Praise for Our Seminars

Praise for our Seminars

Here’s what SHELTER WORKERS and ANIMAL WELFARE WORKERS are saying about our seminars:

“I find that pet owners are really at a loss of what to do when their pets go missing and they need to be shown effective strategies. I want you to know that I have found the information I learned in your MAR course to be of great value in providing lost pet services in my community and I am grateful for what you taught me. Keep up this important work.”

–Nancy Painter, President, Partnership for Humane Solutions, Inc. (Chester County, PA)

Here’s what others are saying about our MAR Technician seminars:

“The combination of written hand outs, video, and lecture information kept the course interesting. Well worth the time and money to come here.”

–Marge Lineweber, Bozrah, CT

“I could stay for another week! I think this is a really fascinating course for people that love animals.”

–Sarah Paysden, White Hall, MD

“The information gathered here puts us light years ahead of where we would be otherwise. We can go out and get started helping with lost pets right now. Without this seminar, it would take years to learn what we learned here!”

–Phil Reich, Jupiter, FL

“Kat is onto many ground breaking ideas that will soon be taught all over the country. Now is the time to get in on this idea and put it to use in your community!”

–Rene Waskiewicz, Las Cruces, NM

“The whole course was great and packed with useful information that will provide the basis for starting my pet detective business. Kat also gave me the confidence and knowledge and tools to promote myself as a certified MAR Technician.”

–Mark Jorgensen, Meridian, ID

“Kat is an incredible teacher. She presents useful information in an understandable way.”

–Annalisa Berns, San Diego, CA

“The knowledge you gain from this seminar will bring you to a whole other realm of thinking.”

–Landa Coldiron, Sun Valley, CA

“If you are looking for an exciting, rewarding experience that will help your community, rescue groups, or start your own business, this course is a must! What a great way to provide a needed service and to bond with your dog!”

–Connie O’Hara, Clinton, WA

“The nitty-gritty info on lost pet behavior and how to determine POD (probability of detection) and POA (probability of area) is particularly invaluable. This course is very well organized and taught and worth every cent!

–Jane Gardner, Quebec, CANADA

“I enjoyed the K-9 demos and feel Kat was excellent at explaining herself and the stories she shared. I really feel I can go home and begin my training with my dogs.”

–Deborah Stroud, Galt, CA

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