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If you recovered your lost pet as a result of our website, our Lost Pet Consultants, or our newsletter, we want to know about it! Your story will provide hope and encouragement to others who are still looking for their lost loved ones.

If you would like to submit a testimonial, please use the form below.

  • Provide a short description of your pet, how he/she was lost, and the MPP techniques you used to be reunited. (Note: we may edit the submission for page space/design purposes, and we may edit photos to remove telephone numbers.)
  • Indicate that you grant permission to publish your testimonial; please indicate if you wish your testimonial to remain anonymous.
  • Photos are encouraged! If possible, please attache a photo that we may use along with your testimonial–e.g. a photo of you and/or your pet, along with your “Lost Dog/Lost Cat” posters, your tagged car, etc.

We look forward to hearing your stories about being reunited with your pet! It is a great way to “pay it forward” to other pet owners in crisis–you can help us spread the word: NEVER GIVE UP!

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