, but within a short time after getting him home, he was calm, knew us & quickly adjusted to being back home & our other 2 cats. It’s been 3 weeks now, & he’s gaining weight & doing so well. He’s the same Riley, if anything, a bit friendlier! It’s still hard to believe! We can’t thank you enough for the information you have on your site – we have told everyone we know about it! Ironically, my husband & I work at our local cat shelter, so hopefully we can pass on what we have learned to other adopters. If I can only say one thing, it’s what you said – DON’T GIVE UP! [Which I hate to admit I did] And involve your neighbors. I hope I can give someone else hope & encourage them to listen to what you have to say. Never in a million years did I think he would survive 12 weeks! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

– Linda Crandell
Big Rapids, MI

I wanted to give you my thanks. My cat Chibi -who is a special needs kitty- disappeared yesterday and I went into complete meltdown. I was reading your tips about xenophobic cats and their behaviors when lost. More importantly, I took note of the tips for my own behavior, particularly about not being paralyzed by grief — that I needed to start crawling under decks and looking through sheds, rather than post some flyers and hope for the best. I dried my tears, put on some dirty clothes and started scouting. I crawled into an abandoned house and found her shut in a back room, paralyzed with fear. THANK YOU for reminding me not to give up, and to actively hunt her down, rather than waiting and worrying.

– Molly Williams
Seattle, WA

Arya TestimonialI would just like to thank you for all the information provided for finding a lost pet. Arya, my 2 y/o spayed Domestic short hair Indoor- only cat disappeared after her lil’ curious brother ripped the screen and they snuck out. She is cautious and it takes her more time to warm up to people. She was my first cat and her brother Rickon came from the next litter. Both feral kittens my husband rescued from trouble on one of his delivery stops. Anyhow, your information was truly helpful and hopeful and got me through a very difficult time. I didn’t sleep more than 2-3 hours a day. I was completely consumed in helping her home. I found everything I needed right here. 14 days missing and she showed up at the back door. I’m not sure if my efforts made that possible or she was just finally ready but Never Giving Up was the best advice. Thank You!

– Thea Pulsinelli
Lancaster, OH

Minnie TestimonialThank you so much for your website! My 15-year-old exclusively indoor cat somehow managed to slip out of my apartment in the early morning on March 21, 2016. I was certain that she could be “anywhere” and that I would never see her again. Then I did some online searching for how to find a lost cat and stumbled upon your website. Thanks to all the excellent information you provided, I realized that she was probably hiding very nearby (she is an extremely timid cat) and if I was persistent, I should be able to find her hiding spot. It only took two days. When my daughter and I were walking around looking for places she might be hiding, I found that one of the nearby apartments had a bunch of junk stashed on their back porch. There aren’t very many places a cat could hide around our apartment, but that looked like a possibility. I didn’t want to dig around in my neighbor’s stuff in the middle of the afternoon because I was afraid it would look bad. But late that evening – when there weren’t many people or cars around – I walked past that apartment again. I saw a flash of movement and then my cat’s tail sticking out of the pile of junk. She let me pick her up, I carried her back home, and other than being very hungry and thirsty, she seems to be doing quite well for her ordeal.

Because my cat is so timid, I did sort of suspect she would be hiding someplace and wouldn’t come out. But if it wasn’t for your website, I wouldn’t have known where to look. (Originally, I thought she might have run far away and was looking much farther from our apartment than I should have.) I also would have probably given up after the first day, thinking that she could be “anywhere” and I’d never be able to find her. Instead, thanks to your website, I knew to keep looking in potential hiding places very close to our apartment – and I was able to find my missing cat surprisingly quickly. Thank you so much for sharing what you know about animal behavior. I’m so happy to have my baby back that I feel like crying; 24 hours ago, I was sure I had lost her forever, but thanks to your work she is back at home safe and sound.

– Michelle and Minerva in Idaho.

Fluffy TestimonialI have a DLH orange tabby who recently got a lions cut. She was missing for two days. She is allowed access outdoors whenever she wants. I last saw her Monday as did everyone else. Tuesday morning, I did not see her. A heavy rainstorm started and a emergency alert went out stating tornadoes were coming. I was not worried about her, because she knows where to take shelter. After the storm passed, she didn’t come home that night. I figured maybe she got stuck in a shed or wherever she was hiding. Wednesday morning, I went to the front door, no kitty. I looked up your website and followed the advice you had for outdoor cat. I went within a 5 house radius and she didn’t come out. I called her, looked behind bushes and under decks. She is very social and not skittish, so she would have come out. I went back home and saw a bunny rabbit eating grass nearby. That would be a lovely site, but that meant Fluffy was no where around the neighborhood. I then looked at intentionally transported or chased off. I just knew that some hard work had to be put in to find an outdoor cat. I asked my teenage son that evening if he saw Fluffy. He then told me that she followed he and his friends out on Monday night. They got into a cab at one point and left the cat at the playground. After almost killing him for not telling me sooner and taking her ACROSS A STREET and abandoning her, he showed me their trail. We walked down to the deli crossed a two lane street, went down some bike paths and cut through some neighborhoods and ended up at a playground. This was about 2 1/2 miles from my house. She fell under intentionally displaced category. I received advice to make scent trail with litter, food or clothes that smelled like me. I just did laundry, so that wouldn’t work. I took some litter of chunked up urine and food. I left at dusk and made a trail of litter by crumbling up the clumped urine as I walked. I asked people with dogs if they saw a cat. No one had. As I got closer to the playground and dropped more litter and called her name, she came running from underneath a car. She had been waiting bear the playground for my son to come back. I carried her 2 miles back to the car while she purred and shed fur all over me and in my mouth. When I saw her, I thought crap, how am I going to get her home? She let me carry her and didn’t fight to be put down. Your analysis of outdoor cat displacement was on point! Thank you!! She was found on day 2.

– Pia
Columbia, Maryland

We recently moved more than 1500 miles from Phoenix, AZ to Port Townsend, WA with our outdoor access cat, Max Kitty. After 3 days of travel and 4 nights in different places, Max was understandably confused and also on edge because he had been confined to indoors for more than two weeks. He had had enough of that, so bolted out one night and did not return. We sort of figured he would not have a chance in the new neighborhood, which is surrounded by think forest and probably some other cats as well as other wildlife. But, we called and distributed flyers (which was a great way to introduce ourselves to new neighbors) and put his food and water dishes outside the door. We even left our doors open, including the garage, night and day thinking he might just slip in on his own. It rained all night and day on the third night. He still did not return.

We decided to try the trapping method, and set it up nearby with his favorite food, tuna, and one our socks in it. There was no sign that any animals visited the food offerings for 3 days. Then I read on a pet recovery site a suggestion called “Just Sitting.” http://sonic.net/~pauline/sit.html I thought that sitting out all night wasn’t going to work for me; after 5 nights of calling and searching, I was totally exhausted. But “Just Laying Down” could work! So, we set up our sleeping pads and bags on the front deck next to his food bowl. Within 2 hours of laying down, we were woken from a deep sleep by Max meowing and running up to us! So, I’m a big believer in this method now: Just Sit or Just Lay outside at night where you last saw your kitty and maybe they’ll come back! It worked for us. He is very happy to be home, showed no signs of being hurt, and devoured an entire can of tuna immediately. =^..^=

– Kathy Darrow
Port Townsend, WA

Simon TestimonialMy friend called me 5 days ago very distraught..she could barely tell me what was going on. Finally she said that her cat did not come home. I went to her place and we looked in the woods, under her porches, in her garage and no Simon. We then posted flyers around town … it was the weekend and shelters and vets were closed. I found your website and went through it all. I told my friend that I thought Simon was not gone…he is displaced and we are going to find him. She really thought he was gone and pretty much giving up because there have been Fisher cat sightings. We went to houses and got permission to look everywhere. Just calling his name and hoping to hear a meow. We also put his cat bed on the porch. Four days had passed and she was totally giving up but I would not and kept saying please wait at least ten days to be upset. The day after we went house to house she texted me at 2:45 in the morning. Simon is home!!!!! He was walking down the driveway meowing at the top of his lungs!!! She said he had a few blood spots on his ears and was a little skinny but he is okay. I had given her a printout from your website on how to feed them when they come home so she was prepared for that. I can’t thank you enough for all of the information on your website. I truly believe that it helped bring Simon back and give my friend hope.

– A. Lee
Danville, Vermont

Java Website TestimonialI truly cannot tell you how grateful we are for your help getting Biru & Java back home safe and sound. They went missing in an unfamiliar neighborhood, very near a busy highway, and were gone overnight in freezing weather. I thought contacting your site was a long-shot after calling so many vet clinics, etc., and getting no response. But two hours after I left a tearful voicemail, I got a call from a volunteer who said he’d received a call from a woman a few miles away who found dogs matching the description I gave. She had them, and we were reunited an hour later. Thank you so much.

– Adriane, Salvador, Biru & Java
Austin, TX

I have been looking at lost and found FACEBOOK pages since the summer of 2014 to help my friend find her misplaced cats. Along the way I’ve stumbled on many matches to other people’s lost and found pets. It’s been so rewarding to be helpful in reuniting the lost to the found…
I’ve shared a link to your missing cat behaviors and lost cat tips many times in the comments to people’s plea for help- and many have let me know your tips where THE reason they took the actions that found their kitty! Thank you so much for helping with that step by step plan to find lost pets!

– Darcy Nelson
Lakewood WA

annie testimonialI just want to say thank you- reading the information on this website helped me find my cat after 10 days!! We had incorrectly chased her off when she got out, and for 2 days she was nearby but every time we chased her off by trying to catch her. I found your website yesterday and learned so much about displaced cats, and spent all day putting up signs. Even though those did not actually get her back, reading your advice and stories did! Then last night we heard meowing from our open door. Instead of chasing her we waited patiently, walked quietly to where she was hiding, and just talked to her, and she came back! Assuming she hid there the whole time, she was less than 100 yards from our house! Thank you for encouraging us not to give up!!!

– Ilana Samuels


We got our two tuxedos, Annie and Alice as kittens, and they have always been indoor-only. Two nights ago, we noticed that Annie was missing. I was giving them (3 in all) a snack, and Annie, being a chow-hound (so to speak) is always right there, but this time she wasn’t. We did a frantic search of the house, then noticed the screen in the front window was loose at the bottom. Panicked, we went out, calling for her, with flashlights. We are in a semi-rural/suburban, with lots of wooded areas. No luck. I waited up late for her, hoping she’d come back, but finally went to bed around 1:30. A little while later, I heard a strange scrabbling noise. Getting, I soon realized something was on the screen (which we had re-secured). Since she’s mostly black, I couldn’t see much, even with the flashlight. I called to her, and started opening the door, but she vanished. I now know that our first, and biggest mistake was not realizing that she’d likely be back, and at her point of exit, and that we needed to have it open, so she could come in on her own. A while later – maybe less than half an hour, I heard her meowing (she has a loud voice). I went out the door with the flashlight, calling her, and saw her right along the front of the house, perhaps 10 or 15 feet away, but she was moving away from me, not towards. This brings me to my second big mistake. She went around the corner, still hugging the foundation, and meowing loudly. She stopped at a window down back, perhaps 25 feet away. I shined the flashlight on her, and continued calling her. It looked and sounded like she was trying to get in that window. I raced downstairs (we have a walk-in basement), to try to open that window, but was unsuccessful, making noise moving something, and she ran off again. I still hadn’t realized that she needed to be able to come in on her own, without us having to open something. I set up a barrier (our bedroom closet leads into my office, which has no door) in the office, then got the other 2 cats in the bedroom, and closed the door. Then, we opened the front window (taking the screen off), and left the door open just enough for her to use as well. However, it was too late. She had given up. We called and called the next morning, searching our property – barn, shop, shed, under the car and truck. But from reading on this site and others, we knew that she was in hiding mode now, and probably only a hundred or two away, but wasn’t likely to venture out again until dark. I planned our strategy carefully. Assuming she came back again, I didn’t want to blow our chance again of getting her back. We went to bed early, with our 2 cats closed in our room. The door and the window she exited from were open, and I had a little dish of crunchies outside, plus her favorite pet bed, and a small dish of tuna inside. In retrospect, perhaps none of those extras were necessary, but we were being extra cautious. I also had a baby monitor set up in the window, with the receiver by the bed. Around 10, our cat Chester got off the bed, going in the closet. I thought he was just curious, but was also a little afraid he might figure out a way through the gate, and then he too could get out (although he had previously been indoor/outdoor). So I called him back, and put him back on the bed. A little bit later, he jumped off the bed again. I wasn’t going to do anything at first, but then checked, and he was back in the closet, staring through the gate. When I touched him, it startled him, and he growled. I knew something was up, and started for the bedroom door, and even before I opened it, he was yowling, letting me know something was there. It could have been another cat (there are a couple around that roam freely), or who knows what. When I opened the bedroom door, Annie was heading out of the office and across the dining room, cool as a cucumber. I thought she’d be upset, and extremely skittish. But now that she was inside, all of that vanished. It was as if nothing had happened to her. Closing the door and window ended the saga. She had been gone almost exactly 24 hours. She got some food, and a lot of loving.

It was an extremely stressful and upsetting experience, but we know a lot more now about what to do, and more importantly, what not to do, if it happens again (which we will take steps to ensure that it doesn’t, but things can happen).

– Bruce
Pittsfield, NH

Our 10 year indoor kitty Coco got out when our front door didn’t close properly when I was carrying groceries in last October. She is a scared kitty who hides whenever any new comes in the house, and is a shy cat at the best of times. At first she was just watching the birds at the bird feeder, and I tried to sit near her and get her to come to me. No, nothing worked. After an hour, and while it was getting dark. I ramped it up and tried cornering her. Worse. She ran off into the darkness. I kept watching at the door for hours, but no luck. The next day my work allowed me to work from home; I saw her but when I went outside to call her she ran off. During the next 16 days, I spent hours walking the neighborhood, looking for her, calling her, hitting the dinner dish, putting out food in a humane trap. Nothing. On the 16th day, my husband caught sight of her in a small ravine about 20 feet from our house, hiding under brambles. She tried to run from me but was so weak she couldn’t. Over the next months we had to hand feed her (with the vets permission) as she had been so sick she wasn’t able to start eating normally. She would have a bite of food, but that was it. So weak she couldn’t walk without falling down. Other treatments included subcutaneous liquids, kidney and thyroid medication. Finally, after about 2 1/2 months she started eating on her own, gaining weight, playing and acting herself again. Long struggle but she is doing great. Websites like this one really helped me keep the faith, and we are so happy to have Coco home again.

– Cindi T.
British Columbia, Canada

boots TestimonialTHANK YOU for your info about the 8 probability reasons cats disappear. Boots had been gone for 48 hours. My husband was inconsolable, and devistated at the thought of her being gone. We registered on all the sites…flyers everywhere…FB postings She was microchipped and everything. Then we read on your site that most cats are hiding,trapped or scared and somewhere within a 5 house radius of home. So Bill immediately headed out in the dark to go house to house. He found her within 30 min of reading your article about the “silent factor”. She had been trapped in an out building at our next door neighbor’s house for 2 days.   So thank you thank you thank you.

– Karla Emerson

On or before December 10th of 2014 I left the door leading to the outside slightly open. Cooper my very frightened three year cat old dashed out. It was late at night and I was stunned. I had my dog on a leash and didn’t know what to do. I was totally devastated as Cooper is a small cat and has never been outside. I found your website and read everything as to how to find lost cats. I bought a have a heart trap at home depot (The Best Investment I Ever Made) along with a high powered flash light. And then the journey to find Cooper began- Night after night in the cold dark of night I would set this trap. I would set my alarm within a two hour window to return to check it. Sometimes as late as 2am in the morning. Time and time again, no Cooper. Relocated the trap many times within the area that you advised close to home. The material on your sight stated that a non-feral cat most likely will be close by. I set the trap over and over with no results other then catching possums and skunks. Weeks went by the nights became colder and unforgiving. My heartache grew and the tears of my mistake of leaving a door open were never ending. At one point I lost hope only to return to your site and read words of encouragement to never give up hope.

On Feb 10th 2015 I again set my trap in an area where my apartment is located. It was a cold bitter night and snow was falling. A winter storm was hours away. Although cold and filled with despair I repeated the words on your site ‘don’t give up’.. I pushed on and set this trap along with food and waited. After two hours I went to check and inside the trap was a black and white tux cat scared to death and crying. At this point I truly believed that if was another cat and not Cooper. Once in my home I noticed markings on him along with the fact that he was neutered. The clipped left ear that Cooper had when I rescued him three years ago. I didn’t want to get my hopes up but was excited that maybe just maybe a small miracle just happened and this was in fact my cat. The next day I brought him to the vet and he was very thin and had bite marks on his face and back. The vet vaccinated him and treated him with antibiotic. He was very frightened. My vet asked if he had ever been chipped and I remembered that the vet did do this when I first rescued him. And this is where the miracle happened- Cooper had been identified!!!!! I was in the company of my long lost kitty Cooper after two long cold miserable months. COOPER WAS FOUND!!! My tears were replaced with JOY! Cooper is now home in a safe warm loving environment. I am so grateful to you for having the where with all to not only provide the tools necessary to trap but just as important you instilled a measure of hope and faith and the belief that the impossible can someday be – “possible”.

– Catherine Piscitelli

Romeo Website Testimonial 2

Thank you, thank you, thank you – our beautiful boy Romeo went missing on the 1st of January 2015 from what we believe to be a fire cracker that had been thrown over our wall by our neighbor’s son. We searched for two days straight, using flyers, driving endlessly around the neighborhood and talking to people on the street. I then read your website saying that a cat who is an outdoor and indoor cat usually is a creature of habit and something would have broken that habit. Furthermore that these cats usually don’t go further than 5 houses each way. Well after night two with no sleep and permanent tears from my wife and I, I decided to follow your instruction and do an in depth search in neighbor’s gardens – sure enough exactly 5 houses down our little boy was hiding behind the neighbors plants and only let out a small meow to show his position. Your website saved our cat and made our year thank you for your sound and excellent advice.

Love the Pottingers. Christopher, Wilna and Romeo

Mica Website TestimonialMy indoor 2 year old black male cat, Mica, ran out the door one night while I was bringing in groceries. It was pitch black outside so I couldn’t see him and he didn’t come when I called. The next morning I put up flyers everywhere, called the animal shelter, posted it on missing pet websites, walked the neighborhood, and did everything you are told to do.

After 15 days and only two phone calls from neighbors (not my black cat), I had my first sighting of him in my yard at night. I started putting out food and saw him pretty much every day after that for a week but I could not get near him. When I called him, he ran. Unfortunately, every time I saw him it was at night and I could not see where he ran to. I understood he was afraid but it was so frustrating when he would not come to me.

I stumbled across the Missing Pet Partnership website and saw the instructions about using a trap. I had never thought of that! I borrowed a cage from a friend and put it out at night with his favorite food in it. I covered it in a blanket that had his smell on it. It could not have been more than 90 minutes after that when I looked and Mica was in the cage!

He was very loud and panicky at first but after I let him out of the cage and gave him food he was all purrs and head butts. He had lost a good bit of weight but was otherwise in good shape for being gone for 20 days out in the cold.

Thank you so much for posting the information about using a humane trap, it saved Mica and me!

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for the information and motivation your fantastic website gave me in the search for one of our feral born outdoor-access cats. When Sadie didn’t return as usual on Sunday evening (she’d never miss her dinner!) I was more worried and upset that I can say. I found your site and it gave me hope. I immediately began a physical search and going door to door, handing out flyers to neighbors and talking to anyone I could. Our neighbor one house over said he’d leave his detached garage open. A few hours later we got a call from the same neighbor saying he’d spotted a cat moving towards our house and was behind our immediate neighbor’s home. He’d also found cat poop in his garage. Turns out she’d been accidentally shut in there for 2 days. I had tears pouring down my face as she trotted through the woods towards me meowing her little head off with every step. You saved a member of our family and I truly can’t thank you enough!

– Karen Clemson, SC

Dear Missing Pet Partnership, Thank you so much. Your website just saved my cat’s life all the way over in FRANCE. He had been missing for at least 5 days. I put up flyers, asked the neighbors if they had seen him, and called for him A LOT. I finally got online to see if there was something else I should be doing and immediately got to your page. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and we live in a small village in France. When I read that cats are typically trapped somewhere not more than 5 houses away and that it is not enough just to ask if the neighbors have seen them, I grabbed my rain boots, flashlight and raincoat (it was pouring here at the time) and started looking. There are PLENTY of old barns with nooks and crannies that a cat could get stuck in around here. I looked and looked but no Stitch. Finally, the last house I was looking around I called his name and heard him. An elderly neighbor recently went to live in a retirement home. His family has been cleaning up his house and he was trapped inside. I am not sure how long he had been in there and when they are coming back, so if it was not for your website it might have been too late! Thankfully, he meowed when I called his name and this time I was right outside the window looking for him so I heard him. Another neighbor had a key to the house. He is dehydrated and skinny but alive and happy to be home. Your website has reached out and helped save a life all the way over here in the French countryside. THANK YOU!! This was the best Christmas present for me and my family. My two young kids are thrilled to have their cat back. Best wishes, Angela, Will, Red, Liv, & Stitch

Chanay, France

On Sunday, Stewart, my thirteen year old indoor cat, went missing. I knew he was a pretty big deal to me, but I just about lost my mind. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or go to work. I was pretty desperate, so I looked online to see if there were search and rescue dogs for pets. My search brought me to Missing Pet Partnership. I was a veterinary technician for ten years, and thought I knew it all. I placed my call to Missing Pet Partnership, and received a call back in a relatively short period of time. The Lost Pet Consultant was kind and very helpful. Even close friends and family don’t always know what you’re going through, if they’ve never bonded intensely with an animal. The volunteer understood and verified my selection of Jim Branson of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue. I called Jim and received a call right back. He came on Tuesday with his dogs. I must admit, I was skeptical, but his dogs flushed Stewart out in an area I hadn’t even been searching for him. I was unable to keep up with Jim, so I missed my chance at catching Stewart. But, I continued to do all the things I had been instructed to do, and I found him at 4 AM in the same location where Jim had flushed him out two days before. I am forever grateful to the Missing Pet Partnership website, and to Jim Branson. Stewart is very dehydrated and weak, and won’t stop pacing, but he is home! Thank You! Thank You!

— Deb M.
Poulsbo, WA.


My daughter’s 10 year-old Pomeranian, Kiki, ran away from home while we were keeping her. I talked with 2 different pet detectives… Bonnie Hale from Texas and Bonnie Belts from Washington. They both gave me advice on posters, etc. I started making posters on colored paper and putting them everywhere…even on trees at the end of every nearby road. Kiki was found after 12 days about 1-1/2 miles from home. She was identified by a poster I had nailed to a pine tree at the end of their road. Both pet detectives told me not to give up, and I had. Thank you, thank you!
Billie Stillwell
Leesville, LA

On Monday, my sister’s cat Steve, an indoor/outdoor pet with free roaming rights, went missing. As of Thursday, there was still no sign of Steve. I did some research and stumbled on your web site. We prepared fliers and were going to paper the neighborhood with them on Friday. However, while standing in my sister’s kitchen, I heard a faint meowing. We went out to investigate and sure enough, Steve had gotten into the neighbor’s shed and couldn’t get out. One broken window later (the neighbor had gone out of town for the week) Steve was back home with his nose in his food bowl. This web site’s information about how close to home your missing cat may be (five house radius) and the information regarding trapped cats was immeasurably helpful and helped us bring Steve back home. Thank you!

Sally Kotz
Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for your information on finding a lost indoor cat. You were right on the mark! We called for her a hundred times. And, just like you said, she didn’t answer. It wasn’t until my husband got onto his belly, like you said, to look under the shed that he saw her. She was in “protective mode.” We didn’t have one of your traps, so we had to use a long pole to push her toward my husband. She was very scared but eventually we were able to get hold of her. We brought her into the house and within 5 minutes she acted like nothing had happened, except for her appetite! Thanks again for your tips, they were all correct.

Sally Snyder
West Lawn, Pennsylvania

FoxyYesterday morning I knew something was wrong when our cat Foxy wouldn’t come when I called. We looked everywhere. Toward the end of the day, I turned to the Internet and found you.

You laid out simply the reasons she might be gone, and I knew immediately you knew what you were talking about, and that she was lost. Just before dark, we drove to the nearby townhouse area Foxy likes. The sky was getting darker as we walked along the street checking the bushes, when I heard a cat cry. I followed the sound to a cat trapped behind a slatted, padlocked gate and shined my flashlight on her. A blue cat. Long hair. Green eyes. Blue collar. A demanding Foxy reached through the slats with her paw.

The house was deserted, the wall ten feet high. We broke in using our ladder and brought the cat carrier, too. Foxy hates the cat carrier, but this time she walked right in, knowing she was being rescued.

Foxy would have died of thirst, trapped outside in the southwest desert. If I had not gone to your site and read your findings (put forth with great confidence and conviction), she would still be there. Thank you for saving Foxy’s life.

J. Carson Black, aka Maggy

Missing Pet Partnership provided useful information on recovery, links and contacts which helped us find Oscar, our Ridgeback that alluded from rescuers for 16 days. “Blind Panic” is exactly how Oscar behaved. He was sighted several times, but would not allow anyone to approach him, not even our son. This organization cares for animals and helping others find their lost pets. Thank you.

Lilian McGrath
Nobleton, Ontario

When our cat Sam went missing and none of our usual techniques to get him home worked my wife and I were at our wit’s end. With an unbelievable stroke of luck I happened across this website. The tips provided by the Missing Pet Partnership website and their extremely helpful staff helped me locate our cat Sam in a neighbor’s locked garage… safe and just a little dehydrated. Without their tips and support this could have turned into a terrible tragedy. Thank you for all good that you do! You are our heroes!

Seattle, WA

I lost my kitty over 9 days ago. A lap kitty that is a scar-dee-kat…no lie. She fell from our second story window while we were away for the weekend and had not heard from her since Saturday the 18 of June. Our neighbor “Bean” found her little glitter collar in his drive way about 25 yards from the window she fell from. (We live in an old warehouse, and there are no other windows or doors on the first level for her to get back in from…which added to my stress and sadness) After several days out and many posters later…I finally had a V8 moment and looked on line about lost cats…found a great and hopeful article from missingpetpartnership.org. You suggested to use the tru-catch trap. A friend told us to start placing cans of food out until we get the trap in…and yell her name, hopefully she could hear and see us and eat,….to which something did. Once I got the cage on Saturday the 25th my hopes were low…but we put it out with a can of food and lined the wall with food to lure her in….no luck the first night but we tried again Sunday night. But nothing…no Sofia. 🙁 Then Monday night, I placed an old stinky shirt of mine on the crate to help assure Sophia it was mommy… and another can of food leading into the trap. This AM @ 7:10…our neighbor “Bean” rang the doorbell with Sofia in crate in hand! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I wanted to thank you all for such great hope and a wonderful product referral and my kitty back home!

Paula Lysy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Mika was gone for five days She got out from our patio door. We put up fluorescent posters and searched the neighborhood on the hands and knees. I found Missing Pet Partnership online and called for help. I asked for a search dog, two traps and two wild life cameras in an attempt to capture her. We found her in a trap on the third day! A great happy ending. I could not have found her without Missing Pet Partnership. Their articles were very accurate and educated my husband and me about how to look for a displaced cat. The trap works! It is hard to be positive when you don’t know if you’d ever see your pet again, but we encourage anyone to use a trap. Thank you for saving our kitty’s life!

Koh S. Rodman
Seattle, Washington


The information I received from the sight was right on about our indoor cat. He got out and was misssing for 2 weeks. We posted flyers right away, contacted the Humane Society, put an ad on Craigslist and the local newspaper, set traps and immediatly began a foot search and talked to neighbors everyday. Persistance paid off, even when it felt like we were hitting one dead end lead after another. All the recovery tips were right. We found him a couple houses away, early in the morning after a couple weeks when I think he finally was feeling comfortable enough to start roaming from his hiding spots. My husband was able to coax him out with his favorite cat treats. We have passed the area, called him, and searched yards so many times. Many of the neighbors were so helpful, for which we are so grateful for. Don’t give up!!! It was so much work but so worth it!!

Sarah H
Bend, Oregon


Thank you! Thank you! We had only recently moved to the area when my 15yr old Maine Coon escaped out the door when family and friends came to visit. Your information on Displaced Cat Behavior and making signs and fliers that get attention were invaluable! I was so scared for the sweet old guy, but he was home within 2 days of taking your advice. Thanks so much for all you do!

Donna Giles
Aurora, CO


I just want to thank you for your extremely helpful site. Our indoor/outdoor cat had been missing for a week, and we feared the worst. Before I read the info on your site about cat behavior and home range, my search focused on shelters and a much wider area (too wide). Believe it or not, coincidence or not, tonight, after searching for our cat using the tips I learned from your site, OUR CAT FOUND HIS WAY HOME!! He was thin, dirty, covered in burrs, and exhausted. But he was otherwise fine. He is very smart and attached to us, and I believe that he did in fact get spooked by something, and took off running beyond his familiar home range. In other words he was lost. By focusing our search close to home (and calling his name… plus bringing some stinky canned tuna in hopes the smell would provide a trail home), we were able to help show our beloved cat his way home. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Bellevue, WA


Mr. ManThe morning after a large family gathering, we discovered that two of our three indoor-only cats got out! One of them meowing like crazy to be let in, but the other, Mr. Man, was missing. We searched outside day and night for six long days?

I found Missing Pet Partnership while searching for tips online and felt encouraged by all of the tips, testimonials, and volunteers.

We followed all of the tips: posted flyers, searched at certain times and places, contacted animal shelters, tried the house trap, put food and water out, put clothing and other items out around the exterior of the house for him to smell, and called his name in hopes that he would hear us. A few neighbors said they had seen a cat with similar colors near our front door between 4 and 6 a.m., and we hoped it was him!

We finally set up a humane trap. We checked on it constantly (quietly and in the dark) until about 3 a.m. and then finally went to bed. When my family and I got up at 5:30 a.m., there he was in the trap!

Mr. Man came home with fleas, a small infection in his paw, some shredded nails, and some cuts on his face. His injuries have been treated and are healing just fine, and other than that he is happy as can be.

One of our other cats, Mufasa, had stood at the back door every day and night while Mr. Man was gone. I assume Mufasa was seeing him nightly. If only cats could talk! When we finally brought Mr. Man in, Mufasa checked him out and then, after having kept watch for six days and nights, he finally jumped on the couch and went to sleep.

I thank Missing Pet Partnership for the many tips and for Sharon, the volunteer who got back to me so quickly when I reached out for help.

Maia Alexander
Pittsburg, CA


I had just moved into my apartment back in November. Let’s just say the area a moved into wasn’t the best- I’m in college and moved into this place to save money and gas. A month after I moved in my two year old cat dissapeared off my porch one rainy night. I was devasted. Trip had been a housecat his entire life, and had never wandered off, or even cared to go outside. I asked around and talked to neighbors- and the situation looked dismal. Most told me that “animals dissapear around here and go feral, or get killed. But good luck” I found the Missing pet partnership website, and put up fliers the way it described- and less then 24 hours later Trip was home again! Thank you so much Missing Pet Partnership!!!

Anchorage, AK

BJ aka Big JuicyWe lost our beautiful cat BJ (short for Big Juicy) on a rainy Friday night. Usually a home body, he disappeared into thin air that evening. We noticed him missing Saturday morning. Our nine year old son was devastated as was the rest of our family. BJ has a large presence and is always here to meow at us to hold him or feed him. We searched the neighborhood, raced to the Humane Society, and basically panicked. I consoled my son, who sobbed every night and begged for his boy back. By that Sunday I had found your website. I just knew that I couldn’t give up hope. By that point I was willing to do just about anything to bring our family back together again. We got immediate help and advice from Chris, who was our wonderful helper during this terrible process. We organized a search and I was sent a “to do list” which was actually quite comforting-it really gave us some tangible things to do until the search team could come. Every night my son would call for BJ (which broke my heart) and every day I’d search for him. I followed all of the advice to the letter. By night five, I decided to go out in the dark, since I’d read that perhaps he would have met his “silent threshold.” I went next door and searched bushes with a high powered light hoping I’d see his eyes. I didn’t even tell my son because whenever I searched he would grow very sad, so this one I did on the guise of “checking the mail.” Out in the dark I went, checking bushes and tromping through wet grass in the neighbor’s dark yard. When I called his name, I heard howling coming from the shed in the next yard! I wasn’t quite sure that it was him but off I went, running to that neighbor’s house. Poor gal-she was in her nightgown and said she’d searched her shed twice. Nonetheless I pleaded and out she went in her nightgown with a key. The closer we got, the more we could hear a cat howling. Sure enough there was BJ in the locked shed, just like so many pieces of advice on the website had advised-he was no more than 2 houses away, and was locked in! He was thinner, cold and didn’t come to me right away. I had to catch him but he was loudly letting me know that he was there. I cannot tell you how it felt to bring him home. (I still need to go and thank that woman!). My son’s face is everything I needed, hoped and prayed for. He and I both slept through the night for the first time in 5 days. BJ has been staying very close to home and has eaten back all of the weight. I can tell you that the very first person I called was Chris with the Missing Pet Partnership. My gratitude cannot be expressed in any other way than to say that the help we received meant that BJ was found alive and well. And our family is eternally grateful!

Vanessa Tucker
Tacoma, WA

BoxerThank you so much for your informative website. I have my first scare when my boxer was spooked by fireworks and darted out of sight. I read all the info and made an exact replica of the sign with her info. It worked in less than 10 minutes. We didnt even get the 4th sign hung up and our phone was ringing..

Megan and Michael Downes
Kingsville, Texas



CheckersThank you so much for your help finding my lost cat. Checkers is home after 3 weeks, 2 days of being missing. I used your website for tips and encouragement, and it paid off.

The poster suggestions are spectacular. I received many, many phone calls from good people who wanted to help us find our kitty. Also, the searching tips and words about perseverance were invaluable. Thank you for all you do with this website to reach out to pet owners who need help!

Checkers is an indoor-only cat with front paw declaw. She got out late one night when the door was left open for a moment too long. We didn’t even notice her missing for about an hour. Then, we searched the house and yard several times but didn’t find her. Before I went to bed, I had printed lost cat fliers, posted her missing on the local “lost pet” website, and searched the web for any help. I found your website!

We began searching the next day by going door to door, handing out fliers, and asking neighbors’ permission to search their yards. When that search yielded nothing, we made posters based on the poster suggestions on your website. We hung posters all over the immediate area and in areas far from our neighborhood where there were possible sightings. We walked around countless times, talked to people, searched areas where people had seen a black and white cat and called us.

Unfortunately, all of the sightings that were called in to us turned out to NOT be Checkers. Three weeks after she escaped, our neighbor – ten houses down from our house! – called to see if our cat was still lost. She still had our flier and had seen a black and white cat in her yard. Our neighbor had tried to catch Checkers but that wily cat was too quick. We searched the yard, called for her, and nothing. So we put out her carrier (which had been out on our porch all this time) in the yard with cat food, AND we spread salmon and tuna all over the yard. When we returned a few hours later, the cat food was gone but the fish was all still there! That was the day I felt confident enough that it was Checkers to borrow a live trap from the Humane Society of Central Illinois. I started using it that day.

Although the trap was empty that day, I came home early from work the next day and set the trap up with tuna and removed the carrier. I went for a walk to search in other places, and when I returned, she was in the trap! She was so scared and jumping around, trying to get out of the trap. I placed a sheet over it and starting talking to her, and she calmed down right away. I read about scared pet cats being mistaken for feral cats and sent to shelters.

My children and I were so relieved to have found Checkers. An examination at the vet revealed a loss of 3 lbs, or 1/3 of her body weight, poor nutrition, and two bite marks on her front legs. She is on the mend after an antibiotic shot to prevent infection and help treat her fever.

By far the hardest thing during this ordeal was the temptation to lose hope. I questioned myself many times about whether I should continue the active searching. Just when I was about to give up, I got another phone call with a possible sighting. I read somewhere that “your cat is out there somewhere, and it’s up to you to find her and get her safe.” We are lucky that we found her when we did, and we are so grateful to the kind people who helped us look for her and catch her… including the Missing Pet Partnership and their website! Thank you,

Stephanie Kratz
Normal, Illinois
Checkers the cat 


Your website was very helpful in the search for our beloved missing indoor-only cat “Mister” who slipped out and was LOST for over 10 days. We recovered Mister after one of our neighbors alerted us that they saw a cat that looked like ours dart under a shed where they were doing lawn work. We followed our neighbor to the house (a couple of streets away) and were reunited with our baby just minutes later. Mister was hunkered down hiding in a tiny crawl space under a storage shed and was happy to scoot towards the opening when he saw and heard my voice. He was terrified of everyone and everything else when out of the confines of his indoor home. I had made flyers with a color photo right away and hit the streets. I had just spoke with my neighbor in person the night before he spotted our cat and he remembered that photo on the flyer. That wonderful neighbor and my perseverence to spread the word is what FOUND my cat….he was LOST and not going to find his own way home. Missing Pet Partnership’s website was probably the most educational site out there. You really offer the best advice and give much insight on the behavior of an indoor cat that has escaped. Thank you for giving me some hope in that long 10 days and for putting out some great advice on how to recover your lost cat. Please “microchip” you babies and always keep the information up-to-date! Mister is microchipped and that was the only glimmer of hope that kept me going on some days. Thank you and best wishes to all!

 Pam & Bob from Seminole, FL


Our 6 year-old indoor cat Max had never stepped a foot outside. One day he got out through our garage and disappeared. We searched the area and handed out flyers, but to no avail. That same night I found Missing Pet Partnership’s website in my search for information on how to recover lost pets. Everything I found on this website was extremely helpful and accurate. As suggested, we purchased a pet-friendly humane trap large enough for a cat and began baiting it near our house after reading through the indoor-cat profiles on MPP’s website. Just as predicted after around 7 days of ‘hiding’ nearby, Max came back to the house looking for food and we trapped him that same night. Thanks to the information I found here, I was able to stay positive and hopeful and prepared myself the best way I could to recover our cat. If you have lost a pet, I recommend this site, read through all the information carefully to find out what might work best for your beloved pet.

— Brian, Chesapeake, Virginia


Our cat Whiskey had never left the inside of our house but this morning he had accidentally wandered outside unnoticed as we all left for the day. When my kids and I came back home and discovered that he was missing, we spent hours frantically looking throughout the neighborhood, to no avail. We were running out of ideas on where to look until I found Missing Pet Partnership’s web site that explains a cats likely behavior when lost. Asking ourselves “Where could he be hiding?” allowed us to find him within minutes! Whiskey was hidden in some bushes in our own backyard! Thank you so much!!

— Regina Fanjul de Marsicovetere, Guatemala, Central America


My sweet baby is home! After the worst 48 hours of my life, a little girl ran to my door and said she’d seen Sterling dart under the next apartment building’s crawl space. After about 40 minutes, and a pound of spider webs in my hair, he was in my arms. He had bolted out the front door unnoticed two days before, was out alone all night, and I was devastated. Sterling is 10 years old and indoor-only (never outside since I got him at the shelter as a kitten). I just knew he was miles and miles away and wouldn’t be able to take care of himself even if he were close. Thankfully my mom sent me the link to the Missing Pet Partnership site since we were both scouring the internet for help and tips.

I can’t thank you all enough for your literature and support. Your site really showed me that not only was he likely alive, he was also probably not far and I really had a good chance of getting him back home. I put up bright signs all over the neighborhood and at every stop sign. I circled the perimeter of the complex 4-5 times a day and searched through our surrounding woods and under crawl spaces while calling him and clicking a can of wet food. In retrospect I KNOW he at least heard me and likely saw me, but he was too afraid to come or meow. He was the text book definition of an escaped indoor-only cat. I believe he would have made his way back home eventually, but every second he was gone he was at risk of dogs, cars, etc. I needed all the help I could get. The neon signs are really what made the difference and what brought him home so much faster.

I now have a motion sensor that sprays compressed air at both doors that keep him a safe distance from them. There truly are no words for how happy and grateful I am for him to be home. THANK YOU Missing Pet Partnership!!!!!!!!

— Stephanie Mosteit, Maryville, TN


Great news! My missing outdoor-access cat Skye was found Sunday, Halloween morning after being gone for three weeks! She was 3 1/2 blocks away from us, slinking around in a hole in a neighbor’s yard. A 15-year old girl from Laurel Street happened to see her on the way to church, coaxed her over by calling her name, and took her home to put her in the bathroom with some food. The girl’s parents came by our place and told us their oldest daughter had found our cat. We didn’t believe it at first, because there had been so many false sightings of Skye that spanned from SRI to Atherton, but when we went back to their home, there she was, significantly skinnier, really dehydrated, but alive and overall well! The loud hot pink posters worked! Skye has lymphoma and had vanished a day after undergoing chemotherapy. I had assumed the worst! Maybe I underestimate the will to survive, but this kitty is tough as nails! Finding her has been one of the happiest moments of my life. I am so thankful for the support that I received from Missing Pet Partnership and I feel blessed to have Skye back after three long, excruciating weeks. Your tips and strategies really do work!

— Mariana Abdala, Menlo Park, CA


Spike lived at the Willamette Humane Society (WHS) in Salem, OR for over 5 months. Many of the WHS volunteers fell in love with this special shelter dog and pampered him with treats, grooming, and attention. Spike was ultimately transferred to a rescue organization outside of Salem. However, on Saturday September 25th, Spike somehow managed to escape! The staff of the rescue group attempted to find Spike but was unable to do so. One of the WHS volunteers, Martha Russell, immediately sprang into action by organizing search parties, making posters, and contacting other WHS volunteers to help look for Spike. That volunteer group, dubbed “Spike’s Circle”, worked tirelessly, going door-to-door, searching the area near where Spike had escaped, putting up posters, and visiting local businesses handing out flyers. I joined “Spike’s Circle” on Friday, October 1st and started searching the next morning. After hours of searching, I was feeling hopeless about ever finding Spike. That night when I got home I found an Email message from Martha with information about Missing Pet Partnership’s website. The information on your website confirmed my thoughts: Spike might not be taken in by people in the area since he’s a pit mix (and people might be unnecessarily afraid of him) and a 7 year old dog like Spike wouldn’t have the stamina of a younger dog (that would travel farther and faster). The next morning, Sunday, October 3rd, I set out again. All the things that I had read on the MPP website kept running through my mind as I drove out of Salem. The more I drove, the more I became convinced that if Spike was still alive after 8 days of being lost, our best chance of finding him was to look in the same area where he had escaped. I suddenly found myself near the primary search area and spontaneously turned at an unfamiliar fork in the road. About 1/4 of a mile later, there was Spike, slowly walking down the side of the road! Spike wouldn’t come to me, so I called Martha for help. After several hours, he ultimately allowed us to rescue him. He was so weak that he literally collapsed in Martha’s arms. He lost approximately 15 lbs during this ordeal and looked very much like a walking skeleton. After about 2 weeks at the vet, Spike recovered enough to go to a new home. He is happily spending a lot of time being pampered and spoiled. I have no doubt that the information on your website had a direct impact on my finding Spike that morning. Thank you for making all of the tips available to those of us who try desperately to find our missing friends.

— Kate Hager, Salem, OR


Thank you Missing Pet Partnership so very much for helping us find our lost dog Kendall! In the end, Kendall was found by going up to a 12-year-old boy who called us after reading her tags. However, you helped us focus on what we needed to do and made sure we kept our heads on straight in such a difficult and stressful time. We are so grateful to have your organization on our team! We are all breathing a huge sigh of relief and know we can count on MPP to help others in the same situation. Keep up the excellent work!!!

— Mike, Lisa and Kendall, Beverly Hills, CA


I want you to know that our family lost our indoor-only Ragdoll cat “Emme” tonight. Because we are planting winter lawn right now we were in and out of the back door a lot. Well, our precious kitty went outside to check things out and unknown to us, we left her out there and locked up the door. Four hours later we wondered where she was (Emme is very quiet and rarely meows) and we couldn’t find her anywhere! After about an hour of scouring the neighborhood, I found MPP’s website and read the tips about cats usually being within a 5 house radius, remaining silent, and hiding in one spot. Sure enough, our precious Emme was hiding under the neighbor’s car two houses down. While my husband was searching several streets away, Emme was literally 20 feet away, hiding very silently at the neighbor’s house. Thanks so much. I feel like you saved us the heartache of losing our cat! Warmest Regards,

— Melanie H., Gilbert, AZ


On September 21st I lost my little “Mouse,” a grey 2-year-old indoor-only kitty, after workers at my condo left a door open. We put up posters and searched several times a day. We put food, water, and shelter out for her. It was cold at night and some days over 100 degrees. Mouse had never been outside before and I was worried sick! Nine days after Mouse escaped, my neighbor from three condos away down came over and knocked on my door. He told me that while on his back patio he saw a little grey paw come out from under his gas barbeque! I rushed over with him, pulled the cloth cover off, opened the doors and there was my Mouse! She was NOT happy about being picked up but she was home and back to normal in just 10 minutes. Missing Pet Partnership’s website really kept me feeling hopeful that Mouse was still around and I really felt I would find her. The fact that cats can be gone for such a long time and still be close by helped narrow my search area. I really appreciate all of the information that your website gave, but mostly the encouragement! Mouse takes a shoelace and wraps herself up in it, she chases her tail, she fetches, and she keeps my feet warm at night. I am so glad that she’s back home!

— Marian Urton, Concord, CA


My cat Misty had been lost for four days. I contacted all the humane societies and the police. I hung posters. Walked and drove through the neighborhood numerous times. I even contacted a pet detective for advice and did some baiting. My husband had checked my neighbor’s garage twice, but after reading your testimonials on this website I realized that she would only respond to me, so I asked to look through the neighbor’s garage myself. Misty meowed the first time I called her! Don’t ever give up hope and let the person closest to your pet do the looking. They may be too scared to respond to anyone else.

— Sandra Kokkonen, Shiocton, WI

** Note from MPP: Sometimes cats trapped inside neighbor’s garages are too afraid to meow during the first few days they are displaced there. Some take a few days, even over a week before they will become vocal. Always search and then re-search your neighbor’s properties like Sandra did to find Misty! And if your neighbor will let you, place a tiny dollop of wet cat food on the garage floor and then check it in two days. If the food is gone, your cat may be hiding in fear inside their garage and you can set a baited humane trap to catch her!


My 11-year-old indoor only, Shakespeare jumped from the car and pulled free of his harness near a highway interchange on Friday, 8/13/10, 150 miles from our home. He would not come to me and continued to move further into thick thorny brambles. I was scared and knew he was terrified and chasing him was making it worse. So I left and filed reports with all local agencies, visited all the area neighbors, and went home sobbing. I was referred to your site by the Humane Society of Lancaster County and read all you had on your website. I bought poster supplies and followed your directions to a T. My husband and I returned to the exact place where I last saw Shakespeare on Saturday at 6 pm with his bag of food and dish and toys and we sat in the grass and talked to him and cooed and made food noises. We heard only a branch break but no meows and we saw no sign of him. We posted the signs all around the area and they generated 2 calls, neither which had the right description to be our boy. On Sunday 8/15/10 I returned again arriving at 6 (his usual feeding time) and as I walked up the hill cooing and making his favorite kissing sounds, he walked out of the woods and laid down right next to the bowl we had left the night before! Once he was safely settled in the car, I offered food and water and he drank 6 ounces of water! I’m certain that he remained hidden in those brambles (his long Norwegian Forest Cat coat was a site of thorns and stickers!) until that moment when I returned. He had not touched any of the food we had left, nor the salmon the neighbor had left for him. I’m so very grateful for your site and the information of expected behavior based on a cat’s history and profile. Had I known that when Shakespeare first escaped, I would’ve sat quietly, next to him where he first hid in the bushes and cooed for as long as it took until he came out. At least I learned in time and he stayed safe until we were reunited. Bless you MPP!!

— Leslie Graham, Lancaster, PA


I just wanted to thank Missing Pet Partnership so much for your informational web site. I thought our cat Sally had gone missing and had no idea what to do, other than report her as lost and put up signs. I was going to call the local police in case anyone picked her up, but then I saw found your web site and decided to look around our property. I would never have thought to go looking on my own property for a hidden cat, but that’s exactly where I found her and within just five minutes of reading your page! I want to thank you that you took the time to post this information for all the world to see. I’m sure you’ve helped countless pet owners!

— Laura Walthew, Attica, NY


Our cat, Snippet, adopted us about 2 and a half years ago. She was very skinny and very shy, but I managed to make friends with her. She’s a loving, affectionate, beautiful cat and a great companion for me and my partner. Recently, we had a holiday booked and arranged to have friends feed her. When we came back, I spied Snippet in the garden and thought she must be okay. When she didn’t come for her food later that evening I started to worry but figured she was probably in a cat huff for our going away. But the next day she did not show up. It was unusual for her to be away from home, usually opting to stick close by and never missing a feed and a cuddle. We found Missing Pet Partnership’s web site which was instrumental in keeping us hoping and carrying out all the necessary tasks needed to look for Snippet and to understand her behavior. We were missing her so badly and beside ourselves with worry. The advice on MPP’s site was awesome and I’m happy to report that just over a month after she went missing, Snippet was spied by a neighbor and taken into her house and we are reunited! We really did think on several occasions that we’d never see her again. That is where the advice on this website really spoke to us. To anyone else missing a cat and reading this, have hope! Do as much as you can that is advised and chances are you too will be reunited. It is true that Snippet hadn’t gone far and was found in the street just behind ours.

— Claire Herbert, Bath, United Kingdom


Our indoor-only cat Bonzi fell out of our third floor apartment in the middle of the night and seemingly disappeared. The guidance of Missing Pet Partnership’s website was invaluable along with info on indoor-cat behavior. It was the main source of hope during the 8 days he was missing without a single sighting. While we put out over 100 fliers in a 2 block radius (based on your flier guidelines), posted on listservs, and walked the neighborhood shaking a cat food bag twice a day and digging around in the neighbors’ bushes, it was ultimately the humane trap that caught Bonzi. We feel confident that without having put a humane trap out, Bonzi would have come home much later, if at all. We’re so happy to have him back and really appreciate the guidance that you gave.

— Megan, Washington, DC


On April 1, 2010, I was just about to feed my cats when I noticed that my indoor-only cat Zarra was not present. The next morning, everyone appeared again for their feeding except Zarra. This was not a usual and I started to worry. I went out with my car and searched… calling her name over and over again. Still no Zarra. I made posters, I asked all neighbors, and anyone passing by to please let us know if they see Zarra. The days passed and still no Zarra. Many unpleasant thoughts went thru my mind. I called all shelters and vet’s offices in my area but still no Zarra. One day became 18 days and I could not sleep from constant worry about my beautiful cat. Then I thought about searching on the Internet for some help to find my cat and I found Missing Pet Partnership’s web site. THANK GOD! Your instructions were precise, and I followed them immediately. I went out at 9:00am and started my one block radius search. I called out here name repeatedly at each one of the houses next to ours. After the 4 house, I came up close to my neighbor’s garage, and called out to Zarra and this time I heard a faint meow coming from inside of this garage!! One week prior, I’d asked this same neighbor to please just open his garage and to leave it open just to make sure she wasn’t inside and frightened to come out. He replied, “She is not in my garage because I was just working in their on Sunday.” He was wrong. She got trapped because of fear (she’s a skittish cat) and the sound of his large wood cutter that he used that day. She was skinny and dehydrated, but still alive. She went a total of 20 days with no water or food. Thank you SO MUCH for the priceless information that you’ve posted on your website. I WILL SPREAD THE WORD! Much gratitude,

— Donna Grosso, White Plains, NY

Mr. Noodles

What a Happy day this has been for me and my Mr. Noodles. Four days have passed without his sweet fluffy face to greet us. By last night I had about given up all hope until I found a link to your website. I sat up for about an hour just reading and taking it all in and I want to Thank you soo much for all the helpful information. Mr. Noodles is an inside-only neutered male cat that has never had even a blade of grass touch his little feet. He managed to slip out early one saturday morning and wasn’t seen nor heard by any of our neighbors. We have went thru all of what we thought were the proper channels to bring him home. Posting posters, radio stations, calling local vets, shelters, newspaper ads, and craigslist. We have walked miles upon miles and drove and drove and no sign of his sweet face. After reading your web-site I found that inside-only cats normally never go far and when I heard they would not make noise??? I was floored! Who whoulda thought? I started getting on my hands and knees this morning looking under every bush and ever storage unit around close. To my suprise He was right there under our Neighbors storage building not 20 feet from our front door!!! I can’t express enought how helpful this website has been. I would have never in a million years thought that he would just bunker down and stay there for 4 days!! There should be a link for this site on every lost and found everywhere!!

— Beth Harmon, Jackson, Tennessee


I am contributing to your nonprofit today. Thank you for the generous information on your website which helped my parents bring home their lost cat. The story: Their indoor-only recently adopted cat “Molly” was frightened by a repairman and escaped outside through an open door. It was not even discovered until hours later that she had left the house. Complicating matters was that many of the houses on the street have the same floor plan and look exactly alike from the outside. Because of this and the fact that Molly had lived with them for only a month, it looked like there was no hope of making it home. But we set 4 humane traps – 2 near the house, and 2 in a field slightly farther away where some neighbors thought they saw her. For 5 days there was no sign whatsoever that Molly was anywhere close and she never made a sound. On the fifth day, Molly was caught in one of the closest traps, about 4 houses down in a clump of bushes. The experience turned her into a lap cat overnight, and she hasn’t let my parents out of her sight since she got home! I first heard about Missing Pet Partnership when I read your book The Lost Pet Chronicles in 2005. Thank you so much! It really seemed hopeless, but with a little effort and your website, we turned this situation around. Wow!

— Sandra Partridge, Goodlettsville, TN


I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your website. My precious cat Pierce got out and I read the information on your web site. Just as your invaluable facts suggested, he had not gotten far. He was under my balcony between a board and the side of the house, hiding & scared. He did not come when I called him and leaving the back door ajar hoping he would return wasn’t helpful either. He was always curious about going outside but I’m certain once he was out he wanted back in immediately. It was nearly 12 hours from the time he went missing until the time I found him and I believe he never left his hiding spot. Without your web site, I do not want to begin to imagine how this story could have ended. Thank you so much… words can not even begin to express how grateful I truly am!!

— Tracy Church, Austin, TX


I am so grateful for your website! All of the info helped us find our cat in one days time. My Dad left on a fishing trip with his buddies. We noticed that our cat Pablo was missing. We came to find out that she had crawled into the enclosed trailer used to house the fishing supplies. My Dad could hear her in the back and went to open it and she darted out. She ended up darting under an old apartment complex 20 minutes away from my home. We searched for multiple hours. We finally came home. I searched for information about finding lost cats on Google. I came across Missing Pet Partnership’s website. I read everything I saw about finding a displaced cat. And it worked! I came back to where she darted under when she came out of the trailer. Pablo was silent the entire time. I tore up boards and everything. I baited her with scent and wet food. All of it worked perfect! Thank you so much. Now Pablo is sitting in the house eating roast and she thanks you too!

— Jordon Ostermiller, Rexburg, ID


Our Savannah Cat, Max, escaped on Dec 30th into 20 degree weather which lasted all week and steady high winds. Being thin of coat I was sure he had perished. When I discovered your web site I realized that I had to presume him a survivor and make every attempt to find him. Your poster suggestions did the trick. Big and dayglow orange, I posted them and several key intersections surrounding our home. We started getting calls the next morning and I was encouraged that he was out there and surviving. Of course even when I was able to respond immediately to a sighting, by the time I arrived he had cruised off. My hope was that someone would actually apprehend him and his microchip might lead him home. Tonight I got a call from a gentleman parked in front of my driveway by one of the posters I put in front of my house. He thought he had found my cat hiding in his garage about a 1/2 mile away. When I went out to greet him, it turned out he’s a man who had for many years been a tool sharpener for our family business. He was on our block while visiting his son and saw the poster. I think your signage tips saved Max and are very valuable in pet recovery. A poster for your website should be in every shelter!

— Paul Whitman, Englewood Cliffs, NJ


After 7 weeks, our cat Meghan is finally home! She slipped out a door that had blown open on the night of November 10th. My parents saw her disappear. They tried to catch her immediately, but no luck. Meghan is a former feral that we caught in a live trap while trying to get a raccoon eight years ago. She has NEVER wanted to go outside, so we are sure she had no idea what she was doing and immediately got scared and disorientated. As a former feral, she was always easily spooked and unlikely to come to us, so we knew from the beginning that live trapping would be our best bet. We found good information here and in the links for some tips on live trapping. But it was this site’s explanation of how many cats just go catatonic and do not break cover that helped us. We would have given up if I had not read about how long it can take. It helped to know that in all likelihood she was not far away and would hopefully find her way back to us. However it took 6 weeks before we saw any trace of her. As you say, she just vanished. But a little over a week ago we spotted her on our road, though we weren’t sure it was her. But the next day there was snow and we could see cat tracks all over our property and the neighboring field. The tracks helped us place feed bowls to tempt her closer and in a day or two my mother saw her sunning herself on the porch and could positively ID her. We thought we’d catch her immediately in the trap, but she was too light and too wily. We actually watched from a window as she ate the food in the trap and walked right out of it. We finally got her this Saturday (Dec. 26) by setting some cardboard over the trip plate. We were very worried that we would have to re-tame her because she was so upset and snarly in the trap–to the point where we wondered if it was our Meghan. But once we got her in the house, with a pen set up to receive her, it’s as if the scents and sights suddenly clicked and she realized who we were, and that we were good. I don’t think she has stopped purring except to sleep. She is horribly thin but seems uninjured. We think she may have kept under cover for almost the whole 6 weeks, and once she broke cover we had a sighting almost everyday. Missing Pet Partnership’s site kept us trying the food and the trap, even on those days when we all felt that we had lost her forever. For anyone else in a similar situation, do not give up! And even if you do give up on the inside, keep setting that trap and looking for signs! Thank you again for giving us some hope and direction.

— Virginia, Michael, Devon and most-of-all Meghan, Chelsea, Michigan


I just want to thank you so much for your info. Our 15 year old indoor cat Felix went missing, having slipped out of the door un-noticed, for 5 nights. I had all but given hope – I had been calling him and all my family searching for him constantly when I accidentally found your website. Missing Pet Partnership convinced me that Felix was hiding, afraid, close to the house (he freezes with terror when he gets out as we know anyway) and I decided to try one last time. I found him and he was only across the street, hiding in a very dense bush (so thick you can’t see inside; it probably kept him alive on the very cold nights), cut off from the house by the constant stream of dog walkers and a neighbours cat. He was very thin and weak but so happy to be home! Thank you so much, we couldn’t be happier to have our little guy back safely with us. I have recommended your site to a rescue society here in Ireland, they are very impressed with it and will refer lost pet owners to it in future 🙂

— Sarah, Dublin, Ireland


We went out of town for the weekend leaving our neighbors to let our much loved cat in and out of the garage and tend to his food and water. When we returned home Monday morning, Benny was no where to be found. The neighbors reported they had not seen him at all over the weekend and had looked many times. My husband spent most of the afternoon looking and canvassing the neighborhood (door to door). As I had yesterday morning off, I determined to find the cat..planning to create posters, call the pound, the usual. Instead I decided to google “CAT BEHAVIOR MISSING”. I got your website on the first hit, read everything twice and determined he was either trapped, injured or gone to kitty heaven. He is a healthy eight year old male cat (neutered) so I was betting on injured or trapped. Fifteen minutes later, armed with a much better perspective I found him trapped in a storage area under the next door neighbor’s house. They had been moving items out of storage and he had gone in to investigate and inadvertently been locked in. We would not have found him had I not read the information on your website.

— Benny, John and Laura, Hillsboro, OR


Your website gave us invaluable resources during a time when we couldn’t have felt more helpless! Because of your site we found Annalisa Berns, our local pet detective who was a wealth of information and support…and YES, four days later, we found our SAM. Our neighbors & local animal shelter had us convinced he was taken by coyotes. Between your site, Annalisa’s expertise, guidence and support, our boy is home! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

— Lisa and Dennis Pettigrew, Laguna Beach, CA




Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I credit your website for giving me the hope to continue to look for my 19+ year-old Calico, Sylvia, who was lost for one week after darting out the front door. Several people told me she might have “gone off to die” or been “eaten by coyotes,” but I followed your advice regarding fliers et al — and it worked! Sylvia was one block away the whole time on a neighbor’s porch! We were reunited this morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Marica, Oak Forest, IL


I have an outdoor-access cat named Ananda. She comes home many times during the day to nibble, and always around 4:00 p.m for her Wellness gravy pouch. So when she went missing from early a.m. to night, I knew she was in trouble. I went outside six different times trying to find her, and in between did lots of surfing on the internet about how to find her. Missing Pet Partnership’s website is amazing, and one I kept returning to over the hours. I learned that with an outdoor-access cat, you do an “aggressive, physical search of a cat’s territory.” I also read the temperament sheet and realized that Ananda is a “Cautious Cat” so if I called out, she would probably not answer if she was trapped. I live in a townhouse and all the neighbors have garages. I had already called at each garage door twice, with no success. I read on the website that “simply asking a neighbor to look for the lost cat is not sufficient” and to go out late at night, when it’s quiet to search for your cat. At 1:00 a.m., I called at the garage door of a neighbor twenty feet away (for the third time that day). I almost didn’t do this, because I hadn’t seen the garage door open on any of my previous trips. To my surprise Ananda answered right away, faint but clear in the night air. Fortunately, my neighbor was still awake, and she was nice but skeptical that my cat could be there. However, we went to the garage, and I called my cat. It took her a minute to meow but Ananda didn’t come out. I followed the sound of her voice, pulled up a blanket, and there she was! On this website, it says to ask your neighbors to let you do the searching, and I can see why. If I hadn’t heard my cat meow or if I had just asked my neighbor to check her own garage, we both might have missed her again! Thank you so much for this website!

— Terri Singleton, Lompoc, CA


Three weeks ago I moved across town. After only having a few days to familiarize himself with the neighborhood, my orange tabby Skitten escaped from the door at 3 a.m. when we let the dog out. I chased after him, normally I have no problem catching Skitten as he’s not prone to disobey me when he clearly understands I want him to let me pick him up and take him in, but the yard was so dark and I ran back in to get a flashlight. I couldn’t find a flashlight bright enougn and after 3 minutes of searching I ran back outside in a panic and couldn’t find him. I stayed up for an hour calling him and searching for him and it was like he has just vaporized. In the morning he still wasn’t back and I was beginning to really worry. I called and walked up and down my street and still nothing. By that night I was in full panic mode. I knocked on doors up and down my street and the two streets next to me and let people know exactly what he looked like, that he was wearing an ID tag collar, and that he may be hiding somewhere in their yard. No one called, no sightings, and none of those whose doors I knocked on had seen him either. I was beginning to lose hope. I feared he had been hit on the highway and that for whatever reason the person who removed his body did not call the number on the collar. That night, the third since he went missing, I once again went out at midnight searching and calling and once again came home empty handed, heart broken. I had been holding back the tears while knocking on doors that day, but once I got home that night I just let it all out. I sobbed and pleaded with God to protect my big man and bring him home. I wanted to find him, dead or alive, just to bring him home with his family. I went to bed that night empty. I woke up that morning ready for another day of searching. It was the fourth day. At around 9:30 a.m. I heard my Dad saying “Skitten’s here! Skitten’s back!” and I just couldn’t believe it. The little guy came wandering up to the door as my Dad let the dog out.

If it weren’t for your website and the information provided about the way cats behave when lost or displaced I would have been much worse off emotionally, feeling around in the dark. Your articles gave me a sense of empowerment. I felt like I had 0 control over the situation and your website helped me to focus and keep up the search no matter how much it hurt to turn up nothing. Instead of succumbing to pain avoidance and giving up, I took your advice and turned that pain into action. The pain was unbearable, but the next morning I was rewarded for my hard work and I got to see my little man’s face again. It was a miracle, but it can happen, so no one should ever lose hope! Thanks again for what you’re doing, it’s a very important cause.

–Angel, North Central Florida


We wanted to write you a note to tell you how useful we found your website. Our cat Rami got out and disappeared. We took the advice from your web site in terms of posting signs, but also in terms of where we looked. Rami finally responded to our calls about 24 hours after she had gotten out. She was hidden in some brush not far from our home. Your site was very useful and we very much appreciated the advice. I’m including a photo of Rami sitting next to one of the signs we created.

— Jennifer & Karen, Central Pennsylvania




Thank you so much for your web site tips on recovering a lost pet! The cat psychology information helped me in finding my girl Isis. I had put Isis in the garage one day because she was bugging Maslow, my pet rat. We realized the next day that we hadn’t seen Isis and I remembered that I hadn’t let her in! I felt so bad for forgetting. The problem was that we opened our garage door since I had put her out there so she could have gotten outside. We searched the garage but she was nowhere to be found. I was so worried and felt like she could be miles away. We frantically searched the neighborhood. Then I came across your website and read that a displaced cat tends to stay close by and will hide. I decided to look in the garage one more time. She was hiding behind some Styrofoam boards against a wall. She was very, very scared. When she saw me looking at her she meowed and meowed. She did try to run away from me, though, but I got her. As soon as I got her in the house she ran away and hid! But a few minutes later she came straight to me and all she wanted to do was be petted! She is now back to her old self. Thank you for your help!

— Tallon, Isis, and Maslow, Zeeland, MI


“We got on this website today after looking for our cat since Saturday night. The psychology tips that we read were right on. After reading about indoor cats we started an even more detailed look for Casper. We found her locked in the shed in the garage. We would have never looked that hard in the house, if we had not read on your website about indoor cats not wandering too far from home. My 9 year old son said that it felt like a piece of his heart had broken off and now that we found Casper his heart is whole again. Thank you so much.”

– The Rinehart Family, Grove City, Ohio



After 3 days of searching, posting signs (following your sites 5+5+55 rule), reading through your cat behavior information, and talking to neighbors, tonight I went on a walk up and down our street, just talking to myself, shaking the cat food container, shining the flashlight around – and I saw my missing cat Ebon. He saw me and darted away in fear! But I stayed patient and sat in the grass between two houses, talking in the baby talk I use with him. Finally, he answered me back, he had been in silent mode until he was sure it was just us (at midnight, none-the-less!). I continued to talk to him softly, and he talked back then I would talk back to him, then after a couple more minutes, he finally came out and came up to me. I let him get close before I got a firm hold on him, I had put my hand out so he could sniff, he head butted me, so I knew it was him. Your site is a great service. The information on cat behavior helped me find my cat. Understanding how he would behave led me to not sit idly by hoping someone would turn him in or that he would just come home. Every cat owner should read this site whether their cat is lost or not because you never know when they are going to slip out, or something happens to displace them. Please please please tell your readers not to give up. Patience is key! Ebon was reunited with his family because of the information that Missing Pet Partnership’s website provided and we are very grateful!

— Patti, Hilliard, Ohio


“I recently used Missing Pet Partnership’s signage & search tips for finding our missing indoor-only cat, Ivan. We put up lots of signs, walked the neighborhood couple hours a day at different times, spoke to anyone & everyone we could. He was missing for 6 days before we received the call. A 6th grader helped us find our lost cat, so do not underestimate kid’s abilities to “see” things – they do much so than adults! Ivan is home safe now because of your website tips. Thank you for giving me clear & concise direction to focus our search activities!”

— Kristin Mills, Waltham, MA


“On Saturday, I was driving home and got a call that my Beagle Grace had slipped out of the yard and was missing. I called Home Again (the microchip company), all the vets that were open, the Humane Society, Animal Control, the Michigan Anti Cruelty Society and then we posted flyers in the neighborhood. The next day, Sunday, I put a flyer at every house in the neighborhood and stapled one on every telephone pole. On Monday, I went back to work but used the fax machine to send lost dog flyers to all the local vets. I began scouring the internet for ideas. My boyfriend was becoming completely hopeless about the situation and believed we’d never see Grace again. I put up lost & found classified ads on Craigslist.com and Petfinder.com. Then I found Missing Pet Partnership’s website. I saw the pictures of people holding their recovered animals next to the giant, fluorescent posters. This gave me hope! Here was proof that this can work. The MPP website explained how to make the posters and how and where to hang them. I picked up supplies on the way home from work and we made the posters that night. The next day, Tuesday, my boyfriend put the posters up while I was at work. Within two hours, he got a call. A woman saw the poster while she was on the bus and then there was another poster at her bus stop. Her neighbor had Grace. She called Jason and by 5:00pm that day we had Grace at home and safe! Thank you Missing Pet Partnership for the information on how to make the posters and for the hope and encouragement to keep trying and not give up! Attached is a photo of Jason and Gracie next to one of the posters.”

— Deborah, Michigan


Zoo Zoo Petals

We lost our 10 year old indoor cat, Zena (aka “Zoo-Zoo-Petals”). She was indoors, but on occasion would go hang out on the front porch with us. Zena always went inside when we did though so we couldn’t imagine how she got out without our noticing and why she didn’t come in when we did. We walked the neighborhood calling her, we spoke to our neighbors, called animal control and submitted a lost cat sheet with a photo. Nothing we did brought her home. We were devastated. Then, upon Googling “Lost Cat” I found your website. I read about lost cat behaviors. I learned that cats do not run away from home like I had always believed. I learned that her coming home had to have been interrupted by something or someone. I also learned that she was most likely in an area very close to home. I was not about to give up on finding her, by any means. But just those few tips helped me to concentrate on a specific area. I now understood that Zena was likely hiding and quiet, so I needed to focus more on looking under every branch and fence and hiding place, instead of relying on her coming to my call. I then focused my attention on just my immediate area. I searched high and low, into every area that it looked like she even might fit into. It was then that we found her. Alive, well, and trapped. Zena had jumped into a storm drain and was sitting in a cement box, under ground about 4-5 feet deep. With the help of the fire department, we were able to get the manhole cover off, and climb into the space to rescue a very grateful and terrified cat. She was really happy to come home to a plate of food, a big bowl of clean water and a safe, quiet place to rest. I thank Missing Pet Partnership for the tips that helped me learn so much about the behaviors of my cat, who I thought I knew so well. With gratitude and respect, The Buisman Family

— Loren Buisman, McKinney, Texas


“The information on your website was a great help in finding my displaced cat, especially the insight into cat psychology. Previously a feral cat, Beau was rejected by the colony as a kitten because he is deaf, and has been an indoor-only cat for the past 2 years. He escaped after dark one night and, even though he is pure white, I couldn’t see him anywhere. I live in a rural valley with steep slopes and dense brush on all sides so searching was almost impossible. Because he’s deaf, calling Beau was useless. I found your web site and was encouraged by the information and testimonials. I placed a humane trap next to the door where he had escaped, put his “baby” blanket on the floor and a few chopped raw shrimp (replaced daily) in his dish inside the trap. I also covered it with a towel so it looked like a box, which he loves to crawl inside. Three nights later, after a terrifying thunder and lightning storm, I was awoken at 3:00 a.m. by loud meowing. The trap had worked! I was overjoyed at the return of my “purrfectly dry” kitty. I can’t thank you enough!”

— Carol Hewitt, Marbella, SPAIN



“Recently I lost my cat, Gary. He suddenly went missing on a Wednesday morning. We began looking for him day and night and finally on Friday we were becoming desperate. My daughter had heard about Missing Pet Partnership she contacted them on Friday. Missing Pet Partnership did not have any search dogs in my state, but they wrote us back and gave us many helpful hints on where to look and what a typical cat would do when lost. This not only gave us hope, but it helped us focus our search. We also learned how to display lost signs for him. We had everyone in our neighborhood looking for our cat. Missing Pet Partnership also emailed me daily to give me additional ideas and to help push me to not give up the search. Six days after Gary went missing he suddenly showed up. We were so excited. We found out later he was locked in a neighbors basement by mistake. Missing Pet Partnership had told us the cat would not wonder past 5 houses away and they were right. I would highly recommend them to anyone and have told all my neighbors about your organization. Thank you so much for your support and concern about my missing cat.”

— Leslie Thomson, Roswell, GA

“Thank you for your very useful info. My cat went missing when I moved. I let it outside straight away. I read your info and it gave me some hope that my cat may still be in the area, otherwise I may have given up. Six days after losing her I went for a walk when night fell and I was calling her name. She responded to my voice with meows. Thank you again for the insight into displaced cat behavior. I am a lot more experienced now if I were to move a cat again… and very happy I found her!”

— Melanie Thomas, Melbourne, Victoria – Australia


“Our 2 year old orange tabby named Hudson accidentally got out of the house. He was a stray as a kitten but has been indoor only for the last year and 1/2. We were heartbroken and didn’t know what to do. For a week we did all the things they tell you to do, post signs, notify local vets and shelters, search by day and night, leave out food, etc. Nothing was working and we were losing hope. One week after he was lost, we saw him on our deck at night, but he ran when we tried to open the door. We were crushed! We searched the internet again. Your website reassured us and we decided to follow your advice that humanely trapping him would be the fastest and best way to get him in the house. We borrowed a hav-a-heart trap from friends who were having a groundhog problem. We set the trap on our deck with tuna inside and a blanket over the top to conceal the trap. First and second nights the food was gone but the trap door was open. Was it Hudson eating the food? We realized that we needed to set the “trigger” to a lighter setting. The third night we caught a big raccoon (who was so releived when we set him free!). The fourth night – we got our Hudson! He had some fleas and ticks and lost weight but he is now home and safe. Thanks for your useful and practical information and suggestions! They helped us get our beloved Hudson home. I should add that after two weeks in the cold with no food, and with all the ticks he picked up, I am not sure Hudson could have survived outside much longer if we hadn’t trapped him and brought him inside quickly.”

— Lesley, Congers, NY

Cat Stevens

“I want to commend Missing Pet Partnership for their web site. It was SUCH a brilliant resource, not only did it give me really helpful advice, it also gave me hope, by describing the behavior of lost cats and telling me that they do not travel far and are probably still close by. It fired up my determination to find my Cat Stevens, and to be practical and methodical, rather than just freak out in panic. I read Missing Pet Partnership’s website from start to finish. I never even had a clue that such a thing as “pet detectives” even existed. But I hired Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron and when I landed at LAX, they were out with their search dogs and had been searching for 3 hours already. Then I got a phone call from Annalisa who said they had found Cat Stevens, trapped in a garage at the back of someone’s yard, about 5 houses up the street. I screamed with joy, I could not believe the news!!! I can’t tell you the sense of relief that came flooding through me – and the most enormous gratitude for Annalisa and Landa, and their wonderful dogs who had been involved. I will sing their praises far and wide. THANK YOU!”

With love and eternal gratitude,
Claudia and Cat Stevens

“Your website gave me the needed information to locate my 14 year old outdoor-access cat. He was trapped in a neighbor’s garage 3 houses away, unknown to them. After he went missing for 3 days I found your website and followed your recommendations. I aggressively searched within a 3 house radius, and while looking under a bush between garages and calling his name, I heard a faint answer from him, peered into a garage vent, and there he was! Although I had walked around the block calling his name, until I read your recovery protocol, I would not have been ‘nosy’ enough to go into yards, peek under bushes, etc. THANK YOU!!!”

— Bea, Costa Mesa, CA

“One Thursday our cat Luna ran off and disappeared after a car driver thought he had hit her. We searched the area for hours over a three day period, calling out and tapping her food bowl. Our fear was that she was terribly injured and suffering alone somewhere, but of course we also thought we might find her dead. It would have been too easy to resign ourselves to losing her, but reading the advice on this website encouraged me to continue actively looking. Several friends seemed to want us to accept that she was gone, but I refused to give up on her. On the fourth day I had to go away to work, leaving my partner to hold the fort, but by now even he seemed to feel it was hopeless. The weather was extremely cold, and we had looked everywhere. Then on the fifth day I had a call from neighbours whose little boy had spotted her, alive but in a bad way, in the field next to his school. This was an area we had not searched thoroughly, as she had run off in the other direction and I thought she she would not have crossed back over the road. But with hindsight it was obvious – it was high ground with long grass and was somewhere she usually liked to go. Luna had to have her leg amputated, but has otherwise made an excellent recovery. Our story shows how important it is not to give up too soon, involve the neighbours (especially kids!), and to keep a really open mind about where the cat might hide. Thank you.”

— Laura Marshall, Crediton, Devon, United Kingdom


“The Missing Pet Partnership website gave us so many valuable suggestions to help recover our Oreo when she was missing. It even gave us the contact information for searchers who use their dogs to search for missing dogs. We felt confident that, using these resources, we would be able to find our little girl. Your volunteer’s words of encouragement strengthened our hope that our Oreo girl would come home.”

— Greenwald Family, Massapequa, NY

“Our cat Shirley disappeared on November 24, 2008. We walked the neighborhood, posted flyers, contacted our neighborhood on-line community, contacted the microchips folks, contacted the city shelter…thought we did all the right things, but no Shirley. She is a former feral, so we could only hope her survival skills were still sharp and that she was not so scared that she had holed up somewhere for good. We are so happy to report that Shirley turned up, yowling on the front porch last night after one whole month of absenteeism! We thought she was gone for good but here she is….very vocal and in good shape minus a couple of pounds. Just so glad and relieved she is back. She somehow found her way home. I hope this story helps someone and their cat in a similar situation.”

— Lisa & Dan, Austin, TX


“Your website helped me so much in both finding my cat Pearl and in keeping myself together when she was lost. Your suggestions in how to go about getting her home were invaluable. Also, Tara Waldorff come with her Search and Rescue dogs Peter and Cisco to help. Her support and encouragement were so needed and helpful. Pearl, an in-door and out-door (mostly the former) cat had been missing for 9 days when we found her. She was a timid cat that had stayed VERY close to home for the 7 years that I’ve had her. The day she went missing my husband had been driving his truck to my father’s house, about 7 blocks away when he thought he heard a meow when he stopped for a STOP sign. He jumped out of the truck and checked underneath to see if Pearl had crawled up underneath. However, he didn’t see her under the truck and continued on his way. We didn’t know until later that evening that she was missing. We scoured the neighborhood around our house and this other area. I felt ready to give up but knew from what your website said that I must forge on, especially during the threshold period, when cats who’ve been silent before may suddenly give voice to where they are. I think this is what happened to Pearl because we’d been at this particular house more than once. This time as I called her name while we walked (my husband using the listening device that pet detective Tara Waldorff loaned us) Pearl poked her head out from under the porch of a vacant house. When she knew it was me she ventured further out. She was scared so I did what the site told me to do and that was to get down on my knees and speak softly to her. Eventually she came to me. I scooped her up and we brought her home. Pearl, David my husband, and I all say thanks for having this website. To any of you who are missing your beloved pets don’t give up hope! Follow the advice of this website and there’s a good chance you too can have your pet home again.”

— Lisa Morgan, Hastings, MI

Website Testimonials

“We lost a very shy, indoor-outdoor cat when we moved about 10 days ago… We’ve tried to do a house-to-house search of the area but many neighbors have politely refused having us search. When I finally got around to following your first advice (setting a humane trap), I got my kitty back within two hours of setting it up! I followed your website’s advice about putting it next to the fence (not the house). Please keep doing the wonderful work you do.”

— Johanna, City Withheld

“I wanted to let you know how helpful your website was for us in recovering our lost cat. Our purebred Himalayan, Gizmita, slipped out the door on Aug 18 and even though she’s done that occasionally before, she is usually at the door in the morning. This time she was not and was definitely lost. I found your website and contacted the pet search person in Connecticut as she was located near where Gizmita was born and we were just at the perimeter of her 100 mile search area. She contacted me back within a day and gave me lots of good tips, and urged me to continue looking and making the bright posters listed on your website.

“On Tuesday Sept 11, 4 1/2 wks after she’d left, someone called us. They had seen the bright postersand saw a cat close to her description digging through the garbage cans at her mother’s house, licking empty cat food cans. So they fed her to keep her in the area and called us. My husband went over there (6 blocks away on the other side of the woods) and managed to catch her. She is thrilled to be home and luckily has not lost much weight and is in very healthy condition.

“The people who located her said they’d seen the posters so they had been keeping an eye out. The posters really made all the difference, especially as all the animal shelter volunteers kept telling us to look under bushes within 5 houses of ours (which we were doing also). Thanks to many concerned neighbors, many of whom had put out extra cat food when they found out Gizmita was missing, she stayed healthy and did not starve and is now safe at home.”

— Sarah Tsang Chase, Rutherford, NJ

“…We went online to your website (and other websites) to understand according to his personality/characteristics where he is most likely to be… the meow came from a garage across the street from our house – about 4 houses down. The house was empty and was for sale, that’s why we did not check the garage earlier that week. Thanks again – your website made a difference.”

— Tami M., City Withheld

“Slick had never been outside before and he’s declawed. I felt completely helpless in the situation and could do nothing to console my wife. That is when I found your website using Google… So I set up a humane trap. I set the trap out and baited it with Slicks favorite food – Meow Mix. I also put out a can of tuna in the yard and put out his scratching post and litter box.” (After several days, Slick’s owner finally found Slick.) “Yelling his name out the window, I held onto your posted information that the cats if scared will not meow, will be hidden, and are more than likely within a three house radius of where they normally live. Just about as I was to come to the end of the alley I looked over at the side of our neighbor’s house and to my sheer amazement I could see wedged between the air conditioning unit and the brick wall was a ball of black fur with bright yellow eyes. It was Slick!!!!!! I parked the truck, engine running, and ran up to the chain link fence separating us. I called his name at least 20 times before he meowed. It then took all the subtle coaxing I could muster for five minutes to get Slick to take that first step towards me. He was positively petrified, but when I saw him take that first step I knew we were going to make it. Sure enough I scooped him up and brought him home safe. My wife was completely choked up when I called and gave her good news. Our little boy was home.” (Then a few weeks later, Slick’s owner saw a LOST CAT poster in his neighborhood and helped to locate that missing cat!) “After saying our goodbyes, I leaned over and told my wife that I felt we in some small part were able to repay the kindness that you showed us by creating your website and giving us the tools and the belief that we could find our dear Slick. From the deepest part of my heart and on behalf of my family and of course Slick…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You!

— Eddie, Plano, Texas

“I just had to write an email to let you know that your information about finding and trapping a lost indoor cat (both on the web site and the NPR interview recently) helped us get Mouse back after almost 2 months!…I wanted to thank you for providing such good information about finding lost cats — I’m sure you’re right that many feral cats are simply displaced because it’s definitely a game of patience to continue looking for an animal that doesn’t seem to want to be found. But believe me, they sure are glad when they are!”

— Sarah Thompson, City Withheld

“I have to write and tell you that because of your website, our 8 month old Boston Terrier puppy and we are reunited!!!!!…we came across your website. The information I found was invaluable!!!! What really did it for us was HOW TO POST a sign for a lost pet. WOW!! If I didn’t see that information, I would have done white, letter sized fliers. However, because of your website, we made large, florescent posters, just like you illustrated. And guess what…That is exactly how the family that found our puppy found us!!! They saw the poster!”

— Kimberle McGill, Rufus and HOLLY

“At just about the one week mark, a stranger saw my notice and called offering some tips and a humane trap like the one described on your site. It was at this same time that I decided to pay your site a visit to see if perhaps I might gain some insight into Max’s behavior pattern, and at least see what your organization was all about. Anything was worth a shot. Your section on cat behavior was not just illuminating, it was dead-on. It was one of those “ah-hah” moments. With evening drawing on I decided to give it a try and while Max had not been seen anywhere I “just knew” that he had to be nearby (reinforced by your information). It was kind of a blind choice as to where I placed the trap, but with a half can of tuna, I set things up in a sheltered area where I thought Max might have gotten out of the fenced yard. Within seven hours of placing the trap I happened to be up and decided to check, just in case. The door was down! It COULD HAVE been a neighbor’s cat. Max, though scared immediately recognized both where and who he was with. He was hungry, uncomfortable from his infection, and tired, but willing to sit next to my Mom and be petted.

After a week out-of-doors, his whereabouts unknown, the worst being feared for a cat out of his element;within 12 hours of visiting your site and learning about what a xenophobic cat might do, we had Max back. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It would not have been possible without you, and the help of a stranger who I hope will become a friend. The signs have now come down. In their place are signs thanking all those who kept an eye out, or looked, or asked after Max. Included is mention of your site and its address along with the recommendation to take a look BEFORE their pet gets away.”

— Stephen Lauterbach, Minneapolis, MN

We took to heart your “1-3 house radius” and went out looking again closer to home for our outdoor access cat, Rocky.We finally found our precious Rocky and it was none too soon. We found him 2 houses away in a backyard, behind a shed, 20 feet into blackberry brambles wrapped up in barbed wire. We had both been in the area before close enough to hear him & him to hear us but we believe he was in silent mode. This time he talked back so we could crawl in & locate him. I feel he called out this time because he knew he was out of time. We suffered several wounds getting to him but nothing like he sustained. He tried so hard to get free of the barbed wire he pulled a chunk of skin off. This injury is pretty severe but he is going to make it.

Rocky also lost a lot of weight, was severely dehydrated, caught a respiratory infection, and developed a heart murmur. We know he got caught up the first day he disappeared or he would have come home so he was in there for seven plus days. His vet said he has used about 7.5 of his nine lives. He is still in the hospital but will make it. We want to thank you for your email and words of encouragement. We feel we never would have found him without your advice and helpful suggestions. And from now on both Rocky and his sister Teka are indoor-only cats.”

— Gary and Jennifer, Snohomish, WA

“Last week Saturday, my family and I had all left our home to attend my daughter’s dance recital. The weather was absolutely beautiful, so we left our kitchen windows open, which are floor to ceiling long. We have done this numerous times and have never had any concerns, as our cat, Byron loved to sit and watch the birds at the feeder, but NEVER was outside, or had any desire to do so. After arriving home, we found the kitchen window screen dislocated from the frame and lying on the floor. The next day, we realized that Byron was missing. I have to admit I was panicked. Of all the pet owners out there, I considered myself one of the best. Our pets are loved immensely, spoiled, not allowed to roam freely, (much less allowed outside), vaccinated, microchipped, wear their collars, and are not declawed. I thought to myself, how could this happen to us, as there are thousands of people who let their cats roam the neighborhoods, and they have no fears?

I immediately called all the neighborhood humane societies and vet clinics with no success. I then stood in the yard and called his name, convinced if he was nearby, he would come running, as he was the most outgoing, friendliest cat in the world, in fact, so people and attention loving, he could almost be pesky at times. Needless to say, no luck. As I read your email about looking for your cat and explaining how even the friendliest cats most of the time won’t come to their owner’s voice, because they are so scared, I thought to myself, they’re right. So the search continued. Every day and every night, we searched in our yard, the neighbors, with no success. We even put “lost cat” posters in everyone’s mailbox.

The following day after placing the ads in the mailbox, I received a call from a neighbor behind us stating she had seen Byron in her yard twice. We were so excited, and immediately went to look for him. Once again, no luck. That night we continued our search with flashlights and found him sitting in this lady’s same back yard. Unfortunately, the minute, he seen us, he fled and we lost him. Frustrated and devastated, I realized you were right. He was frightened and scared, so scared, he ran AWAY from us. We continued our search and to our surprise, found him in a hole in the ground next to a rain gutter besides her house. This hole was approximately 2 1/2 feet deep. He was back!!!!!

I just wanted to let you know, had it not been for your advice, we would’ve stopped looking for him after he didn’t come to our voice. He’s a beautiful flame point Siamese kitten, and despite the fact that he had a collar, we assumed someone picked him up to keep him for themselves. Like I said before, we assumed if he was in the same vicinity, he would’ve come running when he heard us. We never realized he would be so scared not to come.

Byron was missing nearly a week and I called the animal shelters daily to check for him. I told them what strategies I was using in hopes of bringing Byron home and they did not tell me to look, on my hands and knees, with a flashlight, as you guys did. We also set up traps with tuna, as mentioned by you guys.

Once again, thank you for your helpful advice and confidence in bringing our beloved Byron home. Your advice is the reason he is here, and you guys were completely right as the humane societies did not tell us this information. Please pass on to the next pet owner your helpful hints and advice. Once again, your email is the reason Byron is Home. Also to let other pet owners know to never lose hope. As frustrating and hopeless as it seems at times, our pets need us to have confidence in them.

— Stacy, City Withheld

Our littlest dog, “Goldie,” jumped the fence a week ago to chase a mailman. She was then frightened by a neighbor trying to catch her as we were gone. I came home from work about 2 hours later and started searching. I made posters and checked shelters daily. Finally after finding your website I made new posters according to your specs and within 2 days I had multiple responses which led to bringing her home. I fully endorse the 22″x27″ signs and I can’t thank you enough. I can’t say she is good as new, she went through some trials, but she is home and we are so very happy. You know your business, you profiled her exactly and that too helped in her capture. Everyone, this website contains the best advice you will ever find!

— Karen Johnston, San Diego, CA

I wanted to thank you for providing good information about missing pets and their behavior patterns. My indoor/outdoor cat recently disappeared and I started to get worried after he did not return within the usual 24 or so hours. I had made up some signs and posted them around the area. Within a few hours I got one response of a sighting; however, no cat as the sighting was almost 12 hours old. The next morning I found your site. Based on the information you provided about sign making and behavior patterns I was able to revise my sign/flyer and distribute it to all neighbors in the area of the sighting. Within about 4 hours people started to arrive home from work and I got reports of 3 sightings one of which was within the prior 10 minutes. I was able to go to the location of the sighting and within only a minute or so a tired, hungry and now happy displaced cat responded to my calls. Your site help me focus my search correctly and got me to be even more proactive than I had been. I knew that if I had at least done the physical search like your site suggests then I would have felt much better in the end even if I was not able to recover my cat. With the information you provided I was pretty sure my cat would still be relatively close to the area of the first sighting. In the end, all three sightings as well as the recovery point were within about a 1/8 of a mile from each other. Thanks again, Eric.

— Eric, Norwell, MA

I wanted to let you know just how many lives you helped save by your website. I have used this information to help find MANY lost pets. I work with animals and also have a local classified website to post missing and found animalswww.peanutsfriends.org. Your advice has located dogs in seconds! Cats in hours! And it has returned lost pets to its rightful homes just by your THINK LOST, NOT STRAY logo. These dogs and cats would have otherwise been considered “abandoned” or “stray” or “abused” just by their appearance. Thank you for your hard work!

— Maria Burley, Leesburg, GA

Praise the Lord I found this website. My two-year-old cat, Jake, had been missing 10 days. He was live-trapped as a feral kitten, neutered and adopted into our family. I entered an exhaustive effort to find him when he became missing on March 2, 2008. I searched the web for help, rescue groups, checked shelters and went around our neighborhood and just could not figure out what could have happened to him. Then I found this site. After carefully reading your tips about cat behaviors and hiding in silence, I set out on a new search. I found him right next door in my neighbor’s garage March 12, ten long days later. It is important to mention–this garage is not used for parking vehicles. It is FULL of stored “stuff”: family heirlooms, work materials, furniture, junk, I do mean FULL. The key to finding Jake was when my neighbor went inside his house and left me to look around, all I wanted, on my own. Jake was scared, hiding in silence. I had been less than two feet from him, searching exactly where he was but he kept quiet. He did NOT begin to speak to me until he was sure I was alone and he was safe. I just kept calling his name and finally he answered. I am so relieved to have him home, safe. Thank you so much for posting this information . Your tips helped point me in the RIGHT direction.

— Annette Fowler, McLeansville, NC

When our indoor cat slipped out, I found the Missing Pet Partnership website. We had no response to hours of calling from the house, calling while walking around the neighboring area, taking his sister out in a carrier where she loudly called to protest her confinement. Many neighbors joined us in looking at every hiding place we could find in the immediate area. Luckily, we had a humane trap. He had been gone for three days when I put the it out. Within 1.5 hours we had him in the trap. It is hard to believe that your cat will not come to you to get food, safety, and love, but they do not. He is a cat who I can call in the house and he comes immediately, but no response from him when we was scared and lost. If you lose an indoor cat, follow MPP’s directions, and get a live trap (Home Depot is one source.)

— Nancy L. Seattle, WA.

We found a cat that was obviously someone’s pet, but he didn’t have a microchip. We have pets ourselves and would be devastated if they got lost, so it was very important to us to find the owner of this funny and affectionate cat. He had gotten very thin during his time in the wild but was still “Mr. Personality.” With advice from the Missing Pet Partnership website, we created posters that would get noticed. We also learned that the cat probably lived pretty close to us, so putting lots of posters up within a few blocks would be important. Within 3 hours of putting up the posters, we had a call from his family and were able to reunite them — what a great feeling!! I was also able to provide your web address to the local SPCA shelter staff, who were delighted to learn there was somewhere with species- and personality-specific advice for finding lost pets. I think they will be referring a lot of people to your site.

— M.A.    Boston, Mass.headshot of cat facing camera, eyes squinted, white neck and orange tabby body can be partially seen

Just yesterday, July 4, 2013, some furniture movers accidentally removed my cat from the home. She was hidden in a couch I was replacing. My Ferris is an indoor cat, and semi-skittish as welI. I was terrified for her. Before trying to find her, I read your info on Displaced Cats. She’s a Lynxpointe Siamese who was found alone under a car as a kitten. You were right; she hadn’t gone very far at all. I found her in a corner of the parking lot of my community, frozen. She didn’t vocalize until I picked her up. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance. Armed with knowledge of displaced cat behavior, finding her was incredibly simple. Thank you again. Without your website, it may have taken a lot more time and resources to find her. We’re both happy and relieved.

— Jennifer B. Denver, Colorado

I live in Belgium and came across your website after our indoor cat escaped out an open window. Your advice was spot on. I don’t think we would have gotten her back so quickly without it. Indeed, she was very close by, but distressed and hiding in some thick bushes behind our block of houses. We used the techniques suggested and managed to find her. Twenty four hours later, with lots of patience and coaxing, we managed to bring her home. Thank you so much for providing this informative website.

— Leanne   Leuven, Belgium

Your information was right on target with our in-house cat that scooted out the door. After days of franticly searching our neighborhood, we found your website and took your advice. We found her at one point hiding under a tarp that covers our woodpile. Unable to catch her, we waited, and on day four, we heard that wonderful meow at the front door as we were heading to bed. She came in willingly and is in perfect shape! Thank you for giving us peace of mind and hope that we’d be re-united.

— Ken   Pittsburg, PA.

Looking for some guidance on how to find two cats that I lost on the beach near some heavy brush close to the boardwalk, I found your website. I had been searching for them for four or five days, but without success. These were indoor only cats and your tips and suggestions, besides brings some comfort and consolation, were right on target. I was in the process of setting up a couple of feeding stations, rinsing out some containers at the outdoor shower areas, when I spotted one of my cats. She had come to drink from a puddle that had formed a few feet away. When she saw me, she tried to run but quickly recognized me. She ran to safety under the boardwalk and just stared at me. This cat happens to be around eighteen years old and nearly deaf. As I set the water down near her, the younger cat suddenly appeared. It took a little while, but as they were feasting on the food, I was able to approach and pet them. Eventually, I ran home to get the cat carrier. I scooped them up very carefully and took them home. They were only feet away from where I lost them. Thank You! From the bottom of my heart.

— Gabriel   Miami, FL

Your website is great! Your recovery tips helped me find our Siamese cat that went missing for a couple of days. It took only a 10 minute search to find her. She was disoriented and didn’t even recognize me. After I brought her home and fed her she went back to normal. Thank you so much for your tips. They are much appreciated!

— Ingo M   Brattleboro, VT.

You just saved my cat! I googled lost cat how many days and got your website among the top search results. Your info, regarding outdoor access car behavior when missing, informed my search. I went back outside and started calling for him while peeking into my neighbor’s yard (his favorite haunt). Sure enough, I heard him meowing back, but he didn’t come. He was, EXACTLY as you all suggested, trapped inside their shed. Gryphon is now home, fed, watered and, if his purring and head rubs are any indication, VERY happy to be here! Gryphon was missing from 2:30 PM until the following day, midmorning, 10 AM or so. He is in at night, and ALWAYS back for breakfast. He probably would have stayed missing, if I had not found the Missing Pet Partnership website with its relevant, and timely information. Thank you, again!

— Robin & Gryphon in Atlanta, GA.


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