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Missing Pet Partnership offers detailed directions on how to create highly visible and effective LOST PET posters. Our method is called the “FIVE + FIVE + FIFTY FIVE RULE” – you want to use five words that people can read in five minutes when traveling fifty five miles per hour. Please note that although we no longer advocate offering a “REWARD” for a missing pet, the photos on this page were taken before we discovered the pitfalls of offering rewards. For detailed instructions on why to avoid rewards and  crafting lost pet posters, visit our POSTERS page. Below are a few examples of pet owners who recovered their lost pets because they followed our advice and switched from small flyers to giant, neon posters.

Crumb Bun TestimonialMy indoor-only cat Crumb Bun had been missing for 24 days when I got a call from someone who had just seen one of the neon 5+5+55 posters I hung up at 21 days missing. He had been seeing Crumb around his yard for about a week but didn’t realize anyone was missing him until he saw the posters, even though I had hung 8.5 x 11 color fliers around the neighborhood in the same spots I hung the posters two weeks earlier. After he called me, I immediately borrowed a humane trap and set it up in his yard, baited it with tuna and fried chicken, and caught my cat in about 18 hours on day 25. Although the person who called me lived just down the block on the opposite side of the street (about ten houses away and across the street), I would have probably never found Crumb otherwise, as I had been focusing my efforts trying to draw him to a feeding station in my own backyard and repeatedly visiting the same crawl spaces and abandoned houses on my own side of the block. I really credit the posters, which I only hung when I had almost given up hope, with helping bring my cat home. Now he’s home from the vet, having received fluids and a new microchip, peacefully sleeping on a pile of laundry. Do not give up hope! Getting the word out with these posters could be the thing that tips your search in your favor, finally!

Maggie – Rome, Georgia

To the Good People at, Our Anatolian Shepard, our goat watch dog, went missing four days ago. When he did not return after the second day, we became concerned. Aside from contacting local SPCA’s and shelters, I did not know how to begin looking for my dog, as we live in a very rural area. So, I did a Google search, and your website was among the first to pop up. I was very impressed by your sincerity, and your tips sounded useful and worth a go. Yesterday I made up my flyers and posters; today I put the neon signs up, as your sight describes (I flubbed it a little because they were only 14×22, but everything else I followed exactly). Before I could go door to door with the flyers, our closest neighbors tracked down our dog! It was a wonderful domino effect of who saw what, when. It was incredible how motivated people became after seeing the signs. They truly wanted to see Khan returned home, and you were right, nobody would accept a reward. I am duly impressed with your website and mission. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Good things still do exist. Much respect and admiration,

Eaton, New York

Boxer Poster
Thank you so much for your informative website. I have my first scare when my boxer was spooked by fireworks and darted out of sight. I read all the info and made an exact replica of the sign with her info. It worked in less than 10 minutes. We didnt even get the 4th sign hung up and our phone was ringing.

Here’s pic of our sign we made.
Megan and Michael Downes
Kingsville, tx 78363


Great news! My missing outdoor-access cat Skye was found Sunday, Halloween morning after being gone for three weeks! She was 3 1/2 blocks away from us, slinking around in a hole in a neighbor’s yard. A 15-year old girl from Laurel Street happened to see her on the way to church, coaxed her over by calling her name, and took her home to put her in the bathroom with some food. The girl’s parents came by our place and told us their oldest daughter had found our cat. We didn’t believe it at first, because there had been so many false sightings of Skye that spanned from SRI to Atherton, but when we went back to their home, there she was, significantly skinnier, really dehydrated, but alive and overall well! The loud hot pink posters worked! Skye has lymphoma and had vanished a day after undergoing chemotherapy. I had assumed the worst! Maybe I underestimate the will to survive, but this kitty is tough as nails! Finding her has been one of the happiest moments of my life. I am so thankful for the support that I received from Missing Pet Partnership and I feel blessed to have Skye back after three long, excruciating weeks. Your tips and strategies really do work!

— Mariana Abdala, Menlo Park, CA

Ricky & Ellie

Last year I had two dogs escaped from two different vet clinics within two months. With the information I received from Missing Pet Partnership web site using the neon-colored poster boards to generate sightings, I was able to capture Ricky, our beagle, within 24 hours using a magnet dog. Then two months later we were able to capture Ellie, our basset hound, using a humane trap. I would not have known about this site if my animal welfare friends wouldn’t have attended the Missing Animal Response (MAR) seminar in Boston several years ago. The people who helped me with the recovery of both Ricky and Ellie have now formed a small group called “Find Snoopy” to help other rescues with lost dogs. We continue to spread the word about Missing Pet Partnership!

— Susan Taney, Harvard, IL


On 4-5-10 our Jack Russell Terrier “Cutie” some how escaped from our home and was lost in Federal Way. We put flyers up around our neighborhood but three days passed and Cutie was still lost. Missing Pet Partnership volunteers showed up to help us to look for her when my family had almost given up hope. Then, over a week later, on 4-14-10 a woman called us saying her mother had found a terrier a week earlier. She wasn’t too sure if it was Cutie because we lost her in Federal Way and her mother found the terrier in Renton. She said she had seen the bright, neon posters put up by Missing Pet Partnership while driving in Federal Way. So she e-mailed us a picture of the terrier they’d found & it turned out to be our Cutie! Those neon posters helped us bring our baby back almost a week later. If it wasn’t for Missing Pet Partnership, I don’t think we would’ve ever gotten Cutie back. Thank you so much & keep up the good work!

— The Kim Family, Federal Way, WA


I lost my dog, a blue heeler named Zee when a buddy of mine left the door open at my house while I was in San Francisco . I went every where to look for Zee and could not find him. That day I went to Twin Lakes Vet. Hospital and they told me about Missing Pet Partnership and that the website has really great ideas to get attention to find our lost pet. I immediately came home and went to the website. That very night I went to Fred Meyer’s and bought the bright green signs to hang around Federal Way . They caught the eyes of many people including a volunteer from Missing Pet Partnership! She spotted Zee running into the brush around 6:30 AM and suggested that I go in and look for him. She also suggested cardboard backing for my signs. I didn’t find him that morning but I did make more signs with the cardboard backing so they wouldn’t fold. I got a phone call from a very nice women that afternoon saying she had seen a blue heeler with a red collar at Decatur High School and saw my sign! I found my dog that afternoon. I want to say thank you so much for everything that you guys do. You are truly a blessing of great people. I hope to become a volunteer with Missing Pet Partnership very soon. You are an inspiration of hope!

— Ashley Cook, Federal Way, WA


I lost my dog BooBoo on the afternoon of the 4th of July. I looked everywhere and knocked on doors to try and find him. I was very worried and scared for him. I thought I would look at the humane society, when I got there I met the volunteers from Missing Pet Partnership. They set me up with several neon colored signs with my pets info on them. I placed all of the signs out everywhere I thought he might have been seen or traveled. The next morning I was on my way to the animal shelter and received a phone call from a person who thought they had my BooBoo. I met the person at one of the signs I had placed near my home. I had been reunited with my best pal and rewarded this person.

— Rich Baskett, Tacoma, WA


For 37 days Tank, our lovable indoor/outdoor cat, was lost! No, not in our neighborhood but 23 miles away in a huge warehouse parking lot surrounded only by businesses – no houses for miles. It was Dec 16th, 2008 and the weather was snowy and frigid. We were pretty silly humans to think that Tank wanted to go with us so he wouldn’t be alone during a house-refurbishing project. Along the way we decided to stop and get a few groceries. While I shopped my husband thought he’d give Tank a “breather” outside of our parked car. When I returned my husband told me that Tank jumped away from him and took off to the south, totally disappearing it seemed. We searched that day for four hours along the river walking path, the bushes, calling him constantly. Other walkers, bikers and runners even tried to help us find him. But he was too scared to make a peep. It was cold and dark and we decided to head home. That evening we placed an ad on Craig’s list in hopes that someone found and took him in. We didn’t receive any replies. We felt so guilty and so scared for him. I cried so much for him and we prayed he was with someone staying warm in the miserable weather that had taken over the area. We then received a call from Amy from Missing Pet Partnership who told us to check out their website, so we did. Taking their advice, we put up signs, big and bright neon-green signs. Kat of Missing Pet Partnership lent us two signs and we made four more. We posted them anywhere they would get a lot of attention. Well, days past, weeks past and no Tank. Through the rough weather the signs were pretty much destroyed so we repaired them and placed them out in different places. A couple of our friends even saw the posters. It was real important to keep these posters up and looking good. And, most importantly we kept the posters very simply, as suggested by Kat, who also encouraged us “not to give up!” My husband had a hunch and decided to place two of the signs to the north of where Tank was last seen, actually at an entrance of a business complex. It was an area that was quieter, less traffic, less people, more smelly garbage containers that attracted small critters. The next day, at 2:00 a.m. we received a call from a security guard who said he was sure he saw our cat! Without even discussing whether or not we should go at that hour, we headed out the door. By 2:30 a.m. we spoke briefly to the security guard and he pointed to where he saw the cat. With flashlights in hand, we traveled along the river path, spotting lots of rabbits, a homeless-fellow camped out, in and out of the bushes and finally, behind my husband there was Tank just following him, quietly without a meow. He turned around and gently picked him up! So many things we learned from this experience! Never will we ever bring our animal anywhere without being in a carrier, without a halter; we got him micro chipped too. I feel pretty proud of ourselves for not giving up! But, I am even more proud of Tank for not giving up on us! 37 days without him seemed like eternity and it truly was a miracle he came back to us and, except for tons of mats in his long gray and white fur, he’s in relatively good condition. We thank Kat, Amy and the rest of the volunteers of Missing Pet Partnership for all their help in finding Tank. I can’t say enough about their organization. Happy Once Again, T & T & T

— Ted and Trish (and Tank) Bottorff, Maple Valley, WA


“On Saturday, I was driving home and got a call that my Beagle Grace had slipped out of the yard and was missing. I called Home Again (the microchip company), all the vets that were open, the Humane Society, Animal Control, the Michigan Anti Cruelty Society and then we posted flyers in the neighborhood. The next day, Sunday, I put a flyer at every house in the neighborhood and stapled one on every telephone pole. On Monday, I went back to work but used the fax machine to send lost dog flyers to all the local vets. I began scouring the internet for ideas. My boyfriend was becoming completely hopeless about the situation and believed we’d never see Grace again. I put up lost & found classified ads on and Then I found Missing Pet Partnership’s website. I saw the pictures of people holding their recovered animals next to the giant, fluorescent posters. This gave me hope! Here was proof that this can work. The MPP website explained how to make the posters and how and where to hang them. I picked up supplies on the way home from work and we made the posters that night. The next day, Tuesday, my boyfriend put the posters up while I was at work. Within two hours, he got a call. A woman saw the poster while she was on the bus and then there was another poster at her bus stop. Her neighbor had Grace. She called Jason and by 5:00pm that day we had Grace at home and safe! Thank you Missing Pet Partnership for the information on how to make the posters and for the hope and encouragement to keep trying and not give up! Attached is a photo of Jason and Gracie next to one of the posters.”

— Deborah, Michigan

“I have to write and tell you that because of your website, our 8 month old Boston Terrier puppy and we are reunited!!!!!…we came across your website. The information I found was invaluable!!!! What really did it for us was HOW TO POST a sign for a lost pet. WOW!! If I didn’t see that information, I would have done white, letter sized fliers. However, because of your website, we made large, florescent posters, just like you illustrated. And guess what…That is exactly how the family that found our puppy found us!!! They saw the poster!”

— Kimberle McGill, Rufus and HOLLY

Our littlest dog, “Goldie,” jumped the fence a week ago to chase a mailman. She was then frightened by a neighbor trying to catch her as we were gone. I came home from work about 2 hours later and started searching. I made posters and checked shelters daily. Finally after finding your website I made new posters according to your specs and within 2 days I had multiple responses which led to bringing her home. I fully endorse the 22″x27″ signs and I can’t thank you enough. I can’t say she is good as new, she went through some trials, but she is home and we are so very happy. You know your business, you profiled her exactly and that too helped in her capture. Everyone, this website contains the best advice you will ever find!

— Karen Johnston, San Diego, CA

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