To the Good People at…

To the Good People at, Our Anatolian Shepard, our goat watch dog, went missing four days ago. When he did not return after the second day, we became concerned. Aside from contacting local SPCA’s and shelters, I did not know how to begin looking for my dog, as we live in a very rural area. So, I did a google search, and your website was amongst the first to pop up. I was very impressed by your sincerity, and your tips sounded useful and worth a go. Yesterday I made up my flyers and posters; today I put the neon signs up, as your sight describes (I flubbed it a little because they were only 14×22, but everything else I followed exactly). Before I could go door to door with the flyers, our closest neighbors tracked down our dog! It was a wonderful domino effect of who saw what, when. It was incredible how motivated people became after seeing the signs. They truly wanted to see Khan returned home, and you were right, nobody would accept a reward. I am duly impressed with your website and mission. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Good things still do exist. Much respect and admiration,

Eaton, New York

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