Praise for Our Consultations

Praise for Our Consultations

Here’s what people are saying about our consultations:

BillMy husband, Don, and I were bound and bring our lost foster dog, Bill, home with us. In May 2010, we sadly gave Bill back to the rescue group for crate training and he escaped from their care. The rescue group tried unsuccessfully to capture Bill and then gave up on him. We did not. We placed flyers, posted ads and ran down every lead we could for months after Bill disappeared. When we finally got word of a Bill spotting ~ 8 months after Bill’s escape ~ we went into full search and recovery mode and looked for any resource we could find to help with our efforts. In all of my online searching, the Missing Pet Partnership was the most useful and practical of the sites. After reading about their concerted efforts to bring home Sophie, I contacted Missing Pet Partnership and told them our story ~ Bill’s escape, him being on the “lam” for months on end on his own and our unwavering desire to bring him home.

MPP Founder Kat Albrecht was terrific and immediately hooked us up with Jim Branson. Jim and Kat’s suggestions, willingness to help and support for our efforts were practical and especially comforting ~ they gave us the faith that we could eventually bring Bill in and how to best accomplish this feat. The GameSpy camera that they recommended was a game changer for us! We were able to monitor Bill’s activities and learn more about his habits and especially knowing that he was eating, drinking and hanging around the food and water zone we had created for him. We were like kids on Christmas morning every time we viewed the day and nighttime pictures of Bill!  When we set the traps and did weekend stakeouts of Bill’s area, Jim’s was helpful and his suggestions were practical and knowledgeable. When we finally captured Bill (with help of our local Animal Control and several darts), I was so glad to email Jim and Missing Pet Partnership to let them know of our success and to thank them for everything they did to help us. We are very grateful for their dedication to animals and to the people who love them. Our story had such a happy ending and I hope others can utilize the experience and techniques that Kat, Jim and the other volunteers at Missing Pet Partnership will happily share with them.

    (To read Kat Albrecht’s blog about Bill’s amazing story Click Here).

    – Marianne Blackwell, Fort Collins, CO


Dachshund laying on his side in a dog bed wearing sunglassesJust wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave us. By putting our information on Craigslist, we were able to find our Dachshund, Irvene. She was picked up by a woman on Friday, July 5th, nine blocks from our house. The woman took Irvene to Milton, WA. She wanted to keep the dog, but her Aunt said “No, she belongs to someone and I think they would want her back.” I got the call on July 8th, went to meet the woman and got our precious girl back. I know the posters were a good idea; had a lot of people in the neighborhood looking at them.

    – Diana S., Seatac, WA.

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