Praise for Our Pet Detectives

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns

When I tell people about Annalisa and her team they are taken by surprise that such an amazing service is available for tracking pets. I discovered Annalisa through desperate Internet searches on the night my cat went missing. She called me early the next morning, listened to me through my hysterical tears, and came out the same day. She worked with her dogs tirelessly for hours to track down my cat’s scent trail, helped me set up massive signs, taught me how to monitor potential hiding places, and imparted her wisdom regarding so many other recovery techniques. We did not recover my cat that day, but Annalisa’s search did indicate a direction of travel that was opposite from where I would have wasted my time searching. Her detailed plan for recovering my cat also gave me a sense of calm to know that I could have the best chance of success if I followed her steps. Annalisa continued to check in with me and offer me guidance throughout my many days of searching. I would have been searching aimlessly without her support. You can tell she is truly invested in every single one of her client’s cases. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who is searching for a beloved pet.

Kimberly Brooks

Praise for MAR Technician Landa Coldiron

• April 2017


Once again thanks to you and your dogs, we were able to locate a missing cat and recover her safely and unharmed. We had noticed one of the cats had managed to find her way out of a sanctuary and disappear into the underbrush in a reasonably remote area. We had no idea as to where she went and I assumed the likelihood of finding her was near zero, but I wanted closure anyway. For the third time over the years, you and your dogs detected the location of the missing animal in about an hour. Fortunately, and very surprisingly, she was safe and unharmed. I would like to once again thank you and your wonderful dogs for bringing this stressful situation to a unexpected but very positive outcome.

Kevin Rice

Praise for MAR Technician Sarah Bolin

• July 2016

squirtI went out of town and my 6 year old yorky / schnauzer was staying at a friend’s house about 20 miles away. My dog is a rescue with several issues and literally got frightened by a broom. She ran off and we couldn’t find her for days. We did signs, talked to neighbors, posted flyers, lost dog websites, checked shelters, left trails of food but she was so far away it was looking and feeling hopeless.

After the 11th day, I texted Lost Pet Trackers. Sara called me within hours. She gave me great insight as to what other strategies I could try on my own or I can opt for a consultation.
My situation was bleek, but Sara gave me hope. I had the consultation the very next day and she gave me a trillion strategies to work smarter and not harder.
On the 15th day I had all my supplies ready and started my search. Sara coached me the whole time as I went out every day. My baby was spotted that same evening, but I couldn’t find her because my lost, frightened dog was roaming the city. She was just too far from home.

We finally tracked my dog to a location about 6 miles away, across the freeway, on a major street across from a busy shopping center, hiding in an apartment complex in the sewers. We saw her and she was so disoriented, she ran away again.

Sara gave me suggestions on how to lure her in. I went out the very next morning. I followed her advice. My dog saw me again and just walked right into my lap.
After 19 days trying to find her way home, my Squirt is safe at home with me.

Squirt, safe at home with mama.
Michelle L,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Praise for MAR Technician Judy Britton

• January 2016

roxieRoxie, my 9.5 year old Maine Coon kitty was missing. She got out between 10pm and midnight on a Thursday night. After searching all night, we called Judy. She got back to us within a few hours. The tips she gave us over the phone were helpful and we followed them to a T. We still scheduled her and her search dogs to come out on Monday, and I was so excited to text her at 2 AM last night to cancel because Roxie came home!!

If you’re missing your furbaby, call Judy right away. Leave her a message and she will get back to you. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful resource so close to me.
Thank you for bringing my baby back. Thank you so much!!!!

-Shereen G
Corona, CA

Praise for MAR Technicians Judy Britton & Sarah Bolin

• August 2016

lolaOur sweet lab mix, Lola, ran away from my parent’s home in Truckee, CA. We did everything we could think of to bring her back (searching throughout the town, flyers in the neighborhood and posting all over social media), but we were starting to lose hope. Despite stories of dogs returning months after they’d gone missing, we knew that time was not on our side. My mom had seen 2 coyotes chasing a deer right through their back yard just 2 weeks prior, and Lola is smallish, only 45 pounds, and not very “tough” so we were imagining the worst. We felt paralyzed.
It wasn’t until we called Judy and Sarah after 3 miserable days/nights, that we felt any measure of hope. Sarah and Judy calmly and warmly walked us through the next things we needed to do (neon posters, not just flyers!), and what to stop doing (frantically calling her name could actually be keeping her anxious and away!). They encouraged us to not give up hope or stop searching prematurely.

At 8pm that very night a neighbor who had seen our signs called with a sighting of Lola in our neighborhood. We immediately called Judy and Sarah, and they coached us on how to LURE instead of chase. We did exactly what they suggested, walking in the neighborhood with our other dog to set a scent trail back home, talking calmly and light-heartedly so she would feel safe instead of scared if she heard us, firing up the grill to make our house the yummiest one in the neighborhood, leaving articles of our worn clothing and pillowcases around the yard so she would be drawn to the familiar scents, and leaving the garage door a few feet open so she’d have a place to shelter if she showed up while we were asleep. We did EXACTLY what was recommended, felt hopeful for the first time since she’d gone missing, and THE NEXT MORNING we woke up to Lola whining at the door.
I can’t thank Judy and Sarah enough! I think we could have really screwed this up if we hadn’t had their calm and confident advice. I especially appreciated Judy’s background in EVIDENCE-BASED search techniques and protocol. My husband and I are both science geeks and it helped tremendously to know the reasoning behind the advice. Priceless!
Lola, back safe-and-sound thank to Judy and Sarah’s advice! THANK YOU!!!

– Kirsten G
San Francisco, CA

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns

Bugsy testimonial

I cannot thank Annalisa Berns and her amazing search dogs at Pet Search and Rescue Investigations enough. She was extremely responsive, caring, empathetic, and professional in all phases of her investigation. Her dogs immediately traced my cat’s scent through use of a fur sample, and provided invaluable GPS and location information regarding the location of my cat. I can enthusiastically report that with the aid of Annalisa’s experience and assistance, I was able to locate my cat in precisely the area where her search dogs identified. They were remarkably on point. Had I not hired Annalisa and obtained this critical information, I would have never searched in the target area, and I fear that I may have lost my cat. If you need experience, along with compassion and commitment in your search, hire her immediately. She provides an invaluable and truly honorable service to our communities, and I am eternally grateful.

– Justin Sarno

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron

I cannot bestow enough gratitude to Landa and Annalisa. Their support was invaluable and helped me get through one of the most heart wrenching emotional times of my life. Because of their support, knowledge and guidance I was able to keep going and find my kitty Holly! Holly is an indoor only cat who got out while we were all visiting my parents at their home! So losing a beloved pet while on vacation at my parents home was less than desirable. Working with Landa and Annalisa and utilizing their resources helped immeasurably, their emotional and mental support I valued more than anything…They truly care! The guide was incredible and the search dogs gave me the confirmation that Holly was alive and well. That gave me more energy to keep looking and not lose hope… Now we just needed to find her. It took 18 days before I saw my Holly again, she was found hiding in a neighbors garage on the same street, just around the bend on the cul-de-sac! The neighbor had remembered me and kept one of the flyers I made per Landa’s instructions and that’s how Holly and I were reunited! She’s thin and tired but happy to be home! Thank you thank you!!!

– Audrey

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns

Benson TestimonialsMy decision to hire Annalisa as a phone advocate for me was a great decision, in fact, I don’t think that I could have endured 32 days of searching for Benson without her! My 9th day in our search for our lost dog, I met up with Benson, I was no more than 10 feet from him. I said his name while he was running from us. I had HIS best dog friend with us on a leash, and my daughter. He turned in mid run and the look on his face – was so sad! HE WAS IN ABSOLUTE TERROR and did not recognize us! What was I going to do???? I started studying and found out about “fright or flight”. I still did not know what to do. I was getting exhausted and had no knowledge of what to do. I remember when checking Craigslist, I had seen an ad for a pet detective that had dogs that could find my dog, but only within a certain radius, and catching him was still going to be an issue. He was upfront with me and felt that he may not be able to get our dog. Benson may run and there were no guarantees. I already knew Benson would run. He ran from ME! He had been hungry for 9 days and he ran from ME! This gentlemen told me about Annalisa, so I called the next day. Later that day, Annalisa emailed a questionaire that I had to email back to her, so far, we had not talked. That day, I also got a call about Benson. He was running in a field. I quickly got over there with 4 other people and someone who had provided the use of his four wheeler. We were right there – but Benson was outrunning the four wheeler. At that point, I thought he was going to be this small town’s “ghost mascot”. As only a few had seen him. I quickly filled out Annalisa’s questionaire and she immediately starting telling me things that I needed to be doing. I know that there were several times that I would have physically given up (until I laid down and saw Benson’s terror look in my thoughts). I couldn’t give up. Many people in my family did about the 3rd week. But Annalisa would always give me her level-headed advice and give me the energy to move forward. Benson had moved from a location that was 8 miles from us for so long. But after the 3rd week, he moved further out. Reports from our posters and flyers had told me he was close to a lake by a very busy road. Field miles, it was only 1.375 miles, but for me, it literally added 10 miles to my trip! I got lucky. A guardian angel sighted our Benson, and followed our instructions to a tee! I could not have written those detailed flyers without Annalisa! Very few people understand “fright or flight”. I had never heard of it. And no one I came into contact did either. I met many wonderful people trying to find Benson that would have done whatever to get him back to us. I hate to even think what an extra week out in the wild would have done to Benson. He had lost 20% of his body weight, and he was a VERY small, muscular boxer to begin with. But, one week later, he is his old self and you can bearly tell that his ribs were sticking out a week earlier! Here is a picture of him a day after we found him and now, a picture today – total success!

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns

IMG_13422Thank you for all you’ve done in the search for Baby Girl. Your onsite search with the dogs, including the pre-search preparation, post-search evaluation, interpretation, and explanation of the information found, along with the follow up search for any physical evidence was remarkable, very professional and quite helpful in trying to understand what may have happened.

– David

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns

Jayden TestimonialLast September, 2015, our kitty, Jayden, went missing in Flagstaff, Arizona. I contacted Annalisa Berns, to help me in my search for Jayden. After our initial visit, we set a time to spend a couple of hours discussing ways to find Jayden. Annalisa was so kind and caring. She provided us with a thorough plan including where and how to look for Jayden in ways that we would never have thought about on our own. More importantly, she provided support, empathy, and encouragement that got us through the next weeks of hoping and searching. Each time we spoke she had knowledgeable ideas to help us follow through on leads that occurred. Annalisa is extremely informative about ways to find your pet as quickly as possible. She is easy to understand as she has the ability to relate the information she shares to “Your situation”. She “leaves no stone unturned”!

She kept telling me that Jayden will most likely be found close to home. And, she was, six weeks later! Annalisa was the first person I called to share our good news!

– Kimberly Hart

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns

IMG_1959My little dog, Hua Juan, went missing when I was out of the country and my dog was staying with a friend. My friend was not able to search much, as she is a full time mother. I reached out to Annalisa Berns from Pet Search and Rescue Investigations for help. She asked me questions about my dog and made sure I understood how she could help in my search. She came out with two Search Dogs.

While I was not in the country for the search, Annalisa kept me up-to-date about the progress and what to expect. She met with my friend and collected a scent article. She worked two Search Dogs and found a Direction of Travel outside where my friend had posted flyers. After working the dogs she scouted out areas for signs. She did Investigative work, going door-to-door also talking to people. She was persistent, not giving up. She even put signs on an ice cream truck that was driving around the area!

Her persistence paid off. Within 4 hours Annalisa had a lead! She sent me an email right away. One of the neighbors she had contacted saw my dog on a social media post! Annalisa didn’t stop there. Since I wasn’t there, Annalisa went and met with the people who had Hua Juan. They didn’t want to give my dog up, they had fallen in love with Hua Juan. Annalisa had to convince them it was my dog and to give Hua Juan back. And then, Annalisa helped to transport Hua Juan to another friend who was able to watch my dog safely until I got back into the country.

Annalisa also followed-up with me to make sure my dog was ok and provide the details of the case.

If it wasn’t for Annalisa’s search efforts I wouldn’t have my dog back. My dog had gone right to where the Search Dogs lead and was picked up and put into a car and driven to another side of the neighborhood. I recommend Pet Search and Rescue to anyone with a lost pet. Follow their recommendations – they know what they are doing.

– Agnes H.

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns

Zeke TestimonialAnnalisa Berns of Pet Search and Rescue with her Search Dogs found my missing cat Zeke. I was extremely worried about my little cat because I live in a rural mountain community full of coyotes and other predators. Zeke was missing one day and was no where in sight. If he got out, he could have been anywhere and in danger.

I called Pet Search and Rescue and Annalisa responded to the call faster than I thought would be possible for such a specialized service. First she did spotlighting as it was dark out. She covered my immediate area with a high powered spotlight as I waited anxiously for any news. Nothing. Next, she collected my cat Zeke’s scent article from where he hangs out on the sofa. Annalisa worked one Search Dog, and she called me to say – Zeke was found! She had me come meet her and coached me on how to safely get him from his hiding place. He was happy and healthy. I was so relieved to have him safe!

I am amazed by this real-life Pet Detective and her Search Dogs. She knows what she is doing, and her dogs are amazing. Annalisa loves animals and it shows. She is an expert and the results speak volumes. I highly recommend Pet Search and Rescue!

– Peter Pearson

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns

nahlacarried2I received excellent coaching and advice while looking for my dog after 4 months of what felt like endless and hopeless searching. I had tried posters, social media and even paid for tracking dogs from out of state. I had tried unsuccessfully to get my story on the news. Annalisa did not try to make me pay for unnecessary services. She recommended that I get on the news and had solid ideas on how. She coached me on how to prepare an effective press release, she provided me with media contacts to send it to and helped me design an event to bring attention to my story so the media would cover it. Thanks to her suggestion we held an event for my dog and the media came out and so did the community. About 2 days after the coverage aired, we received a call that someone had turned my dog in to animal control! I am so sure it had to do with the news story. If it had not been for Annalisa’s help my story would never have been on the news and my beloved dog would not be home 4 months after she went missing! I am so thankful for her help and would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.

– Vivian M.

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron

Alex TesimonialI cannot thank you enough for your expertise and dedication in helping me find my cat. Looking for a thin, timid Siamese cat in a large canyon is literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In all, he had been gone for 23 days and somehow managed to survive without being eaten by a coyote or attacked by a raccoon or skunk, or one of the four assertive homeless cats living in the canyon behind our home. He disappeared from our home while we were on a trip to Italy. Our very capable house-sitter was grief-stricken. He is a 10-year-old indoor cat who had access through our dog port to the pool deck but that has high walls around it and he never showed any interest in jumping high or exploring. We have no idea how he got out.

I was so happy when I found you on the Internet; you arranged to be here as I made all the preparations, notifying neighbors about the bloodhounds and locating rattlesnake anti-venom in case one of your dogs was bitten. You went way beyond what was promised in your contract in terms of time spent here and many emails of follow-up to continue to guide my strategy. You are clearly passionate about the work you do. The 187-page guide you supplied online was flawless in covering every detail, including how to make large banners. I did everything that was recommended. Landa, your email the night before I found Alex was responsible for finding him. You told me dawn and dusk were the most successful times and you instructed me to boil his favorite food which happened to be chicken and chicken broth. I carried it over to the site where he had last been seen a few days prior and sat down calmly, reading a magazine as the sun went down. Fifteen minutes later I heard some slurping and was astonished to see my cat, just two feet away from me, but not close enough to through a towel over him and scoop him up. He scampered away and ran up a wooded hill and I followed. He was about 20 feet away and kept looking at me. I kept up a non-stop conversation with him and he started to vocalize. At that point I knew he finally recognized me and I saw relief in his eyes. I took baby steps towards him and kept pushing the bowl of soup ahead of me. He walked toward the bowl and took some more licks and I was now close enough to capture him. He looked like a concentration camp survivor, very weak with bones sticking out. After all those days of constant activity trying to find him, my emotions were running high to have been able to save him from a certain death and finally be able to hug him and hold him in my arms. He had a bad puncture wound on his front leg likely from an animal. He spent the next day at the vet being hydrated and having various tests. Amazingly, he will make a full recovery. His kidneys were not damaged. He was traumatized and so weak he could hardly walk but he is alive and in my house, thanks to you! I am ecstatic, and would highly recommend your services to anyone. You are consummate professionals.

– Jain Malkin

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns

Olive TestimonialI contacted Annalisa when my dog Olive escaped from a dog walker in a vast wilderness area. My husband and I were desperate to find her. We reached Annalisa right away. She immediately armed us with information, studied the landscape and provided us with maps indicating where to target our search, explained the possible scenarios (she is an authority on lost dog behavior), and gave us strategies to employ to find our dog. Annalisa was so helpful — not just in recovering our beloved lost dog, but also in helping us feel like we were doing everything possible and were making progress with our search. Knowledge is power!

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Annalisa’s services. There is actually a “science” to recovering lost pets, and Annalisa is an expert in it. She was also highly responsive, friendly, and sympathetic to our concerns. She checked in with us constantly and gave us hope during a difficult time.

– Daniela Blei

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron

GoldieGoldie is a 6 year old Pekingese she was the heartbeat of my 91 & 92 year old parents. When they (both) were in the hospital a neighbor offered to look after her. He took her to an INDUSTRIAL area in Anaheim 60 miles away and lost her.I spent 6 nights walking through the area surrounded by freeways and gangs with a megaphone and an angel of a friend Karen. We called into a megaphone put up 300 posters with a 1000,00. reward. When mom came home from the hospital I had to tell her that little goldie had died peacefully in her sleep, I lied as the truth of Goldie being in a concrete jungle with no food or water was more than than my parents could have bourn. Our hearts were broken.On day 7 my sister-in-law Shirley sent me the link to Landa and her dog rescue bloodhounds.At this point I was still determined but tortured by what might have become of our little gold girl. Landa and Annalisa arrived with 3 search dogs. They were totally committed to finding her,working 24 hrs a day in the rain. After 300 posters and 9 days missing they found her alive under crates in factory.She is now home eating like a little piglet, my parents understood the lie and we have our joyfully baby back. Was it worth the money? Every Penny. Don’t give up…and you might have a miracle too. There are not enough words to thank them.

– Karin Wickham, Monarch Beach, California

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron

Gopher TestimonialWhen we lost our dog named Gopher, we were inconsolable. After a week of searching local shelters, handing out flyers, and social media searches we did not know what else we could do. Thankfully we found Annalisa and Landa with their team of bloodhounds and search dogs. They came and helped us with big signs, pointers on proper posters, and some direction. Their dogs gave us a direction as to Gopher’s last scent and it was completely in a different area than all our flyers. The following weeks were crucial as Annalisa and Landa would check in with us. When we were losing hope they would encourage us and keep us motivated. Local businesses and neighbors knew us since Landa and Annalisa were on foot going to each one to tell them about Gopher. Gopher was found after 23 days and we know we could not have done it without Annalisa and Landa. The lovely couple who found her told us they saw our giant posters which was posted in the direction that the bloodhounds searched. Thank you Annalisa and Landa, so much for giving us hope, support and advice to bring Gopher home. To all those with lost pets, don’t give up and believe.

– Carol & Pan & Gopher & Kimi & Senna

Praise for MAR Technician Kim Freeman

Ray TestimonialShortly after midnight, Feb. 10th my cat, Ray, ran away into the dark and cold night. In his 3 years he had never done anything like this before. I was at my wit’s end trying to find him and, like most, labored under several misconceptions and wasted a lot of time doing unproductive or even counterproductive things. Thankfully, through you I found Pet Detective Kim Freeman, specializing in cats (

Not only did she call me back promptly, but her web site has both a book and video chocked full of excellent expert advice (and in good detail with invaluable how to info). I learned what I was doing wrong, but, more importantly, what I needed to do right. She showed me how to think like a cat and made me aware of the hiding phase.

When you’re frantic and feeling helpless, this is EXACTLY what you need – here is what I CAN do, and the most effective way to do it! And how to prioritize what to do! I learned the best ways to make and distribute flyers and posters. I learned where he was most likely to be, allowing me to concentrate my efforts. I learned what equipment to get and where to put it. The value of this is can not be overstated.

But Kim goes way beyond just that. Her commitment to her clients is amazing. After getting her specific profile of Ray I peppered her with so many questions every step of the way, trying to make sure I left no stone unturned. She always patiently and promptly answered every one, no matter how many other clients she was helping. And that is so important when you are receiving help, especially at long distance (I am near Chicago, far from her Texas location).

Moreover, the support I received from her about how Ray could survive in terrible winter weather, how not giving up too soon is so important, how to understand my cat’s specific personality and what he might do, how to prepare for his “breaking cover” and possibly trying to return to the house, all of this spurred me on when otherwise all hope would have been gone. I feared whether I would ever see Ray again, but she kept me going and focused. Pretty incredible from over 1,000 miles away!!

Bottom line, she was right and it worked! I followed her expert and thorough advice and Ray is home!! No one will ever be more helpful and compassionate than Kim. The reason why I got my Ray back after 2 weeks in the dead of winter is KIM FREEMAN. Without her help I have no doubt I would never have seen him again. WORDS CAN NOT EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE TO KIM.

– Randy Knowles, North Shore Suburb of Chicago, Illinois

Praise for MAR Technician Annalisa Berns

testimonial-heoI’m so happy to have my cat back! My 7 year old cat, Heo, didn’t come home for two days. I knew something might had happened to him because he always comes home to eat and sleep every night. I posted big posters around my neighborhood, interviewed neighbors, checked on Craigslist and the shelters regularly, called his name, and searched for him at night. I did everything some lost pet websites suggested. After a week with no luck, I contacted Annalisa of Pet Search and Rescue because I was very very worried. Most of my neighbors had dogs. They were big and aggressive. I was afraid that the dogs could have attacked him and that he was wounded and was hiding and waiting somewhere for me to find him. I wanted to bring him home as soon as possible. Annalisa and Search K9 Rainbow showed up at my house the following day. She collected my cat’s scent and walked Rainbow to check my backyard. Then, they took off to search for him. After searching, Annalisa provided me with a map of the scent trail. She also sat with me and went through many details of animal behaviors to help me find Heo. In addition, she brought materials and showed me how to make good posters, and showed me where to hang them and hung them for me. She even provided me a Spanish interpreter in case I needed one because most of my neighbors speak Spanish. She also provided me with guidelines for searching for my cat and consultations over the phone. She is the most professional and kind person I know. I found my cat the following night. He was locked in a neighbor’s garage near the scent trail that she gave me. Thank you, Annalisa and Search K9 Rainbow. You give me hope and encouraged me not to give up. Thanks again for your help!

–Loan Nguyen

Praise for MAR Technician Annalisa Berns

Testimonial-MilaWe were desperate to find our kitten, Mila. We contacted Annalisa Berns of She was friendly, courteous, caring, informative, and made me feel comfortable right away. She asked many questions and informed me of the process and the possible outcomes . She had a sense of urgency, which we appreciated.

When they arrived at our house, she set us at ease right away. Annalisa as the handler, and Rainbow, the search dog were amazing. Rainbow picked up Mila’s scent and found her remains in the canyon. Annalisa was so compassionate with us when they found Mila’s remains. She just genuinely cares about animals and people. She did not stop the search there. She went one step further to try and find Mila’s collar for us. We did not even have to ask.

I am so grateful to Annalisa and Rainbow. I wish I would have called them the first day. She  also has an ebook on what steps to take to recover your missing pet.

— Nanette Ocaña

Praise for MAR Technician Vince Jura

Testimonial-LinuThe first night our beloved nine year old indoor-outdoor cat, Linu, a grey and white Maine Coon mix, did not come home, we were alarmed. He had never not come home for a meal. By the third day, we were devastated, calling out his name, frantically pacing the neighborhood, combing the streets and alleys, hoping to find him. We printed hundreds of flyers with his photo on them and made contact with all of our neighbors. As time passed, we grew more fearful Linu had been hit by a car or was injured and in hiding somewhere. We needed to find him before it was too late. This is when we turned to Missing Pet Partnership and your Pet Detective Directory and found Vince Jura of Fetchem pet recovery service. Vince provided the compassion, investigative skills through his background as a private investigator, his keen intuition, knowledge of cat behavior, and his use of sophisticated technology and cameras. In three days, using his technical skills with these cameras, he located our pet. We not only found our precious family member, but we gained a trusted friend.

— Deborah Oller, Fresno, CA

Praise for MAR Technician Lisa Bukowczyk (Willems)

Testimonial-HarrisIn late June of 2014, I had an appointment to take my one year-old cat, Harris, to the vet for his annual check-up. It should have been a routine trip, but turned out to be anything but that. As I was lugging the cat carrier between my car and the entrance to the clinic, I suddenly felt Harris’ weight shift toward the door of the crate. In an instant, there was a loud pop, the door to the carrier flew open, and Harris was deposited in the middle of the parking lot. Fortunately, he did not bolt toward the very busy street, but went in the opposite direction, which led toward a large residential neighborhood. We tried to catch him, but of course that was impossible. After several hours of searching and calling his name, I reluctantly gave up. That afternoon, I contacted a friend who is very active in the local TNR (Trap Neuter Release) program. She offered her help, and also the use of two of her traps. That same evening, we began putting out the traps in the area behind the clinic, where Harris had last been seen. After two or three nights with no results, I began to become discouraged.

In the meantime, my sister, who lives in California, searched the Internet looking for lost pet locating services. On the list that she sent me, one name and website impressed me the most. It was The Feline Finders, located in Arkansas. Right away, I sent an email to the owner, Lisa Willems, describing my situation. Within just a couple of hours, I received a reply. What she had to say were some much needed encouraging words. Harris’ situation was what’s referred to as “displacement”, which occurs when a cat suddenly finds itself in totally unfamiliar surroundings. Furthermore, she reassured me that this is the best situation in terms of finding the lost cat as they almost always follow the same pattern of behavior, which is to hide for up to a week before venturing out. Once they do leave the hiding place, they typically find somewhere to live that is within a few hundred yards of where they were dropped. This explained why my friend and I had come up empty up to that point, as Harris would have still been in the hiding phase.

For a very reasonable one-time fee, Lisa offered to provide ongoing consulting and much-needed moral support. Impressed by her knowledge, sympathy, and genuine concern for my plight, I signed on immediately. With Lisa’s help, we went about our search in a more methodical fashion rather than the “hit or miss” that we had been practicing up to that point. We made better signs and placed them in strategic locations. I checked the traps frequently. Most importantly of all, with Lisa’s ongoing advice and support through daily telephone conversations, I persevered and never gave up hope.

Finally, on the fifteenth day, after quite a few “red herrings” and false leads, and with the assistance from a resident who had seen our signs, we positively located Harris living near an abandoned house just a few hundred yards from where he had gotten loose. That night, we set out a trap and I had him home the next morning. I think that Harris and I were about equally happy. We both had lost some weight.

Thank you Lisa, I don’t think we could’ve done it without your advice and support.

— Dan Stewart, Charleston, SC

Praise for MAR Technician Lisa Bukowczyk (Willems)

Testimonial-StarkWell, we finally got Stark back after his 2 month vacation and we owe a ton of thank you’s to Lisa Bukowczyk of The Feline Finders. Stark is my 2 year old black cat and he and his sister broke out of our kitchen window in early August. We caught the sister right away but we found no sign of Stark the night of the escape. We happen to be great friends with a former client of Lisa’s who came to our aid and got us started with advice from Lisa. We had some live traps set up with moist cat food and I searched all of the outbuildings thoroughly (we live on a farm), but still no Stark. So I contacted Lisa a few days later and I think it was one of the best decisions that I made. It still took forever to catch him but she never let me give up and had all sorts of things for me to try. Stark eventually showed up on camera about a month after he disappeared. I had borrowed a stealth camera from a friend. So I moved a trap over to his spot and Lisa told me to tie it open and move the food a little further back every night. Unfortunately he kept getting scared away from various things but he did eventually come back after he decided it was ok again. For example, every time we caught another animal he wouldn’t come for 2 days but if my aunt scared him with the truck he’d be gone a week. Finally I was leaving for work one morning and I saw him with my own eyes. He was on the house side of one of the horse pastures ( was by the road). So I got out and we stared at each other for a bit and then he wandered back into the field. I went to work thinking that chasing him through a field of corn is not only pointless but also dangerous and when I came back I checked the camera again. Not only did he go all the way into the cage to eat right after I left, but he also came 2 more times! I was ecstatic and re-baited the trap and cut the ties. I did see him walking around the yard right before sunset but I didn’t want to mess up my chances. So my husband and I stayed quiet and waited for a trap to go off. Eventually 11 o’clock rolls around and we give up and go to bed. In the morning I went out to check the trap and there he was! He was scared but happy to see me. Now he is home safe and happy as can be. Thanks again to Lisa!

–Olivia Koerner

Praise for MAR Technician Kim Freeman

Testimonial-StoneTonight my cat, an old Siamese I’ve had for 10+ years, sits at the foot of my bed as I type. This is a real miracle because 2 weeks ago, he was lost and I had all but lost hope I would ever see him again. My girlfriend suggested we contact Kim Freeman, the lost cat specialist. I was skeptical and thought it might be crazy, but gave it a shot.

First, I skimmed her Lost Cat tips book. She had lost and found her own cat, and dedicated the book to him.

When Kim arrived and began searching, she was extremely perceptive on clues to where cats may be. She found clues like cat hair on fences, and even walked right up and knocked on my not-so-friendly neighbors door. At one point, the blue jays started calling in another neighbor yard. She said that they made a certain sound when a cat was around, as an alert. So we went and looked. Sure enough, there was a cat there. Not mine, but a cat.

Anyways, Kim was her normal self, searching and looking in every nook, cranny, crevice. I was walking home, Kim called me: “Come quick. I think I found your cat.” I rushed back to see where she was pointing. “Is this him?” Sure enough. It was. He was eight 8 houses away where she found him.

I can’t say enough about Kim. She is down to Earth, honest, caring, and sharp. Thanks to this cat expert, my cat is back with me, sleeping at the foot of my bed.

Please contact for a picture. Glad you taught her!!!

— Colby Stoker, Austin, TX

Praise for MAR Technician Elizabeth White

Our cat, Ricky went missing on Thursday night/Friday morning. We searched everywhere. We researched on the Missing Pet Partnership as to techniques and we ultimately called Elizabeth White and Maggie to help us narrow down our search, as we felt overwhelmed. Elizabeth was fantastic in coming immediately so we were able to do the search on 2nd day of missing and keeping us appraised on her trip , as it was a bit of a distance. In the beginning, Maggie “appeared” to have some difficulty getting a good scent….she did find several spots where Ricky most likely had been….and that alone allowed us to focus. However, one of the spots that Maggie kept drawing us to was near a sewer grate. We went out again around midnight to search again and decided to pay particular attention to the sections Maggie had been interested in. Inside the sewer grate, we found Ricky! No wonder there was no scent above ground……he was underground…and she found the entry point! Ricky is now safely home. We had planned to do some of the other activities recommended by Elizabeth, but thankfully didn’t need to…..I recommend Elizabeth and Maggie and this whole process to all. What a relief!

— Barb Wesolowski
Centreville, VA

Praise for MAR Technician Kim Freeman

Kim Freeman is a Missing Pet Partnership Missing Animal Response Technician. It was her training and experience that helped to reunite this family. Pita Reunited!This picture was taken a few hours after we found our cat Pita.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Kim Freeman for helping us find her. When your indoor cat runs out the front door during a cold front, panic and helplessness set in quickly. After Pita had been gone for about 12 hours, we began an Internet search of the best ways to find a lost cat. We were initially skeptical of all the pet finder services.

When we saw her online book “How to Find a Lost Cat” we got the download and saw Kim is truly a cat detective specialist. She has expertise and training that’s far from common knowledge. She helped guide us in the right things to do, and lead us away from the typical mistakes that people make when searching for their lost cat. The woman knows how to think like a cat and take charge when you might be operating on a purely emotional level (whichwe were).

In sub-freezing weather, Kim came out to search. While checking a neighbors shed, she paused to point out some nearby bird chatter. We followed that lead and there was our calico cat stuck in the fork of a tree! Would the average person know how to listen and interpret bird language to find their missing cat? We would never have thought of that. She then helped us extract our 13 lb Pita out of the tree in a way that prevented her from escaping and disappearing again. Thanks to Kim, we had Our Pita back in less than 48 hours.

We are so very grateful for Kim’s help and give her the highest recommendation. Hiring her and getting Pita home safe was money well spent.

–Steve & Melissa McGrath,
Austin, TX

Praise for MAR Technician Deborah Cooke

Testimonial: It’s impossible for us to explain how much we have been helped by and especially Deborah Cooke. We lost our beloved tabby, Cache, while camping on September 4th, 2011. I never knew about MPP until I searched for ANY possible info on the internet that will help us find him. I found the website and ultimately Deb Cooke, who gave us invaluable advice via phone. After 15 days lost in a 6800-acre state park, we finally captured Cache in a live trap just a half-mile from where he went missing. kept us going with the testimonials we read and the information we were given. We can never thank Deb enough for the help she gave us. Her most important advice was to never give up, and we didn’t. Even though we had to drive 2 hours round trip every day to check the live traps, it paid off. Cache is back home where he belongs.

–Jennifer Geisinger
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron

LuluI’m so happy I asked for Annalisa’s help when I lost my cat! My 5 years old cat, Lulu, ran away from home on a rainy night. I looked for her for hours. I called her name and checked every hiding spot I could think of, but no luck. She’s an indoor-only cat, who definitely can not survive by herself on the street. To make things worse, there are parks and canyons nearby, where Lulu could easily get hurt by other animals. I was terribly worried about her.

I contacted Annalisa right away and she rearranged her schedule so that she could come the following day to help me. After she and the dogs took off to search for Lulu, I waited nervously at home, hoping for them to find Lulu. And they did!! Within an hour, Search K9 Rainbow found Lulu underneath a storage container, where I would never have looked. Lulu would have been lost her forever without their help. Lulu came home safely, and now is back to her care-free life. Thanks so much, Annalisa and Pet Search and Rescue! For your dedication and determination to help us to locate our missing family!

Thanks again for the help,
Fay Qingfei Jiang
San Diego, CA


Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron

In June of 2010, I was horrified to come home to find my little Maltese Samson had run away. He had no microchip. I frantically posted flyers in the neighborhood, searched non-stop day and night, missed a week of work and even joined other pet search companies. Nothing worked. I was beginning to lose hope and give up. I decided to give it one last try and came across Lost Pet Detection on the internet. All I can say now is I couldn’t have done it without Annalisa and Landa. They turned my sadness into hope, my fatigue into energy, my brain working in perfect harmony with my heart, and the guidance, tools and support I needed to find my dog. Even in the midst of complete exhaustion from creating posters, driving around, and heartbreak, their words of this advice kept me going, “I know it’s hard, and you want to cry and be depressed and stay in bed, but you need to take care of this because timing is so crucial now. After you find Samson, THEN you can stay in bed for 5 days. But, NOT until you find him.” A week later, I found Samson 24 miles away! It was the miracle I had been dreaming about since he left. Thankfully, I had two angels here on earth to help me make it come true.

— Melissa, Los Angeles, CA

P.S. – Yes, Samson is micro chipped now


Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron:

Without the help and experience of Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron, I would not have my dog back safe in our home. The day my poodle mix, Ozzie, went missing was terrifying. I had no idea what to do first. Do I put up flyers? Run around the neighborhood knocking on doors? Drive around the streets calling his name? Where do I start? I found Landa and Annalisa (through Missing Pet Partnership’s web site) after doing a few google searches. They contacted me immediately and got to work. Based on a thorough review of the situation, the personality of my dog and their experience, they drafted a strategic plan on how I should begin to search for my dog. They outlined very specific steps for me to take, answered all of my questions and supported me the entire way. Because of their help and experience, I have my dog back. I would not have known where to start or what to do first. I am forever grateful that this service exists and that people who care enough to do this are available to help. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Dawn, Mark and Ozzie (our little adventurer).

— Dawn England, Los Angeles, CA


Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron:

Robert and I cannot say enough good things about pet detectives Landa Coldiron and Annalisa Berns. From the moment we first made contact, these two skilled professionals put us at ease during a time of high stress and concern. Within a matter of hours, they helped us develop a very specific plan-of-action, based on our unique situation, which helped us refocus our efforts to find our lost cat Mochi. Their guidance and care also reminded us not to lose hope. Sure enough using their suggested techniques, we located Mochi within 24 hours. What’s more, as they had predicted she was within a 250-foot radius of our home. If your beloved pet goes missing do not give up and do not lose hope! More importantly, do not delay in contacting Landa and Annalisa.

— Marta Bright and Robert Becker, San Francisco, CA


Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron:

No words could explain how I feel. All the hard work you two put in paid off today! A caller in El Cajon saw one of the huge banners and called me and stated they had my dog Chance. After a few quick questions to confirm that it was indeed Chance we meet for a happy reunion. It was a construction worker who spotted Chance crossing the street and took him home. Chance was missing his collar and was very dirty. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to pet detectives Landa Coldiron and Annalisa Berns. Your work is so thorough and precise, I never in my wildest imagination would have thought of the things you two suggested. I have never meet a group of professionals that are as deticated as you two. Thank you two so much! Thanks for contacting all the people that were involved in the search. I highly recommend these two lost animal recovery detectives to anyone who has lost a pet. Landa Coldiron and Annalisa Burns are by far the Best!

— Rick Garza, Lemon Grove, CA


Praise for MAR Technician Bonnie Hale:

My indoor cat, Quadzilla, escaped from our house 5 nights ago. I put up signs, passed out flyers to neighbors, took notices to nearby vet clinics, and had everyone on my street looking for him. I was so worried because he is an indoor cat and has had no experience outside. Two days after he escaped, we had terrible storms that produced so much rain I was sure any scent that Quadzilla left would have been washed away, and it would be difficult to find his way home. I posted my loss on Facebook, so people in the area could keep an eye out, and a friend from California told me about the Missing Pet Partnership. I looked up the website and was immediately intrigued. I called Bonnie and she gave me really great advice for finding Quadzilla — she even pulled up Google Maps and gave me suggestions on which intersections to put posters. I decided after an hour consultation, that we should bring Murphy in for the job! About an hour after we started our search, Murphy found Quadzilla down the street hiding in the bushes in front of a house. It was absolutely amazing watching Murphy at work and Bonnie was so professional during the search. She always told me what she thought Murphy was doing (finding a possible trail, or not). When Quadzilla jumped (and I mean jumped) out of the bushes and I saw it was him, I started crying and I think Bonnie had a tear or two also! I would definitely recommend this service to anyone else! It was well worth the money!

— Heather Lujan, McKinney, Texas


Praise for MAR Technician Matt Elvin:

Pet Detective Matt Elvin has been wonderful through our stressful ordeal! He gave me some great information, tips and most importantly HOPE to find out missing orange tabby, Gerard. After 24 long days, we were able to capture him under a neighbor’s deck last night. Gerard has lost 1/2 his body weight and is a mere 7 pounds, but is doing remarkably well. Other than a few of his paw pads bleeding, cracked, and frost bitten, he looks as handsome as ever! My baby is back in home! Never loose hope!

— Michelle & Gerard, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Praise for MAR Technician Annalisa Berns:

Your website gave us invaluable resources during a time when we couldn’t have felt more helpless! Because of your site we found Annalisa Berns, our local pet detective who was a wealth of information and support…and YES, four days later, we found our SAM. Our neighbors & local animal shelter had us convinced he was taken by coyotes. Between your site, Annalisa’s expertise, guidence and support, our boy is home! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

— Lisa and Dennis Pettigrew, Laguna Beach, CA


Praise for MAR Technician Bonnie Hale:

We took our one year old “BABY” (104 lb Bloodhound – Brutal) to the Vet on Thursday 2/26 for an appointment, and had a check-up call that everything was fine and the time we could pick him up. We arrived only to be told that he got away from a Vet Tech while going “outside” and ran into a very large wooded area! We were HORRIFIED, as were the Vet Staff. They left one person in the office to wait for us and the rest were out searching. We looked and looked, to no avail. Friday morning we made fliers and started passing them out and posting them EVERYWHERE we could think of. That evening, my wife called Bonnie Hale of and she was FANTASTIC. Without her advice and absolute knowledge of tactics, logistics, and first hand knowledge of what we needed to do, we would have NEVER gotten him back. But with Bonnie’s help, we recovered our dog alive, well, and healthy within 18 hours of first talking to her, just 48 hours after he escaped. I will recommend Missing Pet Partnership to ANYONE, and will find ways to support their efforts to helping people just like us in the future. THANK YOU BONNIE!!

— William and Robin, Denton, Texas

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron:

First of all I want to commend It was SUCH a brilliant resource, not only did it give me really helpful advice, it also gave me hope, by describing the behavior of lost cats and telling me that they do not travel far and are probably still close by. It fired up my determination to find my Cat Stevens, and to be practical and methodical, rather than just freak out in panic. Unfortunately, I happened to be in the UK visiting my family for Christmas when I found out Cat Stevens was missing. He is an indoor/outdoor cat who loves exploring and being out in the fresh air, but normally I could get him back by calling for him. But he had already been gone 2 days when the cat sitters told me he was missing!! My heart filled with dread. My friends flyered up and down the street, they put posters up in the neighborhood, the cat sitters went out looking and talking to the neighbors on the street. By the 5th day, I knew I had to come back myself. Things just went from bad to worse when my flight was oversold and I had to wait another 24 hours to get on a flight out of London. In the meantime, I read Missing Pet Partnership’s website from start to finish. I never even had a clue that such a thing as “pet detectives” even existed. But I hired Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron and when I landed at LAX, they were out with their search dogs and had been searching for 3 hours already. After I had got through immigration and picked up my suit cases more than an hour later and had just got in the car to rush home, I got a phone call from Annalisa who said they had found Cat Stevens, trapped in a garage at the back of someone’s yard, about 5 houses up the street. I screamed with joy, I could not believe the news!!! When I finally got to my street more than an hour later due to the awful LA traffic, Annalisa was shivering inside the dark, dingy shed, making sure Stevens was in there somewhere. That act alone reinforced what lovely people you are. When I crawled into the shed myself and called out “baby boy where are you? Its’ me, I’m here!” it only took a couple of seconds for him to start meowing his little head off. When I moved loads of boxes and piles of stuff out the way he crawled out from a tiny little space where he had been hiding! I can’t tell you the sense of relief that came flooding through me – and the most enormous gratitude for Annalisa and Landa, and their wonderful dogs who had been involved. I will sing their praises far and wide. THANK YOU!

With love and eternal gratitude,
Claudia and Cat Stevens

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron:

On Saturday, December 15, 2007, our beloved cat Magic walked out our front door. Magic is 14 years old and has never been outside. Magic is a very timid cat who spends most of her days hiding in a closet, sleeping in a chair in the sun, or hanging out under my bed. In fact, I am the only one who can touch her. Since Magic spends most of her time under cover it took me until Sunday night to realize that she was missing. To say that I was devastated is an understatement. I spent hours Sunday night searching my yard and my neighbor’s yard for her. On Monday morning my husband passed out flyers to all of our neighbors. I spent Monday afternoon searching my neighborhood to no avail. I was really feeling that I would never see my cat again. At 8:00 on Monday night I received a call from a pet sitter who had taken care of my dog. She gave me the number of Canine Search and Rescue. She said that this would be my best chance of finding my cat. I called Landa and as soon as we began talking and I heard her calm, clear advice I knew that I had to hire her and Annalisa. Landa gave me some instructions to follow prior to her visit on Wednesday. I finally felt that I had a plan to find my cat. When Landa and Annalisa showed up at my house on Wednesday morning I knew that I had a made the right choice. They were professional and ready to get down to work. After their hard day of work at my house they sat with me and went through many details to help me find my cat. They provided me with the scent trail, told me where to look after sunset, and told me how to determine if a sighting of Magic was a true sighting. In addition, they set my cat trap for me and they made posters for my missing cat and plastered them all over my neighborhood. To say that their scent trail was 100% on target is an understatement. At 6:00 PM I went into the backyard where they had detected Magic’s scent. I walked into the back corner of the yard, shone my flashlight, and there she was. Capturing Magic proved to be a tricky process. After many phone calls to Landa and Annalisa, sitting in the wet leafy mud for four hours, and by following their good advice I was able to bring my cat home. I would never have found my cat if it hadn’t been for Canine Search and Rescue. Landa and Annalisa are two of the most professional, smart and compassionate business people I know. They are the best and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a lost pet.

Shelley, West Hollywood, CA

Praise for MAR Technicians Annalisa Berns and Landa Coldiron:

Dear Annalisa and Landa, I apologize for taking so long to write and thank you for the incredible job you did in helping us to find our Stuart. Having to return to work immediately after finding our dog was a little over whelming! Though we had a vague and general approach to the search for Stuart it was your in-depth knowledge and focused strategy that kept us motivated and directed to the probable areas he might be located. Professionalism and an extensive background in this field was crucial to the recovery of our little dog , especially considering the numerous dangers existing in the area in which he had gone missing. I honestly believe we would have not found him without your guidance. We thank you so very much!

Andrea & Louie Briones, Riverside, CA (Stuart especially thanks you!)

Praise for MAR Technician Bonnie Hale and her dog Murphy:

After losing my dog in the vast Shawnee National Forest and searching for many hours, I began thinking of other alternatives. I decided to use a search dog out of St. Louis, MO. After Bonnie and her dog Murphy drove two hours to get to Carbondale, we began our hunt to find Rasta, my beagle. After three hours of difficult hiking, Murphy could not find his scent. Therefore, Bonnie made the observation and advised me to look around the forest, rather than in it. This, indeed, was the key. Because Murphy did not catch any significant scent, Bonnie knew what that meant. So, my boyfriend and I went door to door in the vicinity and were given great hints by those who believed they saw Rasta. Nearly twenty-seven hours after being lost, we found Rasta two miles from the Shawnee National Park, just as Bonnie thought. Rasta was found at 8:30 at night at a church. If you lose a pet, don’t ever give up! Thanks Bonnie for all your help and confidence you gave me!

Courtney Goodman, Carbondale, IL

Praise for MAR Technician Lori Wieber from Lost Pet Search Solutions, LLC:

Dear Lori,
I spoke with you last weekend about our terrier who escaped during a home invasion robbery. I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and let you know that our baby is back at home as of last night!!! It turns out she was sold to someone the day of the robbery. Anyway, the person who bought her lives quite far south in Chicago and hadn’t been back to work since she bought our dog, but her co-worker saw one of our posters. Our baby had a rough week we imagine, but she is healthy and very happy to be home. I can’t tell you how happy we are….it seems like a miracle to us to have her back with us a full week later! THANK YOU! I will certainly mention your name and services to friends who may find themselves with lost pets in the future. In the meantime, we are getting a burglar alarm installed and having our dogs microchipped today 🙂

Amy, Chicago, IL

Praise for MAR Technician Cathy Orde and her dog Zoë

A friend and fellow dog trainer contacted a small group of friends that her service dog, Hunter, escaped from her mother’s yard in Iowa the day she was going into the hospital for eye surgery. Although the group of friends was not large in numbers, you would not know that by what transpired over the next few days. Before long there were people helping from all over the world.

I was on the 5-man task force that helped coordinate the search which was named “Hunter Come Home.” When Hunter wasn’t found after a day of searching it was decided to get a pet detective on the job. Cathy was contacted and agreed to go to Iowa and head up the search. She drove straight through to Iowa City and met with the ‘feet on the street’, a group of friends who were working the streets putting up flyers and going house to house in the neighborhood where a Hunter sighting had been reported since his escape.

There were many people involved in the search behind the scenes keeping us, who were scattered in so many states, up to date with details of the search, making up flyers and sending literally hundreds of faxes and emails to local businesses and vets in the area.

Cathy’s professionalism and courtesy were evident from the initial contact through her follow-up after Hunter was safe and she had returned home to Wyoming.

I was very impressed with the service that Cathy and her search dog, Zoë, provided. If it were not for her expertise I don’t know if or when we would have found Hunter.

Thank you, Cathy, for a job well done. I will always remember the picture which will be forever etched in my mind of Zoë nudging Hunter down the hill to go to his mom right after Cathy and Zoë found Hunter. After Cathy told Hunter’s mom to call him, it was evident from his prancing back and forth that he not only heard his mom call him but he was apprehensive about going down the hill to get to her as the terrain was quite steep. I wish I could have been there as Zoë not only nudged Hunter down but followed him all the way to Hunter’s mom and the two jumped into the van together. What a story. There was not a dry eye in the houses of those reading their email that Hunter was found and in good health with only minor injury to his pads. A truly happy ending! Zoë, you’re the greatest!

I would highly recommend Cathy as a pet detective.
Cher McCoy, Task Force, Hunter Come Home
Lexington, VA

Praise for MAR Technician Bonnie Hale and her dog Murphy:

Bonnie was wonderful. She responded within several hours to my original email and had ideas from the beginning. Her sense of where my cat was is amazing. With her help, we concentrated on the local area she felt the kitty was in, and sure enough, she was home about 12 hours later! Bonnie went out of her way to help with our search, offering to knock on doors, create fliers and be supportive. She studied satellite maps before arriving to help with the search and spent several hours with us. I would not hesitate to use her services or recommend her to anyone. She has a great heart, a great sense and simply wants to see people reunited with their fur babies.

Amanda B., Edwardsville, IL

Praise for MAR Technician Cathy Orde and her dog Zoë:

The thing people say most often after telling them about our cat running away and that she was caught by Cold Nose Investigators is “There really are pet detectives?” We can’t say enough about Cold Nose Investigators and what great people they are and what professionals they are in their work.

What impressed us the most throughout the whole thing was Cathy and Curt’s determination. They were out looking for our cat Maya every night, in extreme conditions, using very high tech equipment and we’d never even met them or sent them one dollar. And I could tell from Cathy’s voice on the phone that once they had seen Maya, they knew they could catch her.

Two nights later they did catch Maya. They had determined where she was feeding, the path she was taking, and they adjusted their strategies every night to get her into that trap. After Maya being “lost” for six days, we got a call in the morning that Curt and Cathy had Maya and were headed back to their house to warm her up, and see how she looked.

My family can’t thank Cathy, Curt, and Zoë enough!

The Boswells

Praise for MAR Technician Bonnie Hale and her dog Murphy:

Friday night our worst nightmare happened. Tucker our cat was on the deck and got spooked and took off running. I had to jump a rail to follow him and by the time I got to the front of the house he was out of sight. We frantically looked for him until dark, searching the neighborhood and calling his name. We put food and his toys on the front porch hoping he would smell them and come back; we left the garage open all night hoping he might wonder back; we stayed up all night taking turns watching out the window. This was extremely difficult for us because last September we lost our home in a fire. The fire also took the life of our 3 kitties, who were beloved family members. The thought of losing another cat this soon was unbearable. Even though we have only had Tucker for a short time, he has helped us heal from our tragic loss.

As soon as there was some light we started searching on Saturday morning. My husband came in and searched the internet for information on finding lost cats. I came in and started reading and found a link to the “Missing Pet Partnership” through an article on Best Friend’s website. It had a tab called “Find a pet detective.” I clicked on the national directory; there were not even 30 pet detectives registered in the US, so I was ecstatic to find Bonnie Hale in St. Louis. I immediately called Bonnie and left her a message that Tucker had got out and we couldn’t find him. She called back and said she and Murphy would drop what they were doing and come help us look for him.

When Bonnie arrived she asked about Tucker’s behavior and told us how they work and did a great job of not raising our expectations too high. This is not a sure thing, so we even discussed what to do if Murphy can’t find him. She also went over what Murphy will do if he smells him and his signals if he finds him. Bonnie said if he finds him, Murphy is immediately rewarded and we need to secure Tucker. Then the search began. Bonnie gave Murphy one of Tucker’s toys to smell and told him “Find the Kitty.” Murphy was incredible. It was very obvious where he smelled a cat and where there was nothing. We searched for a while and came across an old out building, with a hole at the base that a kitty would easily get through. The building was packed full of stuff, but we took Murphy in and he got to work. The kind gentleman who owned the building said we could take out or move anything we needed for our search. Murphy was climbing and digging and quite excited. We started moving stuff out and Murphy did not let up. Finally I was able to get down on the floor and look under some of the furniture where Murphy was most interested and back in the corner were 2 very scared kitty cat eyes staring back at me. I was overwhelmed and screamed for the flashlight, I shined the light in on Tucker. Bonnie and Murphy went out and guarded the hole and Tom and I started moving furniture to get to Tucker. He was so scared that I ran back to the house to get the kitty carrier, because it was obvious he could not be carried home. We eventually got to Tucker and got him into the carrier. It was the happiest day of my life.

When they were getting ready to leave I asked Bonnie where she got Murphy and she told me Animal Control. How incredible is that? If Bonnie hadn’t saved Murphy, Murphy couldn’t have saved Tucker and all the animals he has and will help. My hope in letting you know about this will spread the word about Bonnie and Murphy and the wonderful work they do.

Martha Freeman

Praise for Seattle Pet Detectives

From 2008 until 2012, Missing Pet Partnership ran a volunteer group of MAR Technicians in the Seattle, WA, area called Seattle Pet Detectives.

WilsonWilson has been found! Wilson is an indoor cat who has only occassionally gotten out and was always apprehended within the hour. When he got out this Tue night, he ran away from me and was nowhere to be found. I looked for him until 1 am with no luck. A big thanks to MPP, especially Jim who was kind enough to come out after 10 pm the 2nd night Wilson was missing. He set up the humane trap and wildlife camera for me and gave me info to help find my other baby!
I put an ad on Craigslist, talked with the local vet offices and put up fliers and neon signs in my neighborhood. Though many people told me it was likely a coyote or raccoon had killed my cat, Jim was very supportive. On Friday morning, I was going to put up a sign near the main street in our neighborhood. I called Wilson’s name without sounding desperate or scared(though I was) and out he came, not even four doors down. I think he was in a neighbors garage, as they were out on Friday doing yard work(retired couple). I cried my eyes out and the relief is indescribable. Thank you MPP.

Autumn Norris – Burien, WA

CookieI am sooooo glad and blessed that I came across Missing Pet Partnership’s website. Without their help to find my cat Cookie, I don’t think I could have done it on my own or be as calm as I was. They were very helpful and it was comforting to have them find Cookie for me! Cookie is special to me and so is my other cat Callie, who had a sense that something was wrong with her sister after she went missing. I am thankful to the neighbors whose garage was where Cookie was found as they were very helpful! So thank you again MISSING PET PARTNERSHIP! I am forever greatful!

— Amberly Austin, Renton (Highlands), WA
(Cookie was an indoor-only cat who escaped outside. An MPP volunteer responded to help Amberly, who is physically disabled, to put up neon posters, provided hope and encouragement and then finally with a humane trap. The volunteer placed the trap at the location of a possible sighting, which was inside a neighbor’s garage. Within an hour of placing the humane trap there, Cookie was captured and returned to Amberly).


Denise and I feel so relieved to get Rocky back, and so appreciative of Jim and Kelsy’s work. We found the extensive information on the Missing Pet Partnership web site incredibly useful and I think it ultimately helped us get Rocky back. Having a dog tag with our phone number on Rocky was the key, but this morning I went out a took down all our neon and otherwise signs we posted (with Missing Pet Partnership’s recommendations on how to make them), and in tracing the path Rocky likely took, he would have passed 8 signs to finally get to the home he chose to hole up at.

We knew it was a long shot to bring in Kelsy, and the website was clear that our situation was not ideal, but we did it anyway because if Rocky was holed up in the woods as we suspected (given his incredible shyness) for one more night, we felt he would not have survived another night, given the coyotes and owls and raccoons that are abundant there. He is fast, but probably not THAT fast! Turns out though, he is even smarter than he is fast. Given the signs Kelsy seemed to indicate as to places Rocky likely hung out in to hide, I suspect Rocky may have spent the one night there, then high-tailed it to the house about 1 mile away, a house very high up, on a balcony, on a padded chair, out of the rain, with no people (and no coyotes!) immediately at home, and a bowl of water left there for the labs that lived there (but not home at the time). We feel hugely indebted for the help of Kelsy, Jim and this organization!

— Greg & Denise, Seattle, WA


I want to thank Missing Pet Partnership for sharing your knowledge about the ins and outs of finding lost pets. My cat Pumpkin went missing in a strange neighborhood while she and I were visiting a friend for a few days. She had been at this home before with me and I kept her inside the whole time. The second time we visited she waited at the door as though she wanted to go out. Little did I know that she would take off like she did, her fight or flight responce kicked in and she was off, and was not recovered til seven weeks later. This took place during a winter of snow. I lived almost 2 hours away and my friend and Missing Pet Partnership volunteers lent their support and services and they just did not give up! I had almost given up for lost, but they did not. I want to thank you for your time invested and to my dear friend for staying on top of what I considered a hopeless situation. My sweet Pumpkin is home again and she is very happy.

— Susan D, Shelton, WA

(Note: Missing Pet Partnership provided giant, neon “REWARD LOST LONGHAIRED ORANGE CAT” posters and encouraged Susan’s friend to keep those posted in the neighborhood. He kept those posters out there. Seven weeks later, a woman took a wrong turn in the neighborhood and saw the sign. She had been feeding a “feral” longhaired orange cat for several weeks so she called the number. Susan’s friend rushed over, set a baited humane trap (provided by MPP), captured the cat, and it was Pumpkin! She had traveled only 2 blocks and had been living under the woman’s deck who’d been feeding her.)

"Missing Pet Partnership's trap caught Jobie and we had a happy ending!"

“Missing Pet Partnership’s trap caught Jobie and we had a happy ending!”

I got a beautiful rescue husky, perfect match for our family only a little skittish. But the first day I brought him home after a couple of hours he pushed his way out the door and gone he was! In a panic I ran after him but he ran away from me. I came back home and drove around looking for him. Someone walking their dog saw which way he’d gone and I caught up with him but he disappeared into someone’s back yard. After searching the area, I thought I’d lost him but the next morning I went back to the last spot I’d seen him and found him in the same yard! He was terrified and I was a stranger to him and he hid in big blackberry bushes and wouldn’t come out. Someone from Karen’s rescue network sent me to Missing Pet Partnership’s web site. I called and the dispatcher was very supportive and told me to hang in there. Shortly after, Brian arrived and our attempts to flush Jobie out failed. We were trying to get to him and got pricked and tangled in the blackberries but we only got glimpses of him. It was just awful to know Jobie was hiding in the blackberries all terrified and we couldn’t get him. So Brian called for reinforcements and Jim came out but Jobie still wouldn’t come out. After hours of battling blackberry bushes to no avail, Jim suggested trapping him. We set up a large dog trap and hoped and prayed for the best. It was terrifying to think he could take off again and get hit by a car or lost forever. The next morning there he was, safe and sound in the trap! Jobie’s panic run was a shock, and I felt so at a loss and overwhelmed. A skittish dog will hide and keep running until something stops him, luckily Missing Pet Partnership’s trap caught Jobie and we had a happy ending! I don’t think I would’ve gotten Jobie back without Brian and Jim–they got stuck and tangled in blackberries and spent most of the day out there with me in drizzly weather. I can’t thank Missing Pet Partnership enough! And Jobie who is safe and happy in his home, thanks them too! Thank you guys for being there for pets!

— Caroline Jensen, Auburn, WA

Found Dog

Yesterday my boss got home and his adorable Siberian Husky baby was gone. I went back to his house and we all looked for her to no avail. We all drove around and I came upon a big pink sign which said FOUND DOG. The description was nebulous and I just drove by, but then I thought I’d better call. The woman was one of Missing Pet Partnership’s volunteers who asked me, “Can you describe the dog?” I did and she asked me a little more about her and then said “we have her.” I just about fell down! Your volunteer knew it was a purebred dog but did not want to put what breed she was (on the sign) for fear someone who wanted that kind of dog would just come and claim her. I was so thrilled. My bosses’ dog could not have been found by a better person! I am so entirely grateful there are not words to say. (I feel like it is my dog since I have so much interaction with her). One thing I will do is donate to Missing Pet Partnership because it is wonderful. There is nothing more terrifying than losing a pet. I felt like I knew how parents felt who lost a child. Thanks so much to you for doing what you do!

— Dietra Wright, Seattle, WA


I was on a short vacation and had my Ex watch my dog. Lucy, my Boston Terrier, decided that she didn’t want to stay at his place in Redondo so she bolted. When I got back, I searched for her without any luck. I contacted Missing Pet Partnership and got a call back the next day. I met with Jim Branson and his dog Kelsy who tracked Lucy’s scent but didn’t find her. Jim “tagged” Lucy’s info on the windows of my truck and gave me neon signs to saturate the neighborhood. I searched for two more days and then met with (MPP Founder) Kat Albrecht who gave me even more neon signs. The next morning as I was putting up the neon signs in a new neighborhood, I got a call. The caller gave me an address over 1 mile from where Lucy escaped so I went there to look for my baby girl. The people were very nice and showed me where they thought they saw my dog. Lucy is not the friendliest dog. She gets very scared and nervous and wont approach anyone, which made this whole ordeal even worse. So I went into the woods and did like Jim instructed me. Instead of calling out for Lucy, I talked casually and squeaked her toy. Within seconds she was in my lap! The people who called had seen Lucy in the area for a couple days had called her but couldn’t catch her. They saw the neon signs we had put up the day before and that’s how we were reunited. So it’s another successful case for Missing Pet Partnership and I thank them all! Lucy went missing on Aug. 6, 2010 and was found on Aug. 12, 2010.

— Joni Lang, SeaTac, WA


On June 20, 2010 I was walking my group of four dogs in a nature area when one of the dogs, a miniature dachshund, became scared by a deflated balloon that had settled in the weeds alongside the trail. The frightened dachshund started to “defend” herself and worked herself into a frenzy. The remaining dogs joined in before three of them became too frightened and excited and ran away. Two of the three returned almost immediately after being called. The dachshund remained missing. Friends and family searched and called for her for more than 6 hours without success. The search was called off around eight PM and the Missing Pet Partnership was contacted for help. A volunteer called back within the hour and Jim Branson contacted us the next morning and offered to help. Jim and Kelsey met us at the nature area and searched the trails in the area for more than two hours. Twice Kelsey indicated the direction of the parking lot very strongly. Not long after Kelsey indicated the direction of the parking lot for the second time we received a call from a woman in that neighborhood. She called because she heard from people at the trailhead that Sasha was missing and that Jim and Kelsey had come to help. She reported that she had heard a small dog whine and bark near her property that is directly adjacent to the parking lot. Within 10 minutes of that call Sasha and her owner where reunited, she had been in the wood alone for almost 24 hours. Jim and Kelsey, thank you again for all your help.

— Antje Danielson, Kent, WA


My 8 month old cat, Spatts, was lost on May 18th, 2010 after he got loose from his harness in my yard. A chair had fallen over and the noise scared him. I saw him run off around the side of my building, but when I followed he was nowhere to be found. Since he had only been outside a few times, and only in my back yard, I assumed he was hiding somewhere. I searched but couldn’t find him. When he hadn’t come home by the next morning, I started to get worried. I called the local shelters, posted an ad on Craigslist, and did a more thorough search of my neighborhood. Still nothing. I put up a couple fliers around the neighborhood, but got no response. After several days I was starting to feel really depressed. My biggest worry was that Spatts was stuck somewhere he couldn’t get out and was slowly dying. Luckily some nice person on Craigslist sent me an email with helpful pet-finding resources, among them was the Missing Pet Partnership. When I read that my indoor cat was probably still in hiding, my hope was renewed. I sent them an email asking for help, and got a response. MPP gave me tons of great advice. With MPP’s help I got humane animal traps to catch my cat in, a wildlife camera to catch him on film, a drop-trap (in case he was too afraid to go into the humane animal trap), and some giant neon orange poster boards that said REWARD LOST CAT. They helped me know where to place the traps and how to lure my cat in. Unfortunately after a week, I still didn’t have a single sighting of my Spatts. Just when I was about to give up hope, I got a phone call from one of my neighbors. She saw one of MPP’s big neon posters and said she found my cat! Apparently Spatts been hiding in her garage only a few houses down from me. Because she didn’t use her garage for her cars, she hadn’t seen or heard Spatts in there. My poor Spatts was skinny and dehydrated, but extremely glad to be home and didn’t stop purring for days! Without MPP’s help, I probably would’ve given up hope long before that, and may not even have found him until it was too late. I’ve recommended MPP to nearly everyone I know. I thought I knew how to recover a lost cat, but I didn’t know a thing!

— Elaine E., Kirkland, WA


On 4-5-10 our Jack Russell Terrier “Cutie” some how escaped from our home and was lost in Federal Way. We put flyers up around our neighborhood but three days passed and Cutie was still lost. Missing Pet Partnership volunteers showed up to help us to look for her when my family had almost given up hope. Then, over a week later, on 4-14-10 a woman called us saying her mother had found a terrier a week earlier. She wasn’t too sure if it was Cutie because we lost her in Federal Way and her mother found the terrier in Renton. She said she had seen the bright, neon posters put up by Missing Pet Partnership while driving in Federal Way. So she e-mailed us a picture of the terrier they’d found & it turned out to be our Cutie! Those neon posters helped us bring our baby back almost a week later. If it wasn’t for Missing Pet Partnership, I don’t think we would’ve ever gotten Cutie back. Thank you so much & keep up the good work!

— The Kim Family, Federal Way, WA


Our family adopted Thelma, a terrier mix weighing about 11lbs, on Nov. 29, 2009. Two nights later, on Dec. 1, Thelma darted out of our home, through the garage as the garage door was closing. She was very frightened and would not stop. My husband ran after her and nearly had her, his hands on her leg, when another dog and owner walked nearby and scared her again. She took off running and went into a wooded area. Several more sightings of her happened that night, but no one could catch her as she was in flight mode. For the next several days, we searched, put up signs, talked to many people in the area and had the foster mom of Thelma come out to look also. We had plenty of sightings of Thelma but she would not come to anyone. On Monday, I thankfully learned of Missing Pet Partnership. When I spoke with Jim of MPP, he gave me LOTS of valuable information on how to approach Thelma and conduct our search. He told me about his search dog, Kelsey and the next morning (Dec 8), I met Jim and Kelsey at the industrial park where Thelma was last seen. Jim and Kelsey tirelessly searched, picking up Thelma’s trail, but not finding her. Amy, a search volunteer with MPP also joined; both she and Jim encouraged us not to give up on Thelma in spite of the frigid temperatures. Around 2pm, I got a call from someone saying they had just seen Thelma several miles away. We immediately moved our search to that area and Kelsey picked up Thelma’s scent. Within 20 min, I got a wonderful call from Jim saying with care and calm “I’ve got her”. Amy and I drove over to Thelma, Jim, and Kelsey where Jim lovingly held Thelma and then gently handed her over to me. She was frail, frightened, but must have also felt relief as her difficult journey came to a good ending. Thelma had been out 7 record cold nights (in the 20’s and teens), surviving on her own and running for her life. We took Thelma to our veterinarian that evening where she needed fluids and had lost nearly 35% of her body weight in this long, stressful week. She had lots of scratches, tired paws, no frost bite, and was also testing positive for giardia. Without MPP’s help, knowledge, and persistence, we might not have Thelma with us now. She is doing well, recovering, eating lots, and settling into her new home. This is the best Christmas gift (read this blog entry) of all! Thank you MPP – you guys are wonderful, professional, and full of heart and soul. I’m so glad you are out there! By the way, on Thelma’s return, I looked up her name to learn that it’s Greek in origin and it means “Will.” I think she’s keeping that name!

— Lani and Matthias Savage-Leuchs, Woodinville, WA


You guys rock!! On a Sunday evening Roxie, my indoor-only blind cat, escaped outside. A friend recommended Missing Pet Partnership pet detectives. Monday morning after being up looking all night I called MPP. Jim Branson and Kelsy came by noon and searched. Then Kat brought in Sadie, a second dog, in the afternoon. Roxie was found by 5:30pm! These guys are wonderful and worth calling. Jim, Kat, Kelsy, and Sadie saved the little blind cat from starving to death. Thanks so much!

— Jan White, Kent, WA

(Photo of MPP volunteer Jim Branson returning Roxie to Jan)


On June 20, 2009 my Basset Hound, Daisy, ran away after a service worker left my gate open. I got in touch with MPP on July 1st and Jim immediately started giving me ideas on how to spread the word about her missing. Since Daisy was from a puppy mill, she was very mistrusting of people and was going to run from everyone, so Jim told me how I needed to approach her if I came across her. It took me 3 months an 21 days to find her!!! It took a lot of time, effort, and a huge load of hope to never give up, but she’s finally home. I ended up trapping her in a live dog trap (on October 10th) with the guidance of MPP. I just kept thinking she deserved more of a life than 5 years in a puppy mill and they kept telling me to never give up hope. Thanks Missing Pet Partnership!

— Sam Franklin, Everett, WA

(NOTE: MPP volunteer Jim Branson has coached and encouraged many dog owners who’ve lost skittish, hard-to-catch dogs, including Sam Franklin. Sam had attempted to humanely trap Daisy on previous occasions without success. But Daisy was spotted on October 9th and Sam jumped into action. On Saturday October 10th she picked up the dog trap from MPP, followed Jim’s instructions, and within two hours had Daisy back home! Daisy had lost a great deal of weight but immediately settled back into life with Sam and her pack. Daisy’s story is a powerful example of how important it is to instill HOPE into people who’ve lost a pet that they love!)


I lost my dog, a blue heeler named Zee when a buddy of mine left the door open at my house while I was in San Francisco. I went every where to look for Zee and could not find him. That day I went to Twin Lakes Vet. Hospital and they told me about Missing Pet Partnership and that the website has really great ideas to get attention to find our lost pet. I immediately came home and went to the website. That very night I went to Fred Meyer’s and bought the bright green signs to hang around Federal Way. They caught the eyes of many people including a volunteer from Missing Pet Partnership! She spotted Zee running into the brush around 6:30 AM and suggested that I go in and look for him. She also suggested cardboard backing for my signs. I didn’t find him that morning but I did make more signs with the cardboard backing so they wouldn’t fold. I got a phone call from a very nice women that afternoon saying she had seen a blue heeler with a red collar at Decatur High School and saw my sign! I found my dog that afternoon. I want to say thank you so much for everything that you guys do. You are truly a blessing of great people. I hope to become a volunteer with Missing Pet Partnership very soon. You are an inspiration of hope!

— Ashley Cook, Federal Way, WA


Missing Pet Partnership was an answer to our prayers! We were visiting my mom in Federal Way when Buster, our 1 year old puppy, was playing in the fenced back yard. We went to bring him inside for bed and he was nowhere to be found. My husband and I drove around the surrounding area until 1am when we sadly went home. The next morning we posted a lost dog ad on craigslist and made a poster to take around to neighbors. My mom left the house and called right away saying she saw a sign that said: “FOUND DOG–BLACK LAB” with a number. We excitedly called the number and MPP volunteer Brian Newsham answered saying that he had the dog in the backseat and he’d bring him by for us to look at. When I saw Buster in the back seat I was SO relieved!! I couldn’t believe that after a whole night of fear and concern that our pup was back safely with our family and that my mom had seen the sign at just the right time and we connected with Brian. The best was knowing that MPP volunteers found Buster and took him in for a night and then did everything they could to get him back home. They were trying to find US while we were trying to find him! What a wonderful ending to this terrible experience!! Thank you so much!!

— Becky and Jim Carson, Lake Stevens, WA

(NOTE: Buster was actually found by MPP volunteer Yolanda Garces. Both Yolanda and Brian worked together on finding Buster’s family by capturing him, scanning him for a microchip, and immediately posting giant, florescent FOUND BLACK LAB posters at the intersection near where Buster was found. Please read our “I Found A Stray Dog” page for instructions on how to post FOUND DOG posters!)


Thank you! Our little Chihuahua, Sukhi, got out on July 3rd and we were frantic. On July 5th we went to the Seattle Animal Shelter and Missing Pet Partnership helped us get him back! They were amazing–their volunteers made signs and went to the biggest intersection by our house and we found Sukhi within about 20 minutes! Their support was uplifting in our time of distress. This is what community organizing looks like! Thank you!

— Cristien & Ajax, Seattle, WA

(NOTE: MPP volunteers conducted a “Lost Dog Protest” and within 20 minutes, the woman who had Sukhi all along drove up to that intersection, saw our protest, pulled over, and told us that she had Sukhi in her house! The local Fox News station aired this recovery.)


I lost my dog BooBoo on the afternoon of the 4th of July. I looked everywhere and knocked on doors to try and find him. I was very worried and scared for him. I thought I would look at the humane society, when I got there I met the volunteers from Missing Pet Partnership. They set me up with several neon colored signs with my pets info on them. I placed all of the signs out everywhere I thought he might have been seen or traveled. The next morning I was on my way to the animal shelter and received a phone call from a person who thought they had my BooBoo. I met the person at one of the signs I had placed near my home. I had been reunited with my best pal and rewarded this person.

— Rich Baskett, Tacoma, WA


On July 3, 2009 I went to the VA Medical Center near Seattle to visit my sister as her husband was in the hospital. I left my Doxie mix Odie in the car. I must have left the window down more than I should have because he escaped from the car. When I came back, Odie was gone! Oh what a tragedy for him and me! I thought I would just die from despair. I just knew that Odie would be confused, scared and in a panic mode. After hours of searching, I had lost all hope of finding him. The 4th of July was the next day and I was terrified. Then I saw Missing Pet Partnership on the computer and contacted a lady named Kat. Without her help, I never would have found my Odie (she is and all the staff are hero’s in my book) I FOUND ODIE by placing the posters that Missing Pet Partnership gave to me around the hospital. He was hiding in a woman’s yard nearly 7 miles away for two days and was returned to me on July 6th. That woman just happened to work near where I had placed my posters. Odie and I will now survive, thanks to Missing Pet Partnership! Thank you to the Missing Pet Partnership volunteers and to Kat!

— Margie Braster, Port Angeles, WA


I would like to give a Huge Thanks to one of you volunteers (I did not get his name) who just brought my dog Lulo back home. Lulo just had ear surgery on Sat. and escaped this morning out of our garage door. He is a 120 lb Great Dane. One of your workers saw him and placed him in his car. He was getting ready to take him to a local vet clinic when our neighbor (thanks to her too!) who was passing, gave him our address and he returned him to my door. Thank you from the entire Rickman Family (NOTE: An MPP volunteer spotted Lulo trotting along a busy roadway wearing an Elizabethan Collar! He evaded capture from that volunteer and a Federal Way police officer. Then MPP Volunteer Brian Newsham responded and, after a short chase, was able to capture Lulo with a Snappy Snare. Our goal is to equip all of our volunteers with Snappy Snares. PLEASE DONATE to Missing Pet Partnership and help us equip our volunteers so we can save more animals lives like Lulo!)

— Lynette Rickman, Federal Way, WA


Bubba, my Cocker Spaniel, was missing from our home in Federal Way for seven days. Within ONE HOUR of contacting Missing Pet Partnership, they were able to find Bubba! He was being cared for by someone 1/4 mile away who rescued him from a very busy road. He was quickly returned home safely and our family is so happy! THANK YOU Missing Pet Partnership from the Cook House in Federal Way!

— Conn Twiggs, Federal Way, WA


For 37 days Tank, our lovable indoor/outdoor cat, was lost! No, not in our neighborhood but 23 miles away in a huge warehouse parking lot surrounded only by businesses – no houses for miles. It was Dec 16th, 2008 and the weather was snowy and frigid. We were pretty silly humans to think that Tank wanted to go with us so he wouldn’t be alone during a house-refurbishing project. Along the way we decided to stop and get a few groceries. While I shopped my husband thought he’d give Tank a “breather” outside of our parked car. When I returned my husband told me that Tank jumped away from him and took off to the south, totally disappearing it seemed. We searched that day for four hours along the river walking path, the bushes, calling him constantly. Other walkers, bikers and runners even tried to help us find him. But he was too scared to make a peep. It was cold and dark and we decided to head home. That evening we placed an ad on Craig’s list in hopes that someone found and took him in. We didn’t receive any replies. We felt so guilty and so scared for him. I cried so much for him and we prayed he was with someone staying warm in the miserable weather that had taken over the area. We then received a call from Amy from Missing Pet Partnership who told us to check out their website, so we did. Taking their advice, we put up signs, big and bright neon-green signs. Kat of Missing Pet Partnership lent us two signs and we made four more. We posted them anywhere they would get a lot of attention. Well, days past, weeks past and no Tank. Through the rough weather the signs were pretty much destroyed so we repaired them and placed them out in different places. A couple of our friends even saw the posters. It was real important to keep these posters up and looking good. And, most importantly we kept the posters very simply, as suggested by Kat, who also encouraged us “not to give up!” My husband had a hunch and decided to place two of the signs to the north of where Tank was last seen, actually at an entrance of a business complex. It was an area that was quieter, less traffic, less people, more smelly garbage containers that attracted small critters. The next day, at 2:00 a.m. we received a call from a security guard who said he was sure he saw our cat! Without even discussing whether or not we should go at that hour, we headed out the door. By 2:30 a.m. we spoke briefly to the security guard and he pointed to where he saw the cat. With flashlights in hand, we traveled along the river path, spotting lots of rabbits, a homeless-fellow camped out, in and out of the bushes and finally, behind my husband there was Tank just following him, quietly without a meow. He turned around and gently picked him up! So many things we learned from this experience! Never will we ever bring our animal anywhere without being in a carrier, without a halter; we got him micro chipped too. I feel pretty proud of ourselves for not giving up! But, I am even more proud of Tank for not giving up on us! 37 days without him seemed like eternity and it truly was a miracle he came back to us and, except for tons of mats in his long gray and white fur, he’s in relatively good condition. We thank Kat, Amy and the rest of the volunteers of Missing Pet Partnership for all their help in finding Tank. I can’t say enough about their organization. Happy Once Again, T & T & T

— Ted and Trish (and Tank) Bottorff, Maple Valley, WA


I am very grateful to MPP and particularly Jim Branson and his dog Kelsy for helping me find “Koko”, my 9 month old chocolate Labradoodle. After talking with Kat and getting some very helpful and encouraging advice, I met with Jim at the site where Koko became separated from me the day before in the Cedar River Watershed, east of Seattle. I was amazed at how soon Jim was able to arrive at the scene. Koko became spooked when we became separated in the watershed. I had her off leash because I had her hiking with me in the past without any problem. When I called her name in a likely too loud and frightening tone she bolted into an awful swampy area full of blackberries, thick brush, and water. I thought for sure she would become tangled and trapped, leaving her easy prey to cougars, bobcats or coyotes in the area. It was a very large swamp (wetland) and I looked for her until 10 p.m. before finally returning home having to give the bad news to my daughter and wife. The next day began at 4:00 a.m. I returned to the swamp thinking for sure Koko was trapped in the blackberries yet too scared to make any noise. A fellow employee at the watershed called SARS and they told us about MPP and so I called Kat who was in L.A. at the time. She was very generous with her time explaining to me all the things to consider in trying to find a lost dog. She also told me to call Jim Branson who has a tracking dog named Kelsy. Jim arrived within a couple hours without Kelsy to size up the situation and interview me. We looked for Koko until evening again sat in. Jim advised I leave a feeding station with some scent items at the scene that night. The next morning we planned to post signs provided by MPP and then use Kelsy to determine if Koko was in the swamp area. I had brought my wife and daughter to help. To our delight Koko was at the feeding station when we arrived. Jim had previously cautioned us to be very careful if we came across Koko so we followed Jim’s advice and slowly got out of our vehicles and walked around talking to each other as if Koko wasn’t there. We did not want her to become scared again and run off. We played catch with each other using a tennis ball and frisbee. Koko ran up when the frisbee hit the ground at my daughters feet. It was a very joyful moment when my daughter gave Koko a big hug and we had her back on lease. Kelsy was ready to do her job but fortunately for us, her services were not needed. The amazing thing is that Koko spent two nights somewhere nearby in below freezing temperatures and she looked just as clean and groomed as she did before she ran away. She somehow got out of the swamp and must have found shelter in some higher ground under cover of trees.

Thank you Kat and Jim for this happy ending!!!

— Jim Kapusinski, Issaquah, WA


My precious cat, Norm, had gone missing from our back yard one afternoon. Unfortunately I had placed him on a leash, to avoid such a situation, and had set the leash down when he took off. I was so very afraid that he was stuck somewhere, or worse. After looking for him myself for several days with no luck, I turned to the internet in hopes of finding some help. I came across Missing Pet Partnership and sent them an email. They were kind enough to return my call quickly and there was a volunteer and a search dog out at my house later that day. Amy and Harley were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to help me find Norm. We spent the first evening looking for 2 hours with no luck. They came back over 2 days later and we found Norm almost right away. He was trapped under our neighbors hot tub enlcosure, and he wasn’t making a sound because he was so scared. Without the help of Amy and Harley I might never have found him, and I hate to think what might have happened to him. Norm means the world to me and I am so thankful and grateful to have him home with me again, safe and sound.

— Katie Valaas, Bellevue, WA


Last night about 8 pm I got a call about a sighting of my Bernese Mountain dog, Cosmo, and drove over there in the dark and rain and by 9:30 pm had Cosmo back with the help of my husband and the woman who first spotted him there!! He was in the Laurelhurst Park neighborhood which was a short distance from the Metropolitan Market staging area and fairly close to our intersection alert which was coordinated by Missing Pet Partnership and some other caring dog lovers. It was one of the sightings that came shortly after the intersection alert, seeing him in Laurelhurst Park, that prompted me to use one of Kat’s large signs in the park. The woman who spotted him last night had seen that sign and when she saw him drove to the park and got my phone number to call me. So when the call came in last night, I immediately drove over to where the sighting took place. I was walking and driving around the neighborhood calling Cosmo for about 45 minutes. I finally spotted him under a street light and called Paul to drive over to help. Even though it was dark and rainy I knew it was Cosmo and called him and walked toward him. He stopped and looked at me and then ran into someone’s back yard.The chase was on! Gina and Kat, you were so right because Paul and I spotted him several times and he stopped and looked but it wasn’t until we just squatted down, with the bag of dog food I kept in the car and was carrying, that he began to approach. It still took a while after that to catch him. He had been circling a certain block running through back yards for a while. Paul and I decided to walk around the block in opposite directions so he would hopefully, eventually run into one of us. Finally, I turned the corner he was just right there at Paul’s feet eating food and jumping around him. He seems to be in very good shape and not too thin. He has an infected eye and I will take him to the vet today. He was extremely hungry. He slept so hard last night but woke up playful and very excited. Thank you Kat and Gina and please help me extend a thanks to Gina’s family, and Jim, Brian, and Marie and all the great people who cared and helped and continued to call me telling me to not give up hope. He was gone 2 weeks and 2 days exactly.

With tremendous gratitude,
Deb Heinricher and family, Seattle, WA

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